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this just explanes what's going on

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: December 25, 2006

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Submitted: December 25, 2006



One kingdom two stories

Our place: a bright beautiful kingdom with no evil royal family like in most stories like this one .

Our time: has no meaning.

Our people :are many

first we meet the royal family Queen Abbie and king tomes they have 2 beautiful daughters of 18 and 19 the eldest princess Anastasia and the younger Vivian they had a brother Vivian's twin Alexander . This fairy tale is not stuck up and proper like many you've already read we will call them Anna VI and Alex .\\\\

next will be the royal family from a distant land king Samuel and queen Becky there sons Robert, the eldest.21, and Devin 19 the youngest.

Last but most certainly not least the servants. Mama Tiffany 45. The nanny and nurse .tim, 20, Vivian's serving boy and guy, 22, Anna's serving boy, her rowdy sons. Steff (mama's daughter) 19, Rene and Pull and, both 24 and married to each other, serve the king and queen .meria, 17 served the prince. Victor, 21, Jake, 22, and Naomi our main charicture, 18, served whom ever called them .the servants are all some sort of ‘ al being'

Naomi=sprite (wings hide in a on her shoulder-blades

Jake=centar(can also be a horse and a man)


Maria=is a mermaid in water (given the gift to walk on land)

Rene and Pall=elves

Guy. Tim steff, and mama tiffany=fallen angel

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