Partners? Or Lovers?

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



It's hero time!" Ben announced, activation the ultra matrix. He scoped through the list of aliens and chose the best one for the job.

In a flash of green light, Ben announced: "Swamp Fire!

(He shouts the names because it strikes fear into his enemies...)

As usual, he always chose the best for the job.

He leaped up, and shot a few fire blasts from his fist.

The foe quickly dodged his shots, but luckily, Rook got him from behind, using his Proto-weapon as a bow, launching an energy bolt at the villain, immobilizing him.

Ben switched back to his human form and walked over to the villain.

"I've never seen him before," Ben said.

"And neither have I," Rook said. "We must leave him for the authorities. We need to wait here and watch this criminal, to ensure he does not try to escape."

"Why can't we go get some smoothies?" Ben asked, annoyed.

"It is our duty as plumbers to keep this criminal guarded until the proper authorities can retrieve him," Rook explained. He was right of course, but he also had another motive for the suggestion.

"Alright," Ben agreed. "But next time, I'm choosing."

"We have a deal," Rook agreed.

Ben sat down on the ground near the entrance of the cave. Rook walked towards him and sat down with him as well.

Ben couldn't get his mind off those smoothies. Rook couldn't get the thought of kissing Ben out of his mind.

Rook quickly moved in and planted a kiss on Ben's lips.

Ben tensed up, but feeling Rook wrapping his arms around him eased him up a little.

Rook moved Ben and himself down, Ben on his back, and Rook on top of him. They started to undress, and resumed their kissing.

Rook was grinding against Ben, and his precum soaked cock started to slowly push in. Ben felt a lot of pain, but the kissing made it better.

Unlike Ben, Rook felt an immediate connection with Ben when they first met. He was just sitting there at the bar in an overcoat, a hoot covering his head. As Ben walked in as another alien, sat down, and broke 2 stools due to the massive weight of the alien, he knew it was him, and experienced the first unusual urge, but would not let it be in the way of his mission.

He brought his attention back to Ben, and lifted his face away from Ben. His thrusting increased as Ben was feeling more and more pleasure with each gentle blow against his prostate.

"I... I love you, Ben," Rook said to him.

Ben opened his eyes, concentrating on Rook's words.

Ben wrapped his arms around Rook, pulling his closer. Ben gave Rook a big hug, as the pleasure he was feeling felt so good.

"Oh fuck!" Ben said in ecstasy. "I love you so much!"

Despite the pleasure, the two felt so much more love than lust for each other.

Rook strengthened his thrusts over time to a very high velocity and equally powerful hits.

They screamed out in unison as they began to cum together. Rook buried his large dick as far as it would go, and held it there.

Ben loved this feeling... a feeling of fullness, and it felt even better knowing it was Rook who was giving him that feeling.

Rook pulled his cock out of Ben's asshole, cum leaking out. Rook decided to try something new.

He bent over and started to lick at the dripping cum and play with Ben's hole. Ben was moaning the whole time. Finally, Rook decided that it was best to finish up. He did so and they got dressed again.


Mex Tennyson and the two other Plumber officers landed nearby the cave.

The bay doors opened up and Max walked out greet Ben and Rook. On his way, being the first out, he saw Rook and Ben kissing. He smiled to himself. He turned back to face the two officers.

"Head around through that path down to the criminal," he said, pointing to a small dirt path. "I need to speak with Rook and Ben alone."

"Yes, sir," they said to him before moving off to the path.

Max jumped off the top of the cave, just near the entrance if another cave which Rook and Ben were gently kissing.

He made a noise by clearing his throat and that there got Rook and Ben's attention like a dog to a steak.

They instantly released each other and faced away from Max and each other, blushing heavily.

Chuckling, Max approached the two.

"Having fun?" He asked.

"Grandpa, what are you doing here?" Ben asked, trying to distract Max from the two kissing.

"Well, you called." He chuckled again. "It's alright, Ben. Rook has my permission."

Ben smiled and turned to face Max.

"Yeah, he asked me for a reason," he explained. "If I had just seen you two kissing and Rook never got my permission, I'd be infuriated right about now."

Ben slightly smiled, and Rook looked towards Ben.

"We'll take care of the criminal," Max said. "Have fun, boys."

With that, he walked back to the ship. Ben and Rook viewed the ship take off for a Plumber base, knowing that they were alone again.

"Hey Rook, know what I'm thinking?" Ben asked, using a seductive voice.

Rook smiled slightly, leaning in towards Ben.

"What?" Rook asked.

They nearly met lips when Ben made his thought.

"SMOOTHIES!" He yelled loudly, wearing a big smile.


Ben and Rook sat at a table at Mr Smoothies. Ben was happily enjoying his smoothie while Rook just stated off into space, thinking about his experience with Ben. He loved every second of it.

Ben recalled a funny moment in his past:

He transformed into Swampfire.

"Swampfire!" He shouted, shooting fire at the pit to start the fire.

"Ben," Gwen addressed. "That's overkill."

"No, it's Swampfire, I don't have an alien called Overkill, cause if I did, I'd, you know, shout: Overkill."

"Why do you shout the names of your aliens anyways?" Kevin asked.

"It strikes fear into my enemies," Ben replied.

"You go right on believing that, bud," Kevin said.


Ben laughed at this, still enjoying his smoothie. Rook turned his attention to Ben, watching him. Ben felt Rook's eyes on him and glanced over. They both blushed and Ben stood up and threw his smoothie away.

"I wanna go home," Ben said.

"I'll drive you," Rook offered.

Ben smiled.

"I'd like that."

So, the two jumped into the truck and Rook started to head for Ben's house. While heading to the house, Ben got horny. Without second thought, Ben reached over for Rook's Proto-Armor, where the crotch is. He grabbed the plate and removed it, revealing the underarmor. Behind the armor, was Rook's hardening cock, straining to to be contained. He pulled the organ out and leaned in without hesitation, taking it into his mouth. Rook immediately let out a soft moan. He wanted to close his eyes and enjoy the sensations, but he needed to park the vehicle. He leached out and lifted Ben's head up. Ben looked into Rook's eyes, a questioning look on his face.

Rook parked the vehicle and returned Ben's look with a smile. He pushed Ben's head down encourage Ben to continue the blow job. He didn't want Ben to choke and gag, so he only pushed about 4 inches of cock into his mouth, allowing Ben to take his time. Rook moaned loudly the whole time. Ben tried over and over again to swallow the entire cock into his throat with little success. Rook noticed this and started to push down on Ben's head to give him a better chance. Soon enough, Ben's throat muscles loosened and Rook pushed his cock all the way into Ben's throat. Ben gagged as the thick meat was forced down to the hilt.

"Oh," Rook moaned. "This feels amazing!"

Ben continued to keep the hot dick in his throat. He loved the feeling of having such a meat inside his throat, being pleasures by the tightness of it.

Despite the difference in species between Rook and Ben, their sexual organs were remarkably similar, meaning that the next thing was possible. Ben felt Rook's balls boil over and his dick started spewing cum deep into Ben's throat. Ben pulled up to get some in his mouth. The better part of the load spewed forth into Ben's mouth. Ben absolutely loved the taste. No salty bitterness... just sweet, thick, and warm textures. It was totally unlike that of his own. After the orgasm finished, Rook pulled Ben up off his flaccid penis.

"Fuck!" Ben swore. "That cum was so good!"

"My species has an increase of hormones that cause our semen to have a much sweeter flavor than others," Rook explained.

"Oh," Ben said.


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