fimalyer strangers

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: June 28, 2007

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Submitted: June 28, 2007



"ma i'm going to the mall to meet some friends of myne, OK?"

"all right hun be back befor 9 ok"

"cool"Cayce put on his huddy and walked tothe mall.

"so you mean that chick in you dream is real?"said tonyfrom the cell phoneasCayce picked up a brown mucle shirt.

"yah this new girlin my 3 period class to day"he said as hepicked up a black T-shirt from a table next to the one wair he got the mucle shirt.

"is she as prity in person?" said Tony as Caycestarted rummeging throughsome baggy dark jeans from a pile on a table to find his size.

"yah and god when we touched i couldn't controle anything"siad Cayce as he grabbed some tight 'emo' jeansnext from a shelf

"so did you ?..."

"no first off i didn't have a condom i'm going to buy some saterday. and second it's not like that... she wants to but...i want her to know that that's not the only happyness in this world." suddenly Cayce's phone beeped he looked at it "hey tony she's calling me i'll call you back laghter k?"

"all right dude just tell me when you sckore and give spaceficks"

"don't count on it" said Cayce as he swiched lines "hey June"

"hey" replyed June

"so what's up?" asked Cayce as he put three outfits on the counter to pay for them

"umm will you help me pick out some cloths at the mall?" said June as the kid behind the counter ran the tags under the sckaner.

"yah whair are you?"

"um... i'm at the mall..."

"ok wich stores do you see next to were you are?" Cayce handed the man a debit card.

"um subway and cinabon tocobell....daryqueen and..."

"allright i know where you are i'll be ther in a sec. k"

"al right"she said.then he hung up and took his card back, signed the recet and took his cloths. and headed to the food court and found June in her plane tanskirt and wight T-shirt.once she saw him she jumped on him and he held her up and kissed her

"what kind of cloths are you looking for "he asked and kissed her agin

"um i don't know ...something more comfterble than these" she said as he put her down.

" bout you look around and if you see some one's cloths that you like then just tell me."

she smiled and looked around till she saw a guy wairing a spiked color and spiked wrist bandsand had pearcings in his lips and up his ears.he wore atight black shirt with a metle band on it with a sleveless leather jacked over it. he had tight leather pants and combat boots."well"sighedCayce "i guesswere going to hot topic" she smiled

"it that ok?"

"y...yeah it's fine."

"ok then let's go."

Cayce smiled and led the way to hot topic

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