Red Sand

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pesent+red wing

Chapter 2 (v.1) - her good byes

Submitted: December 23, 2006

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Submitted: December 23, 2006



"NO papa you can't make me go don't make me go." The pale black hared girl screamed as the big black man grabbed her by her red feathered wings and through her in to the cramped cage ripping her long blue shirt witch started to turn red.

"Shuria, dear, don't make this hard on yourself .I'm so sorry" the skinny old man told the girl while taking a royal blue feather from his own wing and tied it to a string and handed it to her. "Keep this close to your heart and you will be strong." The crack of a whip sounds as the cart drives away the girl shouted

"I love you papa!"

"I love you Shuria."

He walked into the small building they called home, walked to her bed, and picked up a red feather from her pillow "my poor baby only 14 and faced with this misery" he thought "the king is such a brut to make a child bear a child. Just to keep his terrible rein in check"

What's this crazy old man talking about? Well a legend has said that a girl with red wings will give birth to the greatest king to ever live. Well a girl with red wings was rare and every red winged girl was forced to "mate" with the kings second because he would be raised to be a king. However, kings were raised to be terrible men to rule with power and control. This story will turn out much better than the last few.

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