wered coincedence

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my friend has the first half i might be able to post hers but it would be like starwars...well a big chemical bomb went of it effected half world the effects were mutetion a hande-cap but also had a supernatural power symler to the few befor in every generation a handful af kids

Chapter 1 (v.1) - wered coincedence

Submitted: December 24, 2006

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Submitted: December 24, 2006



  The endOnce upon a time, there was a little town called hollow-wind.  Every one in hollow-wind had some sort of special power, like mike Tomosen's super strength.  In addition, Danita Sims was so beautiful she could make anyone fall in love with her without even seeing him she could just say his name. On the other hand, mike's best friends Andrew Smith who can run like a speeding bullet.  Also Jessica Andrews who can stretch or melt.  Then there are lame powers like Stan Zinberg's "super smarts" sure it can guaranty a good job but not happiness.

10 years later mike and Danita Tomosen are happily married with 3 children: Janet, 6 years = mind-control, 3 months.  Danny, 4 years = strong but gentle 3 ½, Anne 2 years =, super strength 6 months.

Andrew and Jessica Smith are also happily marred with 2 kids: ganina, 3 years = shape shift, 5 months, ange 5 months = heel others to temporarily experience pain 2 months.

Stan Zinberg is now a grate scientist creating a machine that can take away most of a person's energy .he plans to destroy the town with this machine, fire and a laser gun.  First, he'd use the machine to take away their powers.  Then he'd burn down the town and use the laser gun on any survivors.

That sad and bleak day these two families watched in horror as their beloved town burned to ash.  Jessica hands ganina a book, she tells her to protect it with her life.  "Bang" a crash is herd next-door Dr. Zinberg is one step away from his final victims.  His high school rival, mike but to make him suffer he'll destroy every thing he holds dear right in front of him. one by one they become nothing but piles of ash.  Danita, Janet, even little Anne then came Danny's turn, but he has disappeared.  Instead of wasting his time looking fore the little menace dr., Zinberg destroyed mike.

 Last but most certainly not least Jessica and Andrew the two people who ruined his life he was so "in his element" he destroyed them in an instant he turns to the kids ange crying, in what was left of her cradle.  Ganina standing and stairing at dr. Zinberg's laser gun as he Aimed at her, he slowly pulled the trigger finally it clicked.  ganina started to scream, but nothing happened he tried again but still nothing happened he looked at the gage, witch showed empty, and started to run.

Soon Danny climbed out of the rubble and grasped ange in his arms calming her, as Ganina hid behind him crying.  The light of about 10 flashlights wondered around them in the dark smoke. some voices saying things like "I think it came from over there " and., I think there's something over hear " they even heard dr. Zinberg yelling like a crazy person.  Finally, a flashlight found them with a blinding light. Behind it was a strange man in a blue uniform with a badge on it and a matching cap.  This strange man picked up the three terrified children and brought them to a big white car with red and blue flashing lights on top. .as the men in blue were forcing dr. Zinberg in to a similar car he screamed, "I'll get those kids if it's t..." the car door's slammed interrupting his enthusiastic cries .the three kids were asleep after being exposed to all the unwanted "excitement".  Danny, supported by the car door, still grasping ange.  Ganina leaned against Danny and still was holding the book her mother gave her.

Great story, Huh?

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