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this is a begining if you want to read the ret you have to put me on the noteses you like and i'll try to make it easy for you to find whair you left off but i don't finish my chapters offen and this one i want to know if it's a good start and i might change it a little to make it sound better so yeah just check up or whet ever

Chapter 1 (v.1) - laskdj

Submitted: August 09, 2007

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Submitted: August 09, 2007



"if you need help talk to some one" Imgiena reads off a silly poster on the wall. "it's smarter to talk to a friend or family"she thought .not that she had friends or family shenever had to meany friends andwhen her dad and docktors named her crazy it haden't help her reputation much. she was sitting in the waighting room for her more than pointless apointment with her 3 theripisit. she had scaired away all her other theripistis when she started mocing there lives wich wern't too much different from her own they didn't have as bad of memories as she had but there were meany reasons that they didn't even relise as to why they took on that cerear.

"Imegina zoalgo mrs. jill will see you now" said the kind hearted black woman from ehin her safe counter. Imegina stood up and walked into the same room as always. she sat on the couch she enjoyed the big blue over stuffed couch. she liked thesoft fabric and that she could draw patterns in it because of the lighting in the small room .it was only lit by 2 lamps on ither side of the room. it waas cozy and comfterble she layed down on her back and rested in a half sleep till she herd her voice

"oh grate the syko girl. i can't figure her out, how can she be so calm after going through what she went through?" the door opened and the skinny druty blond woman ,in her usual grey sute and phony smile, sat in her usual roling chair andbegan to askher the same qustion "howare you fee..."

"i told you because i knew what was going through her mind when she did it!" interupted Imegina "you're so conceded whydon't you listen when i answer your stupid questions don't ask them if your not going to listen to the answer!" the woman looked almose shocked and oblivious to what she was talking about. she was silent so Imegina cepty talking "you go home at night and think about how crazy i am and how you can't figure me out well you might think i'm different fromthe othersor maybe im exacktly the same i just actuly say what i want to say and not what will make you feel better about your job. i wasn't nice to the last2theripists why would i treet youany different."

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