Partners? Or Lovers?

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Ben was back at the Plumbers academy. He needed some training on his newer aliens and now that Kevin wasn't available for the job, he had to find alternatives. The academy was rough but he could handle whatever was thrown at him. He'd already experienced the academy before, and now he was back for more.

(After re-reading this story, I realized that the last sentence had a rhyme... not intended)

He was in a training exercise. Again, last his time before, he was up against Alpha squad. Oh how he hated them so... that smugness of theirs...

"Alright guys," Ben said to his team. "Gruloth, run as fast as you can out there and let yourself get shot."

"Okay," he said, and sprinted out.

Ben switched the omnitrix to Echo Echo.

"Echo Echo!" He shouted.

He duplicated his alien to 5 more, matching the remaining number of team mates.

"Each of you, take a copy and piggy back them behind you," Ben said. "We'll use our sonic waves to disrupt incoming laser fire, but allow faster lasers to go out."

The aliens grabbed an Echo Echo and ran out, shooting at the targets.

Ben saw that the alien to ran out to get shot was taking too many hits, and he ran for him, unleashing 2 more copies and released waves of sound at the enemy to disrupt them. He noticed the opposing team had been shot down, and all of his copies reformed into the original. Ben transformed back into his human self and smiled at his team mates. They all gathered together, raising their hands high to meet each others.

"Team Dreadnaught!" They all shouted in unison. "Victory!"

He put down their hands and the general approached.

"Good work team Dreadnaught," he congratulated. "Alpha squad has been defeated, and now you shall take their place. Team Dreadnaught is the best I've ever seen and the tactics you have demonstrated have shown to be outstanding!"

The team smiled and stood tall and proud. The general approached the first in line. He was a Petrosapian, a youth, who had taken all those hits.

"Cadet Gruloth, for showing no fear of sacrifice, I award you with the badge of honorable sacrifice," the general said, pinning a badge on his uniform.

"The rest of you have done great, but you all need to work harder to win your badge, with he exception of Ben," he said. "Ben Tennyson, for bravery and strategic skills, you are awarded with the metal of honor."

With that, a metal badge was pinned to his green jacket. He couldn't help but smile to himself. The members who were not awarded with a metal badge were newbies, who had recently arrived and had not yet earned enough credit points to receive a metal, so they understood why, though they were very close to earnings a metal.


As the day came to an end, Ben and his team headed for the showers. Though the Petrosapian didn't sweat, he still joined us to keep his skin clean. Like most species, they all had a penis and balls. The largest of them all (in that area) was the Tetramand team mate, having a total length (soft) of 8 inches and VERY thick. The next biggest was the Arburian Pelarota member, reaching a soft length of 6 inches, and even thicker than the Tetramand. Petrosapian was the third biggest: 6 inches soft and not too thick. Ben was next in line, who had 4 inches if decent meat on him. But that was all beside the matter...

Ben missed Rook a lot. He missed the way Rook looked at him, his smell, his body, the whole being of Rook. He always irritated Ben a little bit after a battle by acting like their duty is more important than anything else. It was true, except for the fact that Ben was more of a loose cannon at times, and why Rook kept an eye on him most of the time.

Going to bed wasn't too bad for Ben. He at least got to sleep next to the Tetromand in the same bed, feeling the body heat reach over to him. He fell asleep quickly. This night seemed different to Ben. He woke up at about 1 in the morning. He first noticed that the Tetromand's arm was extended out under his neck. The other arm was rested on his chest, joined with the other two. Ben, in his tired state, simply move around and rested his head on the Tetromand's bare, red chest. Tetromands had no pubic hair whatsoever, just the hair on the head and eyebrows. This made it more comfortable for Ben, who didn't enjoy the feeling of hair on someone's chest or all over, which is why he shaved regularly to stay hairless. He put his other hand on the Tertomand's pectoral. He then felt him wrap both right arms around him and hold him close. This gave Ben that warm feeling he so loved. The rest or the VERY early morning was introduced by sleep. Luckily, Ben and his team had the day off to do whatever they wanted - no wake up call, no schedule, just sleeping in and hanging out.


"Wrath!!" Ben shouted, changing into the alien tiger.

He charged for the ship that was starting to take off.

"Let me tell ya somethin ship that attacked the Plumber base! Nobody leaves before Wrath cause Wrath always goes first!"

He hung onto the ship but slipped off as it reached about 1000 ft in the air.

"You haven't seen the last of Wraaaaaaaaaaaaaath!" With that, he plunged into the ground. The rest of the team caught up to see him get out of the trench he created from hitting the ground.

"Let me tell ya somethin hole that's shaped like Wrath!" He began, but the omnitrix timed out and Ben transformed into his human self.

"Aggressive," Gruloth said.

"I liked it," said Demantari, the Pelarota specie.

"Wrath is the only alien that makes me wanna sit back with a bag of popcorn and just watch the show," said the Tetromand, or Calsoptisal.

"This is no time..." began Gruloth. "Okay, me too."

Demantari stepped forward.

"Who was that?"

Ben looked him in the eyes.

"I have no idea," Ben said. "But whoever it is, they're gonna pay for killing those civilians."

Just then, a small Plumber ship descended down to where they were and landed. The group approached it and out came Rook, Ben running for him. He leaped up and gelt tightly onto Rook. Rook kissed Ben on the lips for a second or two. The members of Ben's training team smiled slightly, understanding the closeness of males. Sometimes it goes further than brotherhood, they all knew that.

"Whose this?" Gruloth asked.

"This is Rook Blonko," Ben said. "My partner."

"Mmmm," groaned Calsoptisal. "A fine specimen."

He walked over and stuck out his hand.

"Calsoptisal," he introduced himself, shaking Rooks hand. "But my friends call me Cal."

"It is great to meet you, Cal," Rook said.

Ben motioned towards the other two members.

"This is Gruloth and this is Damentari," he said.

Rook approached the two others and shook hands.

"I was heading to this planet for a conference, but by the looks of the outpost, I assume it is safe to say that the conference had been cancelled," Rook explained.

"Damn," said Cal. "He's really grammatical."

"That's Rook for ya," Ben snickered.

They all headed for the ship Ben and his team arrived in. Rook, although, headed for his ship. Ben looked back and ran for Rook. They hasn't been together for a week, and wanted to feel each other again. Climbing into the ship, Rook sat down first and Ben sat down on his lap. Rook started up the ship and took off, following the other ship. Rook set the autopilot and immediately got started.

Ben started to kiss Rook and pull his pants down. Rook whipped out his large, rock hard penis. He placed it at Ben's hole and slowly pushed it in. He knew the human anatomy better than most humans themselves, and knew how to cancel out pain. Quickly, he moved in a motion that made his dick head strike Ben's prostate, and Ben screamed in utter pleasure. At least they were in space, so their noises weren't heard on the other ships. They were making love for almost 20 minutes.


"Well, would you look at that..." muttered Cal to Damentari, looking through a window on the Plumber ship. "They're certainly having fun over there."

Damentari peered through the same window, gazing into the cockpit of Rook's modified ship, seeing Ben and Rook in action. He licked his lips slowly, envying Rook. Oh how he and Cal would love a piece of Ben's human ass. The two were whispering and giggling, which eventually grabbed the attention of Gruloth.

"What's going on over there?" he asked.

He stood up after setting the ship on autopilot, walking towards the two team mates to see what was making all of the commotion. He took a look at the action and closed the blast shutters over the window.

"It's their business," he said. "It's rude to look."

The two grunted at Gruloth's words. In a Plumber Hierarchy, there's always a team leader. If the leader is absent, there's always someone to take his, her, or it's place (yes, some aliens had one single gender, making them an "it"). They knew that is was appropriate to follow the advise of the leader. They weren't gonna do anything to jeopardize keeping their Plumber badges. The whole reason they were willing to go through the tormenting training was to be an intergalactic Plumber; a safe-guard of the peace throughout the Galaxy. Plumbers were an exceptionally powerful agency and had a lot of influence throughout the Galaxy. It was this agency that kept the peace for so long and controlled violence. Outside of the galaxy, other groups and agencies allied with the Plumbers helped keep peace even outside of the Milky Way galaxy.


"Oh fuck yes!" Ben yelled in pleasure, feeling Rook's every thrust and movement.

He felt his balls boil over and he started cumming onto Rook's chest. The sudden spasm from Ben's ass made it feel even better for Rook, who instantly began emptying out a huge load of alien jizz deep into Ben's guts.

"AHH!" Rook screamed, kissing Ben.

The two calmed down and got cleaned up. It was a 4 hour journey and the two agreed on getting some sleep. The seats were very comfortable, and seeing that Ben had Rook there to be with him made him feel better about taking a nap. Ben snuggled up against Rook and lay his head down on Rook's pectoral. Rook had leaned back to give Ben a better time of using his pec as a head rest. He set his hand on Rook's bulging armor where his flaccid cock lay, and drifted into sleep.


"So, we're down to either another Petrosapian or Darkstar," Ben said.

The team was discussing who may have attacked them earlier. Rook had left for a finalizing test on Earth.

"I'm willing to bet it wasn't a Petrosapian," said Cal.

"What makes you say that?" asked Damentari.

"I don't know..." he drifted off. "I just know it wasn't."

"Okay, well, we'll still check just to be sure," Ben included.


The events leading up up to the previous conversation happened when the same ship that attacked them before returned. It almost destroyed Rook's ship, so he had to return to the nearest Plumber base without an escort.


"Ben!" hollered Gruloth. "I've found Darkstar's ship."

"Take us down," Ben said.

Gruloth landed the ship, and the 4 stepped off.

"Looks like a decent place," Cal said.

"Let's find a place to sleep," suggested Damentari. "Those Plumber issue beds hurt!"

"Agreed," said the other two.

"There's a place," Ben motioned. "C'mon."

The team went towards the building and walked in. They flashed the manager their Plumber badges and the manager handed them a card for our room. They didn't even bother to thank the manager... huh, boys :P

They stepped into their assigned room and noticed 3 beds.

"The fuck?" said Cal quietly. "Three beds?"

"We'll need to have two of us sleep in the same bed," Ben said.

"Those beds are barely big enough for any of us to sleep on, let alone two," complained Damentari.

"Ben is the smallest," said Gruloth. "He should bunk with one of us."

"Who calls me?" Ben asked, laughing.

"I'll take the risk," Cal said.

"RISK!?!" Ben yelled.


Later that evening, all were sleeping calmly except for Ben. With barely and rook, Cal had to keep Ben held tight. If he didn't, half of Ben's body would hanging over the edge of the bed. While Ben lay awake, he noticed something very think and hard pressed up against him, you know, in THAT area. He glanced down to see a large, red cock at his entrance. He just let it lay there and went back to sleep.


"Plumber Base 775," Rook said to the the star base as he approached it with his damaged ship. "Requesting permission to dock."

"This is Plumber Base 775," came the reply over the intercom. "State your name and clearance number."

"Blonko, Rook," he said. "Clearance number 9060-836-Alpha."

"Name and clearance number verified. Proceed to docking bay 4-Sigma."

"Understood," Rook confirmed. "Approaching docking bay 4-Sigma. Please initiate level 5 radiation shielding. I also request that all personnel vacate the area, as my engines are leaking nuclear radiation as well."

"Request accepted. Activating primary radiation shields, level 5. Nuclear radiation leakage protocols initiated."

Rook maneuvered his ship into the landing bay and set down. He jumped out of his ship. Though there was radiation leakage at dangerous levels, Rook's species were immune to most forms of radiation, and his Proto-armor helped too. He went to the back of the ship, inspecting the structural damage. He thought for a moment, considering his options. He contemplated getting someone down there to help with repairs, but instantly decided against it, as the radiation would kill a human or most other species. He opened the engine compartment and noticed a small crack is the dionite reaction intake manifold. Rook used his Proto-tool as a clamp and spread open the container. He light up the area with the Proto-tool and reached into the container. He twisted 6 valves and released the manifold from its held position. He set it down and looked forward, staring at the incredibly radioactive element sitting on a small pedestal. The dionite, the most radioactive and powerful power source in the known universe. The only protection shielding the radioactive effects from harming any species, was the most radioactive repellant ever discovered. His ship may have been powerful, but in the wrong hands, the ship could be used as a super weapon.

"Command center, this is Rook Blonko," he stated through the intercom. "Evacuate all areas within 5 levels if landing bay 5. Activate level 20 radioactive shielding in all sections until further notice. We have a type 3 radiation leakage."

"Understood. When you are finished with repairs, you are to stay where you are so that we can initiate a EM radiation neutralization processes."

"Very well," Rook said.

Rook reached for the dionite and picked it up. He examined it closely, and saw that there wasn't anything wrong with it. He se it back where it went and fixed the ship back up.

"Command Center," Rook said. "Initiate EM radiation sweep."

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