The reason is because I love you

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A fan fiction for Rin and Sesshomaru.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: March 25, 2011

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Submitted: March 25, 2011



The Reason is because I love you
Ten years before…

”Lady Kaede, please take Rin in. It’s better for her to be in human company.” Sesshomaru said.

”Alright, I’ll take good care of her for you. Do visit her often, “said Lady Kaede. Sesshomaru nodded and left.

”Sesshomaru-sama…” Rin’s voice trailed off as tears welled up in her eyes.
Ten years later…

”Sesshomaru-sama, please take Rin with you.” Sesshomaru turned around.
There stood a determined eighteen year old Rin. Throughout the years, Rin have gown to become a great woman. He saw her progress silently and secretly from afar during the day and secretly visited her during the night. He only visited the town and dropped by to give Rin something once a year.
“No” he said coldly and turned away.The moment he started walking, he could hear Rin walking too.He stopped and said “Go back Rin.”Rin however remained silent and defiant.“When did she become so bold and brazen” he wondered to himself.“Suit yourself.”He simply said then took flight in the air.Rin whistled for A-Uhn and A-Uhn came.She swiftly climbed onto A-Uhn and took off after Sesshomaru.“Wait for me…” a faint desperate cry came.Jaken was once again left behind.
For three days and three nights, Sesshomaru did not stop to rest at all.He continued to go on as per normal.A-Uhn did not stop too because Rin was determined to get to Sesshomaru so for three days and three nights.She did not eat, drink nor sleep.
They approached the snowy mountains and Sesshomaru stopped flying.He trudged through the thick snow and blizzard.Rin was ill prepared.The kimono she wore was not thick enough to protect her from the cold but nevertheless she pressed on.Struggling with the cold and the need to catch up with Sesshomaru, Rin made her way slowly.The wind made it difficult to see and the snow made movement difficult for Rin.
Rin was exhausted, starving, and freezing but nonetheless, determined.Sesshomaru watched on painfully as he saw Rin falling down hard and picking herself up repeatedly only to find herself falling harder.He wanted to go forward by her side to help her but he could not.He know that if he went down now to help her, she would never learn.He waited until she ran out of energy and lay motionless in the snow before rushing to rescue her.
“Sesshomaru-sama….” Rin uttered these before falling unconscious.Sesshomaru could hear it clearly even through it was from a distance.Scooping up the unconscious Rin in his arms he carried her all the way back to his palace.
When Sesshomaru reached the palace, he quickly laid Rin one of the quest chamber’s beds and rushed off to brew medicine for her.Rin had caught a cold in the sow and was burning up with fever.It was not difficult to find the herbs required to brew the medicine because Sesshomaru’s palace was well stocked for he had anticipated this happening.
Meanwhile, Rin was having a dream.She dreamt of seeing Sesshomaru once more in the snow before losing consciousness and drifting away into the darkness.“Rin….” A soft and familiar voice called.“Rin….” The thing she saw was the familiar face of Sesshomaru. “Sesshomaru-sama…” She called out.“Drink the medicine while it’s hot.“Sesshomaru said plainly.Rin complied obediently without questions.When Rin finish the medicine, Sesshomaru tucked her in head and started to walk away.Rin asked “Sesshomaru-sama is Rin being a burden?”Sesshomaru’s topped short.For a moment there seemed to be an awkward silence.Finally Sesshomaru managed to utter”No” after much struggle.As he walked away he thought bitterly to himself “I’m sorry Rin.It is I who isn’t good enough for you.”

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