My Lover's Brother

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College life is not all like Alex expected. She's invincible at her school being the Editor-in-Chief of their weekly newspaper, an A team member, and a popular school DJ herself. She's got a well-built family, loads of friends, and a decent cyber boyfriend(I mean, they met in an internet dating site). She thought everything was perfect not until she met his boyfriend's brother. What would happen if her lover's brother likes her too and she likes him too. Hmm. i smell love war.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Lover's Brother

Submitted: June 06, 2013

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Submitted: June 06, 2013



Chapter 1


“…and 5.., 4..,” I can hear everyone outside counting with me. “3.., 2.., 1..” I pressed the school bell button “RINGGGG!!!” All of the students and even the teachers outside screamed their lungs out as they cheer the end of the term. “This is DJ Alex, signing off. Have a great vacation!”Oh yeah, you heard it right and I was given the privilege to lead the countdown. Ha-ha! I love doing this.

“Yes!” I cheered and punched the air. “That’s a wrap Alex. You’re really great. The crowd loves you. C’mon let’s have lunch together, my treat.” Mr.V-mac, our school radio facilitator, told me giving me a big pat on the back.

“Thanks Mr.V, I’m thankful you liked it. But I think I can’t go with you right now. I already made plans today but we can pull this up some other time.” I said apologetically. “That’s alright sweetheart. Just promise me you’re gonna do broadcastings here next term okay?” He said giving me hug. “Alrighty Mr.V, gotta go now. See you next term.” I said as I returned his hug.

Hohoho! I feel like laughing all day long. I’m so happy that all my school responsibilities are done. I already finished working on our school newspaper, Daily Bulletin, in which I work as the editor-in-chief. So far, so good. Plus, my term paper got an A+. Hell yeah. And the best thing here is that I’m the one who officially marked the beginning of our vacation. I’m such in a very good mood. La-lalala, I feel like singing.

I went straight down to my car depositing all my stuffs from my dearest locker. Well, my car is not as extravagant like those of my schoolmates. Mine is just a second hand Mercedes which my dad gave me as a gift for being an awesome daughter. Kidding! It’s actually a high school graduation gift. As I was about to mount on my car, I heard familiar voices calling out my name. Aha! The JAKE Buggers are here. “Congratulations Alex. We’re extremely proud of you!” the three girls run towards me giving me hugs and kisses. “Thanks guys. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.”

Yes, I love these girls. We’ve been bestfriends since high school. Music brought us together particularly, the singer-songwriter Jake Bugg. We just love him so much together with all his songs. We attended almost all his concerts. I can say we are his biggest fan that’s why we call ourselves The Jake Buggers. “So girls, are you all fixed for later?” I asked them. “Well, I still need to see coach Flick after an hour. He’s gonna discuss something about my upcoming competition.” Joyce snaps a strip of paper with a be-proud-of me-look on her face. “Oh my Gulliver’s travel!” Krissy exclaimed cuffing her hand on her mouth. “You we’re accepted haven’t you Joyce?” I said with awe. “Uhm, kind of like that.” She said with a sarcastic smile. “This is amazing! Then we have more reason to celebrate.” Erin cheered as she punches the air with much enthusiasm.

After a moment, Krissy’s phone rang. “Sorry, have to take this call.” Krissy excused as she mouthed the words “IT’S MY MOM.” When Krissy’s mom calls her, it’s sort of a big deal not only for Krissy but also for us. Krissy gets to see her mom for at most twice a year or even worst not at all. If you’d ask, Krissy is the only daughter of Linda Parker, the richest fashion designer in Europe. Her mom is currently in France and is always busy with work. Their only way of communication is through phone sometimes they do video chats but that seldom happens. Even though they are rich, Krissy remains grounded. Nobody knows about her real state of life except for the three of us. She always wanted to keep low profile. That’s the best thing I liked about her.

“Oh my Gulliver’s travel part 2! I Think I’m going to explode.” Krissy screeches which got our utmost attention. “What’s happening Krissy?” We exclaimed. “Did your momma asked you to come to France and have a vacation with her so you can have a mother-daughter moment?” Erin asked sarcastically. “How did you know. Are you eaves dropping?” she asked baffled yet cheerful. “Wha--? So it’s true? Oh my gosh, I’m happy for you sis.” Erin hugged her giving a pat on Krissy’s back. “That’s good news sis, so when are you leaving? How long will you stay there?” I asked. “I think you got a wrong question Alex, it should be When are WE leaving and how long will WE stay there.” Krissy said in her matter-of-fact tone. We we’re astounded with what she has said. Our jaws literally dropped. Hohoho. This is gonna be fun “You heard me guys. You’re coming with me. Mom already got our plane tickets for tomorrow evening. She already told your parents about it and they agreed.” Krissy explains to us. “That’s awesome.” Erin and I jump out of excitement. “Uhm. I don’t know if I can make it girls. I still have practice to do. Y’know, for the Nationals and stuff.” Joyce sighed dramatically. “Aw. Joyce, why don’t you tell coach you’ll be gone for a short time. We’ll be back after a week. I can talk to him if you want?” Krissy demanded. “Oh no, I think I can do that. Thanks anyways. I better get going. I’ll discuss this matter with coach. Tell you later the news. See ya girls.” Joyce reached for her bag and left. “Erm, I think I need to leave now too. I’ll pack my things already. I’m so excited. Bye guys.” Krissy left with a very big grin on her face. Hoho. Like those troll memes on the internet.

BUZZZZ… Oooops! I think that’s my phone. I wish it’s him. I hope it’s him. I scrolled my phone down and disappointment surged me. “Who’s that Alex? You seem disappointed.” Erin asked. “It’s my brother. He forgot his wallet at home so I need to fetch him from his school.” “Aw. You thought it’s Conan, do you?”Erin teases me. “Shut up Erin. Just get in the car. I can drop you at your house.” I said with a bossy attitude. “As you wish Boss.” Erin laughing sarcastically.

I drove our way to St. Martin’s High school to fetch my dear brother Albus. Yep, his name is Albus. Does it ring any bell? “It’s been a week since I last saw Albus Dumbledore.” Erin yelped “You’ll be dead if he hears that. You know he hates it when you give him names.” I said as I park the car near the façade. “He-he. Of course I’m just kidding Alex. I do love your brother of course I don’t want him getting pissed.” Erin was explaining when my brother popped up from her window making Erin squeal. “You’re mean Albus Dumbledore” Erin poked my brother on his temple. “Aw. That hurts. Here’s one for you.” Albus puts charcoal on his hand painted a Charlie Chaplin mustache on Erin’s face. “You filthy mudblood!” Erin pokes him harder this time. As I was watching them fight, my phone beeped again. This time, I’m a 100% sure that it’s Conan. I opened the message box and voila! It’s Conan. YAY.

From: Conan

To: Alex

Subject: On the wings of love.

Hullo Alex,

We’re at the airport now. Expected to leave here by 8:00 pm.

We’ll be arriving London tomorrow morning.

So, can we meet up? Have dinner. Let me know.

Hooray! My mind is celebrating on its own. My heart beats so fast. I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m excited yet scared. I’m gonna see my boyfriend for the first time. This is special coz it’s 3D. Well, I have seen him actually but only on monitors or cellphone. I met him in an online dating site. He’s got a very good sense of humor. I can say that he’s also a wise man on the way he speaks. It didn’t take long for us to like each other. Yes, I like him. Well, I think I’m in love with him. I hope she likes me too. “A cheesy message requires a cheesy reply.” I scrolled my phone and replied.

From: Alex

To: Conan

Subject: I’ll be there for you

Sure let’s meet up. Text me when you arrive.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you.



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