fimalyer strangers

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i know i'm asleep i know i can wake up when ever i want...or when ever she wants . she misses me i know it she'll be here ...i hope she will it's been a long time i don't even know how long any more she was here though and she helped me and she held me and i cryed to her...but now ...she's gone what do i do school starts tomaro and i haven't seen her all summer i need her wair is she? i don't know what i'm going to do i've moved to a new town...i have no one...she's left me... why would she leve me now?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - fimalyer strangers

Submitted: May 23, 2007

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Filmier strangers

I know I’m asleep I know I can wake up whenever I want...or whenever she wants. she misses me I know it she'll be here ...I hope she will it's been a long time I don't even know how long any more she was here though and she helped me and she held me and I cried to her...but now ...she's gone what do I do school starts tomorrow and I haven't seen her all summer I need her ...where is she? I don't know what I’m going to do I’ve moved to a new town...I have no one...she's left me... why would she lave me now?

Flash back:

A dark room with abed.Cayce just kind of appeared there. There was a girl sitting on a bed it was his bed...she was crying why was she crying? Cayce approached her "why are you crying ?" he asked she looked up at him "oh Cayce " she said jumping into his arms. He embraced her "what's wrong?""Oh how I wish I could tell you my name.""Yah me to" he said lovingly. He held her closer he smelt her hair and played with it a bit. She had short black hair. She came to his chin. "Why were you crying?" she sniffed "I...I can't visit for a while...I...I have to...prepare... for um...something... and...I promise though I’ll see you again before the first week of school is over. Ok" tears filled his eyes "oh god I’m going to miss you!" he tightened his grip around her. She pushed against him a bit

"I have to go now" he hesitantly let go of her and she ran off crying.

It was terrible he was in that same room all night hoping she would come back until he heard the faint noise of a buzzing alarm clockwich quickly grew closer until he was completely awake. He yond and sat up he hit the alarm so it would stop buzzing. He got out of bed and put on his pants and slipped a flannel jacket over his Wight wife-beater. He brushed his hair and spiked it he sighed and grabbed his backpack and a breakfast burrito and walked to school. When he got to school he went to his first class then almost got lost going to his second class then third class.

In his third class he sat in the front next to a girl with black hair that fell to her shoulders. When everyone introduced themselves she was watching him the whole time. Her name was June .she looked at him the whole time she spoke ,he didn't want to look at her she was just another . She was attractive he would give her that but he didn't think anything else of her he stood up and introduced himself to the class as every one elts had doneand sat back down. One more class then he would go home. He found out June lived down a couple houses from him she walked with him she talked to him but he didn't really here anything she was saying. He was in another world he wanted to see his friend in his dream world. He missed her she was his best friend. Suddenly before he got halfway down his street she stepped in front of him

"Caycey! stop thinking about her if you would only stop mopping you would see her!" she shouted at him he looked at her confused

"H...How did you know about her?" she smiled

"I’m human Cayce we can be together now you don't have to go to sleep to find me anymore you don’t have to live the day without me. My name, it’s June. Oh Cayce, I’ve been dyeing to tell you and now I can" he stared into her eyes

"y...your ...your her" he hunched over a bit "y...your her" he wrapped his arms around her. She smiled at him and hugged him

"oh Cayce " he took a few deep breaths he could actually feel her, her arms around him, her body against his. Tears came into his eyes

"oh June!" he embraced her "June I missed you. You’re my best friend I..." she pushed away from him she looked into his eyes sadly

" friend?" tears came to her eyes and she broke free from his grip and ran home. He watched after her sadly "but June...” he said out loud to himself. She slammed the door shut and left him standing there he began to walk the rest of the way home. He went inside into his room and sat on his bed with his head in his palms. After a long moment of him thinking he got up and walked to her house and rang the doorbell. A man whom he assumed was her dad answered

"hello June home?" he said to the man. The man nodded and opened the door wider to let Cayce in the man went down a hallway and leaned into a doorway Cayce couldn't hear what he said.

when she finly came out she stood there shyly but said nuthing so he spoke "june..i'm sorry i didn't mean only my friend...i ment like ....june i'm sorry ...i just ...i just love you so much i....can we talk alown for a minut?"he looked at her hopefuly.she smiled a huge smile.

he had a saying he would use to get s alown in their room. he was a good charmer and sduced meany s. She knew what the saying was and he just used it "can we talk alown for a minut?". when they got to her room she couldn't stop smiling and when he closed the door she turned around and kissed him pashonetly. he broke the kiss "June i love you ...i was trying to tell you that ran off" she nodded her head and started kissing him agin. he pushed her body aginst his she could feel the bulg in his croch. she ran one of her hands down his body and into his pants capturing his part in her hand. he grunted and started panting

"i wanted you to come to my house this time." she wispered after a while of strokeing. he picked her up and laighed her on the bed they began undressing eachother untill he remembered. he jumped up and to his pants and dug in his pocketsbut found nuthing he sat down

"Damn"she crawled down by him and wraped her arms around him from behind makeing shure he felt her bear body. she started nibbling his neck

"come on baby i want to feel it in the real world. i want to feel what all those other s felt, come on Cayce" he moaned to all her touches. her wondering hands, her toung on his neckand her skin pressing aginst his back.

"june i would ...but ..i don't have any protection and i don't think giveing birth is one of the first things you want to feel in this world.I sertenly don't want to be a dad right now." she slumped down pouting. he smiled she was cute when she did that. he lened over to her "i'll tell you what be my girlfriend and when the time is right we can... i'll buy some condoms on friday ohkay" she didn't smile but she nodded he kissed her cheek and got dressed. he wrote his cellphone number on the wight bord on her door "you can call me when ever you want ok". she had sat on the bed but hadden't gotten dressed yet she rolled her head over to look at him . he turned to her "June it's not normal to with some one your not dateing if you realy cair about them you don't need ,I love you June i don't want you to be mad at me. but we can't do that now ok." he went to the bed and toulk her hands "i want to make you happy...i want to do that without takeing your verginity." she didn't say any thing. he sighed and left.

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