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Lee tries to avoid transformation.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: July 07, 2014

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Submitted: July 07, 2014



It was July 7th. The day my father transformed, I was 17, I was alone, my whole family had transformed. I guess I’m not surprised, my father told me to never get too attached, to always expect to be alone one day. He was right, but it’s hard not to feel some sense of sorrow. I am all alone. My family is gone, they are never coming back. But i have to keep moving forward and most important; I must avoid transformation.


Chapter 1

All I can hear are crickets and the sound of the wind blowing leaves. It’s mid- October and there are leaves all over the ground, but I’m not complaining. They make great pillows and in some cases great hiding places. I’ve been on my own for 2 years now and I think of my family every day. I can faintly remember a time where I wasn’t constantly watching and waiting for the “Crawlers.” My favorite food was sugared cereal with chocolate milk and my favorite show was anything with cartoons. Time was much simpler back then.

The database knows me as Leroy Christian Elliot, Seventeen years old, 5’9 and weighing 143.7 pounds. I haven’t been known as Leroy since I was first scanned, I go by Lee. The database is a huge control system where the Crawlers have every ounce of information about the human race. They like to know everything about everyone on the face of the earth so that one day they can take it over. 5 years ago they took over the west coast and are working their way over to the east coast. My family transformed one by one starting with my sister Jade(8), then my mother Laura(43) brother Reid(10), and finally my father Christian(45).

A transformation is when your body is no longer yours. The Crawlers will slowly take away your memories and then all at once you forget entirely who you are and who you once loved. For the rest of your “life” you are internally walking in circles, with no destination and no desire for anything. We are all pawns in the Crawlers cruel never ending game of Chess. You cannot avoid a transformation, they are random and they are inevitable. The Crawlers have spy’s and once they find you, you are never safe.

My mission is to get to the east coast. The east coast is the only place any person had mentioned as safe. And safe is everything I want. I only dream of a day where my feet aren’t sore from endless walking and when acorns and squirrel aren’t lunch. Crawlers are all around me at every moment of my life, I can’t see or hear them but I can feel their terrifying and eerie presence. All I hear is my own thoughts; I haven’t talked to someone in 2 years. One day I’m going to go completely insane. I need to get to the East Coast; I need to get away from this hell. 

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