The Skormdar Rebellion

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Jamieson Harold writes down his horrifying tail of when he had to go through The Skormdar's Event, a sick, twisted event held by The Skormdar Rebellion, to test if people have the true meaning of will and strength.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Skormdar Rebellion

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



I am the winner of The Skormdar’s Event. The Skormdar’s Event is a sick, twisted event made by the Skormdar Rebellion, where thirty people are kidnapped from anywhere around the world to participate. In the Event, you have to collect Emblems, which are located inside a person’s left lung. So yes, you have to kill to get them. You have to collect twenty nine Emblems, since one is located in your own lung. I really didn't like the fact I had to kill to get them. But I did what had to do.

There are two stages of the Event. First stage is the Gladiator Arena Fight. As the name goes, you pretty much fight to the death, and only one can get out. Fifteen people are put into that stage. The second stage is the Challenge Maze. In there, the rest of the participants are placed in areas around the maze, which come with a challenge. No matter if you complete or fail the challenge, someone always dies. If you win the challenge, the other dies, if you lose, well I guess you know what happens then.

After you collect all 29 Emblems, you have to find the door which will lead to the exit. Sometimes this could take hours, or even days. 50% of the time people find the exit, while the other half die of malnutrition or hunger. In my case, I found the door, but only just. I was nearly done for it, but on the other side of the door, there was food and water. That’s only part of the reward of the Skormdar Rebellion, the rest of the prize in only $5,000. It’s not much, but I guess the rest of the prize is life, so I reckon that’s enough.

After ten minutes of being in the food and water room, you’re transported to a docking station like place, and then transported back to an alleyway in the nearest town you live in. Well that’s what happened to me anyway. Anyway, I’m writing a first person book about my experience of The Skormdar Event, which was absolutely terrifying.

Ok. Here it goes. I woke up in this disgusting rotting room in complete darkness. The wallpaper was torn and moist, the carpet was destroyed, the bed had broken springs and metal rods pointing out of the mattress, and there were no windows. I was in complete darkness. It was quite scary, sitting in the darkness. I felt around the place to see if there was anything I could have used for light, but no luck. My hands were getting quite wet from the moist walls. I could tell they were mouldy from the stench, but there was another stench in there as well, the smell of something rotten, decay.

At the time of me smelling something horrible, lights pulsed through the room. The wallpapers used to be a brilliant blue and white with light lime carpeting. I looked up at the roof and saw blood spots all over. I looked on the ground, and saw a half skeleton half fleshy body rotting. Rats and maggots surrounded the body, consuming all the wet flesh. I couldn't bare the look of it. It was horrifying, seeing as it looked like a mid teen girl. She must of committed suicide on the bed I thought at the time. It would have been possible since of the metal rods and springs poking out of the bed.

I went to sit on the bed as I was getting tired of standing, and also I was getting quite nauseous from the corpse, but it wasn’t a good idea, because metal rods stuck straight into my arse. I screamed in pain extremely loudly, and nearly deafened myself as the noised bounced off the walls. After screaming, an over-head announcement was made on a PA system. “Attention victims. Welcome to The Skormdar’s Event. You have been proudly selected to perform in our event, produced by Skormdar himself. The rules of the games are as follows. Rule 1: collect Emblems, which are located in everyone’s left lung. Rule 2: No suicide. Rule 3: Kill in order to get the Emblems. And rule 4: try and win. There are thirty of you in this event. In thirty seconds a wall will spin and reveal weapons for your battle in the first round. Good luck to every one of you.”

I was quite scared after she said “kill”. I didn't want to kill anyone. But obviously the rules were that I have to. I can remember a thought I was thinking at the time “I think this event is like one of those ‘Survival of the Fittest’ things.” I had to gather my thoughts, as I was panicking and I had a burst of adrenaline flood my body, so I was pretty much pacing and panicking. “Forty five seconds until event starts. Commence Weapon rack wall in fifteen seconds.” The female over-head voice announced. I thought to myself “Ok. Now, what type of weapons do I get? Sword for close combat might come in handy, a gun for if I am stuck in a serious situation, and maybe some throwing knifes.” It was a random selection, but I was guessing it does work.

“Thirty seconds until Event starts. Commencing weapon rack wall now.” The over-head voice announced again. One of the walls turned and I could see so many shiny things. Swords, Guns, Bows and arrows, maces, throwing knifes and a bag. I grabbed what I was planning on getting, and shoved them in my bag. As soon as I finished grabbing weapons, the wall turned around and shut with force. I swung the sword around to see how light it was. It was fairly light, and sharp. I accidently swung the sword into the girl’s corpse and sliced her head off. I didn't notice I did that until it rolled onto my feet.

“Ten seconds until event starts. Get ready, good luck.” The over-head voice announced for the last time. I quickly got the sword out for ready. All my fear completely washed away in those final seconds I thought would be my last. The only emotion that surged through my body was surprisingly excitement. I thought it was the adrenaline running through my body, but I was genuinely excited. “Let the Event begin!” a male over-head voice announced. A wall swung open and I could see a huge Roman looking arena. It sort of resembled the Coliseum. I ran out and I could see fourteen other people, running towards each other. And then the excitement washed away, and fear struck me again, as I saw my cousin in the middle of the battle.

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