Under The Pier

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 02, 2014



Alister dragged Penny's semiconscious body to a tripod device. He velcroed her ankles together,  and attached a suspension cable. After making certain that her legs were securely fastened,  he walked to the crank. Slowly, he turned the handle, drawing her closer to the center of heinous machine. As she slid along the cold surface of the polished marble floor she became more lucid. Her eyes widened in terror, and she squirmed and tugged against her restraints. Penny was still partially under the effects of the chloroform, so her first thought was that she had been webbed by a giant spider, and was now being reeled in between its legs to its mouth. She heard the grinding of the crank. The awful reality of what was happening to her sunk in and she screamed.


"Make as much noise as you would like, my dear. This room is completely soundproof." He explained, coldly.


The underground chamber was dank and dimly lit. The walls were concrete and Penny could smell mold growing on them. She felt as if the perverse atmosphere were infecting her. The evil that existed in this room was violating her. She was naked and mortified. There were torture devices scattered here and there. Even in the poor light, she immediately recognized the man before her. He was one of the many people she had resurrected. Intense anger consumed her, almost superceding the horror and revulsion she felt. Her legs left the ground, and she was moved forward another foot.


"I was there to clean things up, but it appears you already did my job for me." Alister said.


"I saved your life!" She hissed, as her head was hefted off the ground. Now, only her ponytail rested on the crimson stained tile. Her body swayed back forth for a few moments, she was no longer facing her kidnapper. Hot tears fell from from her hate filled eyes.


Alister was a middle-aged man with sandpaper skin covered in ancient acne scars. He had thick black hair, with a significant amount of grey at the edges. His face was rough and aged. Two, dark, lifeless eyes sat above a wide nose.


"I am very grateful for that, believe me. You have allowed me to continue my work. Have you any idea how long I have searched for you? Can't a guy even say thank you?" Alister said, as he picked up his sickle.


"What could you possibly want with me? Just let me go, and I'll give you whatever it is you want." She pleaded. How could this world be so cruel to her after all she had done to make it a better place? She thought.


Being upside-down was taking a toll on her. Her head was pounding from the excess blood being forced into it. Penny's lips tingled and her eyes burned. Breathing became more and more strained with each inhalation. Even her heart seemed to be struggling to adjust to the awkward position  and she dreaded every painful beat.


"You are giving me exactly what I want. Your blood. Imagine how many lives you'll save, once we analyze its composition and unlock the mystery of its healing properties. The drug you had in your pocket is only the beginning. You may have given us the gift of immortality!"


"I should have left you dead. Some people the world is better off without. You're crazy! You didn't think to simply ask me for a sample?" She replied.


"I can't have you talking to anyone about our organization. Thank you for your contribution though. I'm sure that's not much consolation, but oh well. It is a pity to kill such an attractive creature." Alister caressed her leg, and she jerked away from his touch.


"Don't touch me you vile, wretched piece of rubbish." She warned.


"You're so right, I have better things to do at the moment." Alister grabbed her hair, and yanked her head back. He pressed the rusty steel blade against the tender, delicate skin of her neck, and slit her throat. An expression of utter shock and panic was frozen on Penny's face as she choked on her final breath. All her precious blood filled a container Alister placed under head.


After she was adequately drained,  he took her corpse down. Holmes walked in, covering his mouth with his shirt. He was obviously shaken by the sight of her, and he couldn't hide his disgust. Holmes was scared of Alister, with good reason.


"Dispose of this body while I begin the testing on her blood. Here is your payment as promised."

Alister handed him a case filled with Jolt.


"Don't over do it, I'd hate to have to dispose of your body." Alister reminded him.


Holmes swallowed hard, and forced his gaze away from the woman and the appalling expression on her face.


"I'll take care of it."


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