Chapter 1: The Asylum (Preface)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The tunnel was darker than the edges of the moon and Tom could feel its breath as if it was wrapping around his entire body forming a new entity entirely. All he could see was the blazing dim lights that got dimmer as he ran forward down the tunnel until he could not see anything. Tom paused for a moment to makeshift of what was around him until he caught his direction and proceeded to run with no time of breath. He had no sense of arms or legs and he could not feel what he was stepping on as he ran. There was no end to the tunnel it kept growing in size and then suddenly silence filled the tunnel and Tom continued to run. To no avail his steps never made a single sound and as he slowly pitched his distraught face down toward the floor he had an epiphany. The tunnel had never increased in size it was him who decreased in size as he moved and sunk into the floor as if it was a watery quicksand pulling him down.  Tom closed his eyes as if he was deceased and let himself be consumed by the vortex. However within seconds he opened his eyes to brass knuckles mauling him in the face and being kicked repeatedly in the stomach for no intention whatsoever. He had never screwed anyone over or made any mispromises yet he was being attacked by four dark silhouettes and it would seem as if the pain would never end.  Tom was within seconds given out on his life and had risen to a bright light that had appeared above him. As he entered the light he felt himself falling down as if he was flying in the sky, but all of a sudden a flight of color appeared in front of his eyes and he was falling from the sky at thirty thousand feet. He panicked and mangled his body as he fell rapidly toward the ground. In the moment he was falling he ignored all his surroundings and embraced the impact to the ground he was about to make.  As he made the impact he felt himself crouched on the ground as though nothing had happened.  He had a bloody knife in his hand and he was repeatedly stabbing someone for no reason except some non-controllable weird self-urge he had that moment. He had lost all his humanity and became a psychopath yet he still remained sane.  His insanity was the experience he was experiencing while his thought process was sane, but his insanity had control of his actions. His adrenaline had raged and he had lost complete control and went into knife frenzy then suddenly everything froze as if time was at a standstill. Everything became stone and crumbled and he woke up in his house to a changed luminescent white normal lightning to a reddish dim glow. Looking outside the window it was completely dark as if nothing surrounded the house or him and it was hanging as if it was in space. Tom called out a hello to see if anyone was outside and when no one answered he hesitantly walked toward the door and as he stepped his wood panel flooring kept squeaking.  As he opened door he heard a whale sound and ran toward the sound unknowingly to the darkness that he was entering and did not have any idea of where he was because the darkness covered the floor.  He kept chasing the empty sound that had no end and then he tripped and fell down and was outside in front his house and the sound had stopped. Tom ran into his house as he left it and then the whale sound had become even louder and louder. When he stepped on the wood flooring the whale sound dimmed down as if the squeaking of the paneling on the floor had replaced it.  Every time he took a step the squeaking pitched increase until it drove him mad and he started stomping on the floor and it began to thunder with vibration and ejected sounds of deep bass.  The sound dimmed down, but then the house erupted with roar as if it was an opera then the walls and ceiling began to crumble and fall apart and make tumbling sounds as if there was an orchestra inside the house.  Finally, the sound had stopped and Tom was surrounded by a crumbled junkyard with a medal/wooden frame with copper wires hanging from their pillars remaining from the crumbled house.  Another roar had stunned Tom as one of the metal frames had fallen like a domino and rubbed against the wood and screeched as if it violin was playing, and as the frames fell the electric live wires slapped against them and emitted a whopping resonance of that of an electric guitar. Everything became silent as the last metal pillar of the frame fell and the whale sound began again.  Hours passed and Tom was driven mad by the sound and could not take it anymore and began to throw the remaining house debris around and eventually he began to talk to himself panicking and then he began to scream and eventually he lost his sanity and became oblivious to his surroundings.



Submitted: December 08, 2014

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gabrielle kinnish

it would be helpful for us readers if there were paragraphs.its hard for the eyes to follow.

Mon, December 8th, 2014 7:38pm


Loved it.

Fri, February 20th, 2015 4:23am

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