Partners? Or Lovers?

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Partners or Lovers?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Partners? Or Lovers?

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Ben was on temporary leave with Rook. He and Rook had finally finished a mission of finally fending off a group of rebel Highbreeds from destroying an outpost in orbit of Earth. Now, they were just relaxing. Ben had just turned 18 days before. He had a fantastic party, but he didn't exactly enjoy it as much because Rook wasn't there with him.

Ben was sitting on the couch, watching a football game. Normally, he'd be close enough to the TV that his breath would fog the screen up. He also would shout cheers when the team he'd the to win made a touchdown, and curses when the other team made one or stopped the other team from making one. His voice would be heard from outside the house, but instead, he was just sitting there, gazing at the TV screen, like he was asleep. The problem was that he missed Rook, a lot.

Rook was at the Plumber's training academy, not training, but in his small room. He too missed his partner. Not a day went by when he didn't think about the human. He just sat on his bed, staring at a picture of his partner, Ben.

He wished he had the guts to come clean with Ben. To finally be able to tell Ben how he felt about him... how he loved him. Rook had been researching about human emotions along with sexuality and mating rituals. He started focussing on these topics as he noticed the way he felt around Ben. He realized that, by reading the definitions and articles on the topics, the feeling of love and attraction he had for Ben was sexual. He never loved anyone or anything as much as he loved Ben. In fact, he didn't really feel love at all before. Rook looked further into the topic, and discovered that the possibilities from his feelings were extensive, but he stopped on an article of male/male "sex" (as the humans called it). He continued reading, but was frightened about moving to that level of... intimacy, so he tried to avoid it. As time went by, Rook's urges to see Ben became overwhelming. He noticed specific aspects of the sudden urges. He noticed how his penis (as the humans called it) would "get hard" and "grow bigger. He found it difficult to restrain those urges, returning his penis to its normal, flaccid state, making less of a bulge. He soon noticed how there was always a large bulge where his penis was stuffing inside his Proto-Tech Armor. He finally needed to speak about his problem. He considered talking to the academy's councillor, but decided that if he started something with Ben, he would want to have permission from Max Tennyson, Ben's grandfather, and not have to worry about telling more than one person. He decided to call Max down to speak with him.

Rook heard a knock on the door.

"Enter," he said.

With that, Max Tennyson entered the room and closed the door.

"You said you needed to talk about something?" Asked Max.

"Yes," he affirmed. "Please have a seat."

Max pulled up a chair and sat down, looking at Rook.

"What seems to be the problem?" Addressed Max.

Rook helt hesitant, but forced himself to speak anyways.

"It's about Ben, isn't it?" Mex said.

"Yes," Rook said, confused as to how Max knew it was about Ben.

"How do you know?"

Max chuckled slightly.

"There's a reason that I assigned you to my grandson," he began.

"I knew you two would bond and become great friends, and possibly even more."


"Yes, more," he said. "I know a good set when I see one. What kind of issue is going on on between the two of you?"

"That there would also be the problem," Rook explained. "I have been noticing certain... feeling, or urges when I am around Ben. I am concerned about whether or not these urges are a good thing, or a bad thing. I researched these feeling and learned they are considered "sexual"."

Max didn't even blink at Rook's explanation.

"Well, those feeling are probably good," he said to Rook. "You're trying to ask me something?"

"Yes, I am," Rook said. "I read about human male on female sex, and male on male sex. I am afraid of moving to that level of companionship with Ben. I also wish to have permission from you to, in the event he and I engage each other, perform male on male intimacy on Ben."

Max always loved Rook's way of being discrete and clear in his wording, though more often than not, longer in worded explanations than necessary.

"You got my permission, Rook," Max said. "Just be careful with Ben. He can be emotionally unpredictable at times."

With that, Max left the room before Rook could thank him.


Ben heard a knock on the door. Frustrated, he stood up and walked over to the door. He opened it and a man stood there, wearing a necklace with a cross on it and carrying a bible.

"Hello, sir," addressed the man in a kind tone. "Do you have time to learn about our the Lord Jesus Christ?"

With a straight face, Ben replied to the question.

"No, sir, I don't have time to learn about Jesus," Ben said to the man. "It's 2 in the afternoon, and I got stuff to do."

He slammed the door before the man could respond.

Again, another knock on the door.

Without opening the door, Ben yelled out: "Look dude, as much as I would love to learn about our savior, GO AWAY!!"

Then the door opened. Ben pushed the omnitrix, but before he could select an alien, a hand rested itself on Ben's shoulder, and a familiar voice spoke.

"Hello Ben," said Rook.

Ben's face lit up. He deactivated the omnitrix and turned around. The two met each other's eyes, and they hugged each other strongly. Ben was happy to feel Rook's big, muscular frame against his chest and his arms around him. Rook also enjoyed the physical contact. Rook had no idea, but it was necessary for two males to like each other before being intimate. Both had to like the other. Ben was totally straight, which Rook didn't understand the implications of his next action, for he was a newbie to the whole human mating thing.

They released each other, and met eyes again. They each saw the love and happiness in the other's eyes.

That was Rook felt the strongest urge yet. He wrapped his arms around Ben, lifted him up to face level, and gingerly pressed his lips against Ben's. Ben was shocked at the sudden move, and struggled to get free from Rook's arms. However, Rook was too strong for Ben, and kept a strong grip around him. He continued to kiss Ben as he struggled to get free. Ben soon settled down and Rook pushed his tongue into Ben's mouth. He could tell that Ben was starting to enjoy it. Ben was enjoying the feel of Rook's overly warm lips and the taste of his spit, which was very sweet and strong.

Rook walked over to the couch, carrying Ben and continuing to kiss him. He lay Ben down, and removed his Proto-Tech armor in a flash, revealing a magnificent set of pecs and a full 8 pack, as well as his huge, muscular arms and legs. Rook's cock was hard and it was at it's full size: 10 inches long, 2.5 inches thick, facing up over two balls, each the size of kiwis, huge veins all over the shaft. Ben gasped at the size of the monster. Rook started to undress Ben, exposing his 8 inch long and very thick cock. Rook lay down above Ben, resuming the kiss. Ben felt super turned on, as did Rook.

"Rook," Ben said. "Fuck me. Take my virginity, please."

Rook smiled and moved down to Ben's ass. He quickly licked the hole and pressed his powerful and long tongue into it, moving it around and playing with Ben's ass hole.

"Oh, that feels amazing," Ben said to Rook.

Rook continued to eat out Ben's hole for almost 10 minutes.

Rook withdrew his tongue and stood up. He looked down at Ben and pressed his huge, heavily lubed cock into Ben's ass hole, making them both moan in pleasure. Ben was very loosened up so the entrance of Rook into his ass hole didn't hurt that much. As Rook picked up his fucking face, long dicking Ben, Ben started to leak so much precum and he gripped his cock, jerking, adding to the insane pleasure of Rook's massive organ mauling his prostate over and over again.

"Does this hurt B-" he tried to finish, but pleasure overtook him. "I-I am going to cum!"

Ben simply responded with a series of loud moans.

Rook delivered a final blow, exploding his first orgasm into Ben.

"AHHHhhhh!!" They both screamed in unison, due to the great about of pleasure they felt.

Rook simply lay there, his cock still buried in Ben's ass.

They were panting for almost 5 minutes until they finally stood up. They were both tired and wanted some sleep.

They went to Ben's bedroom an crawled into bed, Rook holding Ben in his muscular arms, and they both fell asleep together.


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