my sister the alien number 3 "my tiny sister"

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter one

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One day Amy and Brad was sitting in the kitchen when Nicole walked downstairs. "Are you sure about this" said Nicole. "What?" Said Brad.

 "It's only been four days since Amy's spaceship landed. Are you sure she's ready for a night out with Lisa and Randy" said Nicole. 

See Amy was actually a alien. The real Amy was living with Nicole and brad's mom. The alien was pretending to be Amy cause the alien task force was looking for her. 

 "If they found out that Amy was really an alien I don't know what they would do" said Nicole.

 "Don't worry I have all this under control what could go wrong" said Amy.

 "Um alien Amy. I know your new to earth but normally when someone says what could go wrong it normally does" said Nicole.

 Brad turned to Amy. "I don't mean to change the subject but what are we going to do with you know what" he said.

 "Oh that easy" said alien Amy. "Come with me. I'll show you" 

 Amy and Brad walked out of the room. "I'll come with you two" said Nicole.

 Just then the door bell rang. "Or not" said Nicole as she walked toward the front door. 

She opened the door to see a lady standing there. Next to her was a boy about Nicole's age. His name was Ryan.

 "Hey miss smith. So what brings you guys here" said Nicole. Your dad said that you could watch Ryan while I'm working" said Sam. 

 "Ok my dads upstairs but I could watch him until he comes downstairs" said Nicole. 

  "So what do you want to do" said Nicole. "His and seek" said Ryan.

 He ran off. "You start counting" he said as he ran off. Nicole closed her eyes and started counting.

 Amy and Brad walked into the driveway. There was something strange under a cover.

 Brad looked around to see if anyone was looking then he pulled the cover off to reveal Amy's spaceship.

 Amy opened up the hood and pulled out a black suitcase. She opened it up a pulled out a very weird looking gun.

 "Watch this" said Amy. She pointed the gun at the spaceship. A strange beam hit the spaceship.

 A second later the spaceship disappeared. "Wow you turned it invisible again" said Brad. "Actually no I didn't" said Amy.

 She walked over and picked up something. She held out her human hand. Inside her hand was her spaceship which was now tiny.

"You shrunk it" said Brad. "Ya" said Amy. 

She sat the gun down into the grass. "So I didn't get to really talk to you about the whole alien thing" said Brad. 

 "So why did you come to earth" he said.

 Amy took a deep breath. She sat down on the ground. "My home planet was taken over buy a guy name Fred" said Amy.

 "What about your family" said Brad. Alien Amy  took another human deep breath. She could hear her human heart pounding really fast. A tear ran down her human face. 

 "For all I know my family is most likely dead" said Amy. Brad sat down next to her. He wiped the tears from her eyes.

"You have a family. Your my sister" said Brad. Amy got a smile on her face.

 "Thanks but I'm not really your sister. She's with your mom. I'm just pretending to be her" said Amy.

 "I know but your always be a part of this family to me" said Brad.

 "Thanks that really mean a lot" said alien Amy.  "Your welcome alien sis" said Brad.

 Just then Ryan appeared. "Hey Brad hey Amy" said Ryan. He notice that Amy looked like she was crying.

 "What's wrong" said Ryan. Amy turned to Brad. "Nothing" said Amy.

 "So have you seen Nicole. We are playing hide and seek" said Ryan. "No not lately" said Amy.

 Brad checked his watch. "Well we better be going Randy and Lisa should be here soon" said Brad.

 Amy and Brad walked into the house. Amy stopped. Brad turned toward her. "What" said Amy.

 "I just have a feeling I forgot something but I'm sure it was nothing" said Amy.

 Meanwhile Ryan notice Amy's shrink gun. He picked it up. "What a weird toy" he said to himself.

 Meanwhile a car pulled up to a building. The door opened and a guy named Jake got out.

 He walked inside the building. He pulled a key card out of his pocket. He ran the card over a box. The door opened. Jake walked in.

  Jake worked for the A.T.F which stand for the alien task force. He walked down the hall. A girl walked up to him.

 "So I heard that you almost made contact with an alien but I heard let it get away" said the girl. Her name was Bryanna.

 "Ya I did but I did get this" said Jake. He pulled out a picture. He handed it to Bryanna. 

He looked at the picture. "Is this" she said. "Ya it is a picture of the alien spaceship and with this we will soon know some info about our visitor from another planet" said Jake. 



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