The Devils Sex House

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Devils Sex House

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



it wasnearly midnight. I was laying there on my bed. I had shared my dorm room with someone named Blake. Even though I was 100% straight, I had to admit that he was an absolute fuckin' HUNK!! He was grade A prime all American Beef

Blake had spiky dirty-blond hair. His face was the face of an absolute angel I tell you. His smile was so beautiful that flashing it at anyone would get them on their knees and sucking his cock like there's no tomorrow. His eyes were intoxicating and seductive to the melting point I kid you not (well not really melting cause I don't think you can exactly melt a person... just saying). And fuck that voice of his was just to perfect and smooth, I could listen to it forever and not get tired of it, and the seductive powers of it increased the poweres of his smile and eyes. He had a slight 5 o'clock shadow that added to his hunky looks. His whole body was beautifully tanned all over. His entire torso was totally hairless. His shoulders were perfectly broad and his pectorals were amazingly chisseled, and so was his fucking hot 8-pack. His arms were powerful and muscular, and veins were always naturally bulging. He never felt the least bit hesitant to remain undressed around me and he was always naked in the room, like it was the most natural thing in the world. That's how I got a good look at his cock, balls, and ass. His cock, without measuring it, had to be at least 8 inches soft and was cut, and it was definitly atl least a bit over 2 inches thick, not around, through it. And his balls were definitely as thick as golf balls. His ass was perfectly rounded and bubble-like. He has at the perfect height of 7 feet even. In a single word to describe him, he was perfection.

Whenever he entered the room, I would instantly feel powerful chills run down my spine. I never knew why, or what caused it, but I could tell you this: There was something completely different about him...

Anyways, every night, around midnight, he would sit and watch me until I fell asleep. It was unusual. Tonight, I planned to find out why...

He entered the room and locked the door. I closed my eyes and listened to him undress. As usual he sat down and stared at me, and again, I got that chill down my spine.

Okay, hold up, I forgot to talk about myself. So, I'm 19 yeard old and I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am not fat by any possible means. I look like I have pretty much no muscle under my skin, but I make up for it with my great bubble-butt, a fadded 6-pack, and my boyish looks.

He just sat there for about 5 minutes until he thought I was sleeping. He walked over and sat next to me on my bed. He gently leaned in and kissed me so passionately. I almost started crying because I felt so scared. I began to calm down and settle in.

He lifted off.

"Kyle" he said very softly. "I know your awake."

I opened my eyes to see him in front of me. I felt petrified... his eyes were glowing red... HIS EYES WERE FUCKIN' RED!!!

"Oh my godd... w... wha... what... what are you?"

"A demon" he replied straight forward.

He stood up and sat on his own bed, looking as me. I sat up to stare back at him. I forgot about him claiming that he was a demon and lost myself in his gaze.

"Kyle, come here."

I stood up and walked towards him. We remained in the constant eye contact. Somehow, my knees weakened and I dropped to my knees ahead of him. My body knew he was wanting me to kneel before him.

He stood up, still naked, and gripped both sides of my head. I felt my body force my mouth open. His cock was aimed at my mouth. He slowly thrust forward and his cock slid in my mouth. He pulled me down of his 14 inch long cock, but I started to choke and gag, but he just kept pulling me further down and it forced itself through and all the way down my throat. He felt harm... too warm, but I just forgot about it. He held me there and didn't move for at least 5 minutes, moving his hands through my hair. He finally started to pull out until just the head remained and thrust back into throat at full speed to the hilt, and began to fuck my face. He tossed his head back and buried his shaft into my throat and began to cum. He pulled out so that the tip remained in my mouth and let the cum shoot into my mouth where I could taste it. I had the biggest hard on I had ever had in my life. He finished cumming and I had swallowed 5 times after my mouth became too full for comfort. He continued to thrust in and out and finally pulled out and let me catch my breath. I stared into his eyes and saw that they were still red. He wasn't finished...


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