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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 04, 2010



Poraxi: The Creature

I got into position to strike, readying a combat knife for a kill. If my3 week espionage training from Third Echelon was any good, I would be landing the perfect kill. Jumping down from my ambush point, I landed on the Chinese Guard, sinking the blade into his neck. His blood tainting the air around me.

You smell the aroma...

I looked up. Who said that? Searching around, I found nothing that could have spoken. I readied by BR52, preparing myself for any possible threat.

You want more...

It hit me then. The Primal had begun to manifest itself. This was what it does. Makes you go crazy, then takes control, making you its puppet.

Mark. Do me a favor, and please KILL more...

All of a sudden, my skin began to turn red, and I could feel it again... the need to feed.

Yes,hunt them all Mark! SHOW ME YOUR RAGE!!!!

The Hunt begins....

Meanwhile, aboard the SS Dead Winter...

"Sargeant Major Harold Jackson," spoke Admiral Roniven, "you're blatant disregard for the safety of your own Green Beret squad is one that wont be taken lightly. Mark Dalton, your Lance Corperal, has been become a Teir 1 Asset! We need him and we need him alive!"

" Mam, if I may," replied the Sarge, "We were unaware the Reds had access to an EMP! Half of the whole damn Platoon was wasted without even getting to put up a fight!"

"Harold... that was no EMP..."

"Then what the hell was it?!!!!"

"A Class 5 Electronic Disrupter Feild."

"But Admiral... thats Poraxi Tech... back from the Galactic Federation Downfall."

"Correct, which means only one thing... an even worse enemy has returned."

"The Poraxi... They can't seriously be back?"

"Well if they are, you best find Mark Dalton before they Invade! Otherwise you can kiss your rank goodbye! I hope you enjoy being Private Rank again! Good day."

As the Admiral left the room, the Sarge stared out into the deep space. Even the Stars and Stripes needed help. Hopefully, that could be given by the Hammer and Sickle...

"There it is," he spoke to himself. "Russian Colony Luna IV."

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