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Chapter 2 (v.1) - intro

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My brother is so creative. When I was little he would read me these stories about hollow-wind and Dr. Zinberg's problems and the love between friends. They would be my bedtime stories. He would read them from a book my sister got from our birth mother. My mother loved the stories so much she convinced our dad to name us after the kids in the book...oh who am ? I am Ange Carmalita Tapola, I am 14 and the month my birthday is in is, July. July 6th that is. .my sister, Ganina, is 17 and my brother Daniel or Danny, is 18 our parents died in some sort of accident, 13 1/2 years ago, Danny refuses to tell me about.

Johnny and Vivian adopted us 11 years ago. They had a 4-year-old boy when one of their friends adopted one of Danny's friends and his brother from the orphanage to help show "the ropes" to their daughter and to let them know what she needed. Well Johnny and Vivian thought it was a good idea and tried to adopt Ganina and Danny but Danny wouldn't leave me so they adopted me too; >

Hmmmm...lets see, yeah how about you actually see what I'm talking about well I have long dark red hair and silver eyes I am very short for my age. Devin looks a lot like me, or vice-versa his hair is a little lighter than mine and he has gray eyes and average for his age he has a bunch of freckles. Ganina has wavy strawberry blond hair and blue eyes she's always tan. Danny is really big in most ways he's not fat but he is tall and buff. He's that guy at school that everyone knows not to mess with him or anyone he knows, or has ever met. Vivian is a lawyer with brown hair that's always in a bun and, brown eyes. Johnny is a home modler and previous builder and that is how we personalized our house

Tomorrow is my first day of high school. Ganina and Devin will be juniors and Danny will be a senior. I'm excited for this year because I'm not going to have any of Danny, Devin, or Ganina's teachers. I will actually have a life! Their teachers always expect me to be exactly like them: perfect grades, perfect friends, and balance being popular on top of it. Yeah right! I've never been perfect at anything and never will be and, popular: my friends and I hate most popular kids who hate us right back. Except Danny and his friends, they're cool. We always push Ganina and her friends' buttons. Hey, that's what little sisters are supposed to do and, friends always help But, they always start it, we don't bug them for nothing. Anyway, school this year I can't wait to see my friends: b.Z., Kyle, Kilian, Keelia, They're all brothers and sister and make fun of the popular kids with me... Oh, snap! I got to go, Danny's getting pissed.

See ya,

) Ange;>

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