The Fallen One

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The first book in a series of five novels tells the tale of 'The Making Of Philip Ivan Longmon' in 'The Fallen One ’.
It begins in 1959 when a mercenary - working on behalf of the French government operating in Algeria - falls in love with the daughter of a high-ranking French Officer. The young girl would subsequently fall pregnant; and, would elect to keep the baby’s father’s identity a secret – fearing what her own father would do to them both.
Anyway: three years later - with the collapse of French rule in Algeria - the infant and teenage mother are uprooted with the rest of the family to live in France.
Life goes on! Until the summer of 1965: where it all goes tragically wrong when the infant’s mother and maternal grandfather die in a car crash.
However: on hearing of the tragic accident; the mercenary decides to play a greater role in his son’s life - having kept a discreet distance up until then. Mysteriously: he will be denied any access to the child. Therefore: fearing for his son’s safety; the mercenary arranges for the boy to be spirited to England. A nanny would be appointed to care for the boy in the family home. Not long after: that nanny would be his stepmother; and, would add two sisters to the family unit.
It was during the boy’s maturation to adulthood – by now renamed Philip Ivan Longmon – a psychic ability started to develop. His father and grandfather have this ability too. His father hated the idea this curse had been passed on. His grandfather was less so. He’d spend the coming years nurturing and harnessing the boy’s power though careful guidance.
Needless to say the boy does not welcome a gift that enables him to see into the hearts of men; that gives him the ability to communicate with the dead; and, open his eyes to an uncertain future. It was while wrestling with this power: Philip would make a friend out of a bully in boarding school; a friend out of a budding lawyer while in university; formed a special bond with a female work colleague; and, found his first true love with an up-and-coming socialite. These four would be friends – with the guidance given by his paternal grandfather – help to mould him into a heroic spirit seeking a role in a decadent world dominated by greed and corruption.
This role would not take shape until the young man reached his 21st birthday. This would be when his late paternal grandfather - whose ventures had taken him to a different dimension nine years earlier - bequeathed him a small fortune. He was now able to buy his freedom and do as he pleased. He’d choice to live the life of a private investigator. A role that had been conceived as a childhood dream; nurtured by the confidence he gained as a bank fraud investigator; and, matured as he rebelled against the role of a banker in fear of his father.

[1959 to 1990][length: 300%] [95% of idea realized!] [3rd draft]

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fallen One: Epilogue

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The Aftermath


Characters: Frank acts as an operative assigned with the tag INT283; Noel plays an operative registered as UK5289; and, Rebecca continues her role as a concerned mother seeking only the best for her child

When two undercover operatives charged the length of a driveway to investigate the meaning of those gunshots: they’d find Rebecca bolting towards them screaming for her son Nathan.

  “What’s happening?” said one of these operatives upon taking hold of her.  His name was Frank – a trusty assigned to watch this household.  He was in his late-thirties: a stocky 5’ 9’’ statue sporting a short black-coloured hairdo crowning a square-face with a slight canny resemblance to family give his charge – especially with the brown eyes any true Longmon possessed.  He wasn’t really interested in this frantic woman.  His primary concern was to protect his employer’s grandson: “Where’s Nathan?”

  She held a finger out.  Its direction: a wall that separated this property from their neighbours; “He went over there!”

  That half-parcelled gun - still clutched in her hand - had Frank’s attention.  “Where?” he then said – turning his eyes to the party wall in question.

  His partner - sheathing a weapon - sets off: “I’ll go and get him,” he’ll say – having disengaged his eyes from that nanny attending to a downed figure by the front door of that mansion.

  It was while that second operative sought to return Nathan - eyes pinned on the spot Rebecca had highlighted - that Frank took hold of an arm and turned this zombified woman towards the safety of that mansion: “We need to get you, inside!”

  Rebecca was resisting it: “What about Nathan?” she said – having that parcelled object removed from her while that outstretched arm continued to indicate that party wall.

  “Noel will fetch him back!”  Frank then yanked on her wrist to secure that shredded neck scarf too.  “What happened here?” he’ll say to the scene awaiting their arrival.

  She refused to focus on her misdemeanour.  Instead: those eyes remained pinned on Nathan’s escape route: “I think: I’ve killed him!”

  Frank’s gait needed to know this for sure: “What did he do?”

  She gave that mansion a brief glance.  She couldn’t burden herself any further with the outcome of her actions.  Only that: “He wouldn’t stop!”  She then gave that half-parcelled gun - sinking into Frank’s pocket - a final glance.  “I begged him to stop!”

  “It’ll be okay,” said Frank – using that freed hand to remove a mobile.  He kept her moving with a tightened grip on her wrist.  “We’ll handle it.”  His refusal to release her meant a thumb was needed to dial in digits.


Wolf Pack


Characters: Philip; Frederrick; Grace; Lilly; Rose; Ivy; and, a pack of wolves


Nathan had a half-sister called Grace.  She was being hotly-pursued by seventeen lupines snapping or whelping, wildly, at her heels along a dark-wooden corridor lined with medieval armour and assorted weapons and accessories adorning its walls.

  Although the wolves pack was only one-tenth its full strength; and, lacked its Alpha male and female: they harried this young child at full pelt.

  However: Grace was smarter than they were – especially without those Alphas’ guidance coordinating their moves.  Plus: her movements were more feline than that of her simian cousin.  Surely: their stamina could match hers.  Yet: she’d not even broken a sweat.  Her breath was still shallow.  She’d not even engaged that metaphorical third gear – spoken of by her father.

  Still the pack hoped to stay with this child – no matter what.  She was their only hope of outrunning the 3-year-old triplet’s treating them with pending death.  They were aware: this great mansion wasn’t their happy hunting ground.  That: it belonged to that strange creature that lured them within these walls.  They’d been told these creatures weren’t really human.  Although they looked like one: don’t be fooled.  That’s what all the adults said who’d suffered this moment: as you may have guessed; these were only young pups.  At most: the eldest was a teenager.  Surely: it was a silly fable spun to ward these pups away from this great mansion.  So they had to know why.  Curious minds not satisfied with a Father Christmas tale.  This creature fed them.  It housed them.  It cared for them when any got sick.  How could it be true these creatures were monsters?  Others - that looked like these creatures - normally feared wolves.  Surely: it was only out of respect that spared this family from their vicious nature driving them to fill this island with only their kind.

  Sadly: with three of those offspring giving chase; the allusion to personify them with qualities not given to others of their kind had an ironical truth.

  “Hold up!” yelled Philip – when a Hip-Hop ring tone began playing in his ear!  “Answer incoming call!”  It was a voice activated earpiece.  “Ya?”  He kept his vigilant pursuit!

  “Philip, Rebecca.”  The voice belonged to Frederrick.

  “You don’t sound like her!”

  “This isn’t a social call!”

  “What about her?  You lot: slow down!”

  “Are you listening?”

  “I’m listening!”  He then slammed into a wall to break a corner.  “Yeah go on!”  It was the second time he’d hit that corner!

  “It’s Rebecca.”

  Philip was moving!  “I understood that much!”  He needed to keep those girls’ progress in view!  “What about her?”

  “She shot Michael.”

  Philip floundered as if he’d blown a tire: “Game over!” he yelled to the fleeing group.

  They took no notice!  They’d rather complete another circuit of this mansion!  They’d be able to catch him next time round!

  That’s why Philip wasn’t too worried.  He had faith Grace could keep them lupines safe until then.  Their stamina was good for 10 laps.  So he continued onwards with a brisk walk in case of any unforeseen accidents occurring: “How did that happen?” he said – losing sight of his quarry.

  “I’m not a hundred per cent sure on that.  It sounds like an accident.”

  “Is he okay?”

  “He’s dead.”

  “Wow!  And…?”

  “And: I’m dealing with it.”

  “Why would you need to deal with it?  Wasn’t it an accident?”

  “It doesn’t look good.  I’d rather do this on the quiet.”

  “Where is she?”

  “She’s at home.  I can handle it.”

  “And where’s Nathan?”

  “He’s fine.”

  “So there’s nothing for me to worry about, then?”

  “I’ll call you.”

  “You do that.”


Rally Cry


Characters: Nathan and Stefan


In the meanwhile: Nathan had scaled the outside of his best friend’s house.

  “What’s wrong with you?” said Stefan – closing his loft bedroom window behind the teary-eyed boy.

  “I need your help!”  Nathan stepped down from a sofa bed.

  Stefan did not do so.  Instead: he’ll ask; “What have you done?”  He could see the boy was in great distress – more than anything he’d seen before.  “What’s happening?”  He’ll note: Nathan’s jumper had practically unravelled; and, would pull on it.

  “Don’t do that!”  Nathan brushed Stefan’s inspection of that jumper aside.  “I need your help!”

  “To do: what?”

  Nathan curled to clutch his knees: “To: find my father.”

  Stefan wanted to lock eyes.  So he straightened Nathan by the shoulders.


  Eyes locked: “Why?”

  Nathan would not answer.  Instead: he’ll turn to lay a foot onto the sofa bed.

  Stefan stopped him: “Where are you going?”

  “To: find my father.”  Nathan regained his jumper to try again.

  Stefan wasn’t having it: “Where?”  Eyes locked once again.  “Why this very minute?”

  “I have to.”  Again he tried with no success.  “I have to find him before it’s too late!”

  “Before it’s too late for what?”  Stefan had enough and released him!  “What’s happening?”  He’d even allow Nathan to pull on that window he’d closed.  “Why are you here?”

  “Stefan, please!”  Nathan popped his head out of window he’d entered!  “Can you let go, please?” 

  “What is it?” said Stefan – refusing any exit.  “Not until you tell me: what the hell is going on!”

  Nathan really wanted out!

  Stefan really wanted answers!  Hence why he held tight regardless of quality of the home-made garment!  “I can help you!”  He got Nathan’s shoulders back into the room.  “First: you have to tell me what the hell is going on?”

  “Let me go!”  Nathan had forced his torso out the window!

  Stefan could see that jumper wasn’t going to be enough to detain him: “Nathan, you need to calm down!”

  Nathan stopped struggling.  But: he wasn’t going to be freed for it: “They’ve been lying to me.”

  “Who has?”  Stefan had to tug on that jumper to keep him contained!

  Nathan flashed him his eyes: “Everyone has!”  A tear was rolling down a cheek.

  “What have they being lying to you about?”

  “My father!”  Nathan was streaming tears lightly.  “She shot him!”

  “How do you know she shot him?”  Stefan yanked on that jumper a little to get his attention.  “Who told you that?”

  Nathan gripped him: “I saw her do it!”

  “How could you see her do it?  Don’t say you used any psychic ability.”

  “No: I saw it with my own eyes!  He was waiting for us when we got back.”  Nathan slide back onto the sofa bed.  “Stefan.”  He had more tears flowing.  “He was going to tell me something about my father.”  The flood gates opened fully: “Why would she shoot him for that?”  Nathan steadied himself before making a bolt for the open window!

  “Where are you going?”  Stefan had to grab him.

  “I have to go before she comes here looking for me!”

  Stefan still hold of that jumper with very little effect: “Who was waiting for you?”

  “Uncle Mike!”  His hip was nearly ready for that window!

  “Why would she shot him?”

  “She wanted to shut him up!”

  Stefan relented to Nathan’s need for freedom.  But as Nathan exited: he was asked; “So where are you going?”

  He was swatting with one hand holding the ledge of that window with a 30-foot drop awaiting him: “To find my father!”  He let go!

  “But where are we going to find him?”  Stefan was exiting!  “And don’t say: you’ll use the force!”  He’ll have to wait for that climb down to get his answer – he didn’t have any superpowers like Nathan.


Michael’s Corpse


Characters: Rebecca; Frank; Noel; plus, those two operatives have dragged Michael’s corpse into the hallway


In the meantime: that operative who’d volunteered to fetch Nathan had returned empty-handed.  “I can’t find him,” he said – gesturing nothing could be found left or right of this property.

  “You got to find him!” demanded Rebecca – haunting the top of a large staircase.

  “We’ll find him!” replied Frank – closing that front door to force that operative to keep looking.

  “Tell him to have a look down at number 37.”  She was making her way down.  “He might be hiding around there.”

  That mobile came out: “I’ll give him a call.”

  “I confiscated his mobile.”

  “I’m referring to my partner, marm.”  He’d dialled.  The mobile came to his ear: “Just me: go and have a quick butchers at number 37.”

  “What are you going to do with the body?”

  “Don’t worry what I’m going to do.  Do your job.”  He hit cancel.  “He’ll go round there; and, have a look.”

  Rebecca had ventured down to the bottom step: “Tell him: I’m sorry.”  She clung to its banister; and, refused to venture any nearer to that lifeless corpse she’d helped create!

  “Is she okay?” said Frank – referring to the nanny’s earlier departure upstairs.

  “Yes.  What did Frederrick say?”

  “I won’t lie to you marm: he isn’t happy.”

  “What did you tell him?”

  “That he attacked you.”

  “Thank you.”

  “No need for that.  I’m only doing my job.”

  “Still: thank you.”

  “We’ll have him moved, soon.”  But then his phone rang: “Speak.”

  “Open the door!”


  “Open the fucking door!”  That was audible without the mobile before a fist started pounding on the front door!


Blue Lights


Characters: Nathan and Stefan


In the meantime: Stefan - having navigated his way down a drainpipe - had noted blue flashing lights were heading towards Nathan’s house.

  “They’ve probably going to arrest her,” said Stefan to Nathan’s observation of even more police cars illuminating the street.

  “Don’t say that!”

  “Shush!” said Stefan with a shove!  “My mum’s in there!”  The two were crouched beneath the window to a reception room.

  “We better go before they come looking for me.”  Nathan surged forward for a front-yard hedgerow.

  Stefan’s hunched run took twice as long.  “Oh boy!” he’ll say as 2 more police cars roared by the hedgerow.  “This is really off the hook stuff.  I can’t believe it.  It’s like they’ve found a terrorist cell’s safe house.”

  “We got to keep moving,” said Nathan with a hand reaching out to unlatch a gateway.

  “Are you sure it wasn’t you who shot him?”

  “It wasn’t me.”  He skirted out to hit a parked car.

  A shove to continue to the next car would be added with this: “What will you do if they arrest her?”

  “I’ll go and stay with my granddad.”

  “What if they don’t want you to stay with them?”

  “They won’t mind.”  He then gave him a glance over a hood to break the windscreen and back window.  “It’s clear.”

  Stefan wanted to stop that next surge forward: “What if they do mind?”

  “Then I’ll go live with Ruth.”  She was Nathan’s godmother.  “I can’t see your mum taking me in.”

  “I wouldn’t want you living with us!”  He’d follow Nathan’s need to vacate this street.  “I was thinking about one of your aunts?”

  “I don’t trust them.”  A driveway was crossed and a tree found.  “They don’t like my father.”

  Stefan barely heard that.  “That doesn’t mean they don’t like you.”  He’d find that same tree.

  Nathan had gone to belly to reach another; and, then a car by this time: “Why do you care?”

  “You’re aunt Sophie is nice.”

  “You only like her because she gives you money.”

  “That’s not the only reason.”

  “I don’t care!”  Nathan stopped to poke his head around the corner.  “I just want to find my father.”

  Stefan - unsure why - came to a halt slightly further back: “What is it?”

  “Checking the way is clear.”

  “They’re not after us!”  Stefan came forward to join him!  “We didn’t murder anyone!”  He’d take a peek round that corner.  “It’s your mother you need to worry about.”  Satisfied they’d not be compromised: Stefan came upright.

  “How can I help her?” said Nathan doing the same.  “She might go to prison.”  He’d follow Stefan’s lead.

  “I don’t see how she can avoid it!”

  Nathan’s head dropped.  No tears followed it.  But: something had stirred inside.


Rag Doll


Characters: Philip; Grace; Lilly; Rose; Ivy; and, the pack of wolves mentioned, earlier


When Philip caught his daughters on the third floor of that great mansion: at the end of a west wing corridor; Grace had hold of two siblings in a headlock.

  “There you are!” he’ll say – quickening his gait to the squeals and wheals coming from behind the door Grace was guarding!  “What’s going on in there?”

  “They tried to ambush us!”  She wasn’t talking about the wolves.  “These two tried to stop me.”  The two - held dangling by their necks like mere rag dolls - remained motionless.

  “Are they okay?” said Philip – his gait highly concerned by the lifeless image being presented to him.

  “They’re pretending!”  She shook them!  “They heard you coming and went limb!”

  “Don’t shake them like that!  You two: stop playing possum!  Grace, where’s Lilly?”

  “In there!”

  His gait quickened into a run!  “There is no way you did that!”

  “I couldn’t stop her!”  She was pushed aside!  “I only got two hands!”

  “Don’t get smart with me!”  He’d bust that door open to find a whirling ball of fur!  “Game over!”  He’d bellowed that hard and clear!

  Nothing happened!  The mass of fur continued to heave in and out with jaws tearing at its centre!  They only understood two of his commands: din-dins; and, not going to hurt you.  Game over may work on those Alphas and adults.  But: these cubs where no more than unruly children.  Besides: the odds where in their favour.  They only had to deal with a single offspring.  They outnumbered her thirty to one.

  “I said: game over!”  Philip would only scare of half of the pack with that.  “What is wrong with you lot?”  He’d toss a few of those lupines aside.  “Lilly, it’s you!”  Those continuing to maul that lone sibling did so as if he wasn’t there.  “It is you!”

  “It’s not me!” she’ll yell – swiping left and right at this savage attack on her person.  “It’s them!”

  “Stop lying!  I can see you goading them!”

  “What about them?” she said – throwing out a kick that catapulted one of those cubs across the room.

  Philip was forced to kick at another still trying to tear that little infant apart: “I said: game over!”  He pulled two by the coat!  “Let it go!”  That little girl had latched fingers to a throat.  When she obeyed: he used a forearm to fling it aside; and, got the rest to scatter with that.  “Get up!”

  “Serves her right!” said Grace – stationed at the mouth of that room with those two fully animated siblings demanding to be release to join in that fight.

  They kicked frantically as if running on air.  They swung their arms at their captive’s flank; and, bit at the arm still locked around their necks.

  “Grace, don’t be so mean!” said Philip – offering that downed infant a hand.  “They’re starting to turn blue!”

  “Tell them to quit struggling!”

  “This game is over!” he’ll say – pulling that infant to her feet.  “Go and get dressed.”  That was directed to all four.

  “She’s the only one who needs to get dressed,” said Grace – eyes on Lilly’s clothing ripped to shreds.

  “Can you stop that?!”  He wrestled Lilly to the door.  “Haven’t you had enough?!”  He didn’t like the way she was goading the pack to resume their attack on her.  “Look at you!”

  Grace was still refusing to loosen that stranglehold on the two: “Why do we have to get changed?”

  “We’re going out!  Put on your flight suits!”

  Meanwhile: that single infant continued her struggle to go a second round with those lupines.

  “You lot shut up!” said Philip to the pack – keeping a firm grip of that unruly infant.

  Sadly: those lupines couldn’t help respond to her taunts.  They bayed madly she be gone.  They didn’t care if the caregiver was there.

  “It’s balls of steel when she’s all on her own!”

  “Should I let them go?” said Grace – referring to the two in her safe keep.

  “You dare!”  And to prove it: Philip scooped that loose infant up.  “Go get dressed!  Or: I’ll leave you lot, here!”  He then noticed one of those lupines was oozing blood on the highly polished wooden floor.  “What happened to that one?”

  “What are you looking at?”  Grace entered the room to view the mauled animal – only to then shrug her shoulders.

  “I told you to image they were yours.”


Boys In Blue


Characters: Rebecca; Frank; and, Noel


Those police cars - witnessed by them boy’s - were responding to reports of gunshots being fired in the area.  One of them: had its two occupants exiting with its lights still flashing on Nathan’s drive.  One of those two officers even rung on the doorbell and, was soon after, rewarded with a warm smile denying any knowledge of such an incident.

  “I think: they believed me,” said Rebecca – having closed the door on those two officers returning to their ride.

  “Do you think they bought it?” said Noel to Frank – they were in the front lounge spying through its curtains.

  “Only time will tell,” said Frank – pulling back from an officer’s quizzical inspection of mansion’s exterior.

  “They seemed satisfied,” came Rebecca – closing in on the pair.

  “They’ll be back.”

  “Why would you say that?” said Noel – turning to welcome Rebecca’s presence.

  Frank kept his eyes on the officers’ reluctance to climb back into their patrol car: “I don’t think: they liked not being invited in.”

  “I’m entertaining guest!”  She’d used that excuse to them officers.  “I don’t have to let them in.”  Its reiteration justified her refusal to comply; and, that free legal training demanded a search warrant being served!

  Frank - when one of those officers climbed in - focused on Rebecca: “It might have been better to let them in and see for themselves.”

  “How could she do that?” said Noel - that other op.

  “It’s a big house!” said Frank – returning his focus to that patrol car.  “We could have hid the body somewhere.”

  “She would have had to stall them!” said Noel – giving Rebecca a smile.  “You did the right thing.  How are you feeling?”

  “I feel fine,” she said – wanting Frank’s eyes; and, not getting it.  “They can’t be sure what happened; or, where those shots came from.  Otherwise: they’d not be making enquires about it.”

  Frank kept his eyes on the outside: “We need a place to put him until he be collected.”

  “It’ll be okay where it is.”  Rebecca couldn’t see them getting a search warrant to enter her home.  “You guys go and relax.”

  Noel - sensing Frank’s frustration - asked him: “How long before they get here?”

  “I doubt it’ll happen before their return.”  He had his eyes on that second officer, finally, climbing into the patrol car.  “That one doesn’t like it.”

  “They better not come back!” demanded Rebecca.  “I can’t tell them anything more than I have done.”

  “They could have been directed here by someone.”  Frank had kept his focus on the patrol car.  Then he turned it to Rebecca: “Doubt they’d be acting like that on the off chance this was the place.”

  “You could stick him in there.”  She referred to a bow cabinet in the corner of that lounge.  “There’s only DVD’s and CD’s in it.”  That would be the bottom section with its two large curved doors.

  Frank turned to Noel: “Go have another look for that boy.”

“They might try and tug me for it.”

  “Give it here.”  He’d asked for his gun.  “You haven’t done anything.”

  Noel would have to remove his jacket to surrender his holstered firearm.


Blue Murder


Characters: Nathan and Stefan


Stefan had pinned Nathan against a thick hedge at the end of yet another street: “Are you crazy?”

  Nathan’s jumper could take little more: “What would you have me do?”

  “You don’t have to do that!”

  “I do!”

  “Why do you?”

  “There is more to me than meets the eye.  I’ve been blind.  Now I can see.”

  “Stop talking like your father.  You’re not your father.  What did he say happened to him?”

  “He didn’t get the chance to say anything.  She shot him dead without saying a word.”

  “What just like that?!”

  “Yes.”  Said with a slim stream flowing - he couldn’t help it.  “He was executed.  She gunned down like a cold-blooded killer.”

  “Cut that out: crying doesn’t make your lies true.  Swear on your mother’s life: she shot him in cold blood!”

  “I swear on everyone’s life!  He didn’t do anything to her.  He was just trying to tell me something about my father.  I think: he was going to tell me; he’s still alive.”

  “That’s impossible!  Why would she do that?  You better not be fucking lying!”

  “I swear: I’m not!”

  “He’s not alive!”  He’d release Nathan with a shove!  “She must have something to hide.  Something the two shared intimate knowledge of.  You know what I’m talking about.”

  Nathan reminded embraced by that hedge that entangled the back of his frayed jumper: “No.”

  “He wouldn’t confess to killing him.  He could only confess to her killing him.”

  Nathan clambered free: “I can’t believe she’d do that.”

  “Nathan: this isn’t a game!”

  “I know!”

  “Accept it: your father can’t be alive!”

  “She acted like she’d killed before.  She didn’t even weep or anything.  Stefan: you should have seen the look in her eyes.  It was like he was going to say something horrible.  I’m scared you might be right.  It might not be me she was trying to protect.”

  “If: you accept your father is dead; why would you go looking for him?”

  “I need to be sure.”

  “How can you do that?  Why hasn’t he tried to get in contact with you?  He can’t be alive.  It has to be something else.”

  “I have to be sure.”

  “I’ve seen her talk about your father.  She loved him, dearly.  I don’t think she could have killed him; and, speak like that. Something fishy was going on between her and your uncle.  They weren’t just good friends.  It was like she had no choice in it.  That’s why I kept ragging on him.  I saw it in her eyes.  Saying that: he never had a bad word to stay about him – other than him being a womaniser; and, incapable of love.  I think: he needed to believe that to justify his endless pursuit of your mother.”

  “I still don’t understand what you mean by that.”

  “Nathan, I’ve been trying to tell you: your mum didn’t really like him that much.  He was trying to force himself on her.  I could see it in her eyes when he said: he’d be coming round on any certain day.  It was like she had no say in the matter – like they were already married.  I thought: he being your godfather had something to do with it.  But this says there is something more sinister going on.  I hate to say it: they could have bumped him off together. God: this is so bad.  Man: I feel sorry for you.  Whatever they’re hiding from you: it can’t be good.”

  “It must be something really bad to kill him like that.”

  “Your father could have gone the say way.”

  “She warned him not to.  Why didn’t he listen; and, speak to me alone?”

  “Look sharp!”  Stefan gave a nod to a police car pulling out of yet another drive.  “Let’s get out of here.”


Crying Wolf


Characters: Philip; Grace; Lilly; Rose; Ivy; and, a six-month old pup


Meanwhile: Philip kicked open a door to reveal a veterinarian’s table; he’d replaced that infant child for that injured lupine.  “Sorry boy.”  He’d knocked the cub’s head against a door jab.  “See what happens when you lot play too rough!”

  Those triplets could see daddy wasn’t happy.

  Hence why as that lupine was laid down: the accused screamed at the doorway; “I didn’t do it!”

  Philip had been deliberately ignoring this child since abandoning her to admit guilt.  He wanted a first aid box fitted to a wall: he could ignore her no longer; “Stop lying, child!”

  “I’m not lying!”

  He stopped to find the infant breaking tears: “Your crocodile tears are best served on your mother.”

  Another yell was required to top that: “I didn’t do it!”

  That only reminded him of his task: “Keep lying.”  He needed to patch that lupine before its parents discovered what happened here!  “You must take me for a fool.”  He’d flick that medical box open.  “You were the only one in the room!”

  “One of the other dogs must have done it!”

  That box had a combination lock: “Explain why they’d do that!”  He’d halt securing it to listen for any explanation.  “You got nothing.”  This was an outrage!

  Lilly held her tongue for a few seconds more before softly saying: “They could have been trying to establish a pecking order.  It wanted my arm all to itself.”

  Philip had removed a roll of bandage and a bottle of spirit: “Say sorry; and, I’ll try and forgive you.”  He kept his back to her.

  She’d been awarded a false sense of anonymity.  Her word and dignity was on the line: “No!”  That animal had not suffered at her hands.  She only wanted her arm back.  It had refused to let go.  She did nothing wrong.

  Philip turned with those items in hand to find the face of that defiant child: “Say sorry!  I’m not fucking playing!  So help me god: your mother won’t be able to save you from my disappointment.  You’re welcome to find out what that will entail!  I’ll take you all on.  If: you think; I’m not scared of you: think again!”

  “I didn’t do it!”  It wasn’t a yell.  “Why should I say sorry?”  That was said with no fear!

  “I’ll give one last chance to reeling in my anger.”

  “It wasn’t me.”

  “You asked for this!”  He’d turn to attend to that injured cub: “I wish: I had caught you in the act.”  He ripped at a plastic sheet encasing that roll of bandage: “You’d be sorry then.”

  “You’d be the one who’d be apologising!”

  “Don’t make me prove you did this!”  He was going for a cloth.  “I’ll drag it out so long that you’d get a bill so high you’d never be able to afford another sweet as long as you live.”

  “You’d be billing yourself for wasting your time.”

  “Don’t talk to me!”  He had that cloth!  “You can’t be saved.”  He even flashed that white cloth to shoo her.  “I got better things to do than hear your lies.”  He’d finally give up on you!  “Be gone!”

  “You never believe anything I say!”

  Philip shook his head and went to attend to his patient: “I could take a moulding of your teeth!”

  “Why would you do that?”

  “That way: I can match this bite to yours!”

  “How will you alter the evidence to show that?”

“There won’t be any need to do that!”

  “You’d have to: I didn’t do it!”

  “You’ve forgotten the golden rule about lying.”

  “You can’t disprove what I say: I’m not lying.”

  “You are a deceitful child: that is commonly understood.  You all love lie too much!  Your mum’s right!  She said: you’d turn those words upon me, one day; and, you have.  You’ve betrayed that one-grain of trust I had in you all.  I only ask for the truth: nothing more.  But know you want to treat me like a stranger.  Why do you want to play silly games with my emotion?  You know what I’m like.  Are you sure you can help this?  Two can play at that fucking game!”

  “I didn’t do it!”

  “I can’t hear you!”

  So she hollowed a reverberating roar to ensure he did: “I didn’t do it!”

  “Still can’t hear you!”


Rock A Buy Baby


Characters: Rebecca; Nathan’s nanny; Frank; and, Noel


Rebecca had shown the guys where to put her collection of entertainment disc to remove any suspicion within that room should another caller seek entry.  She’d ventured upstairs as they got to work: “I need you to stay by the phone,” she’ll say to that nanny.

  Still rocking and knitting: “Where will you be?”

  “I’m going to find my son!”

  “Is Michael still here?”

  “An ambulance is on its way.  They’ll let themselves out – just listen for the phone.”

  “Am I to be left here alone with it?”

  “Do you want to go and look for him; and, I stay by the phone?”

  “He won’t call.  This will not have a happy ending.”

  “Don’t put your ugly mouth on this.  If: you’d done your job probably to begin with; none of this would have happened.”

  “Child: I hope; you’re not trying to blame me for all this.”

  “That will be the last time you call me child.  I’m not your child: you’re meant to be Nathan’s nanny.  You don’t even do that.”

  “That boy only lives because of me.”

  “Stay by the phone!”  She was off!  She’d not speak again until that downstairs hallway was reached: “I’m popping out.”

  “Where are you going, Miss?” said Noel – prompted by Frank to inquire further.

  “I have to find my son.”

  “We’ve told your father-in-law we’d keep you here until this has been resolved.  He has people out looking for your son as we speak.  There’s no need for you to add yourself to his worry.”

  “He isn’t her father-in-law!”  Frank had followed him out into the hallway.  “But he has informed us to keep you here, marm.  He is sending people into the area to conduct a search.  That ambulance will be here soon.  You should relax.  It’ll all be over very soon.”

  “I was handling it,” said Noel – nicely put – before returning the floor to Frank.

  “I need to find my son!” she said – eyes turning to that front door.

  Frank came forward to bar her from it: “You tell us where to go; and, we’ll get someone to check it out.”

  “We as in me,” said Noel – turning for that lounge door.

  “Did I mention you by name?  I said: someone!”


Expense Account


Characters: Nathan and Stefan


Stefan and Nathan had cleared the immediate area; and, were traversing a long road towards a main A-road leading them to the only form of transport they could think of.

  “You got any money on you?” inquired Stefan.

  “I’ve got £14.27.”

  “I spy with my little eyes something beginning with P.”

  “I saw it before you.”  He referred to a police car parked with all its lights off.  “That’s the second we’ve seen just sitting there.”

  “Ignore them.”

  “They’re looking at us.”

  “We didn’t do it.  How are we going to get there?”

  “We could catch a taxi?”

  “You don’t have enough for us to catch a taxi.”

  “We can go by train.  We got enough for that.”

  “It’s that; or, the bus.”

  “Oy!” said the driver of that police car stationed on the other side of the road.

  “Wha’?” replied Stefan.

  “Come here.”

  “Stay here!”  Stefan laid a hand to Nathan chest to halt him before crossing in-between parked cars.  “What do you want?”

 “Come here!”

  Stefan crossed the black tar river to close the gap between them: “What is it?”

  “Don’t give me any attitude, lad!  What are you doing around here?”

  “I live around here.”


  “Down there.”  He pointed down that street they were on.

  “Where down there?”

  “Number 37: why?  What have we done?”

  “You tell me; and, I’ll tell you whether or not it’s illegal.”

  “We haven’t done anything – except talk to you.”

  “Why you painted up like a girl?”

  “You don’t see many girls – do you?”

  “Less lip: have you heard anything unusual in the last half hour or so?”

  “No.  Like what?”

  “Like anything unusual.”


  “Where have you come from?”


  “And what number was that?”

  “Number 37.”

  “Where are you going?”

  “Take my cousin home.”

  “What’s your name and don’t get smart?  I’d drive you down there to check?”

  “Stefan Wallace.”

  “What’s your cousin’s name?”

  “Nathan Wallace.”


  Nathan stepped forward.

  “Why are you bothering us?  This isn’t an inner city council estate.”

  “Run along.”

  “I’m not even wearing a hood.”

  “Don’t get funny with me, lad!  I said: run along.  Or: I’ll nick ya!”

  “Nick me for what?”  Stefan mumbled that on his departure.  He’d shoo Nathan to return to the pavement.  “We’re free to go.”


There You Go


Characters: Philip; Grace; Lilly; Rose; Ivy; and, that injured pup.


Philip was at a hand basin within that veterinarian office: “You lot ready, yet?”

  Grace made her reply through an intercom system: “We’re coming!”

  “I’m ready.”  He then shook his hands before going to a paper towel dispenser.  “I’m counting to ten.”  He’d pulled two sheets loose.  “You sleep.”  That was to his patient.  “I’ll be back soon.”

  Meanwhile: the girls could be heard bolting through that great mansion!

  “Who’ll be the lucky one?”  The last one, normally, had to ride in the front with him – only boredom awaited that poor soul.

  Their speed increased with their growls growing louder before a tumble and crashing thud was heard.

  “Where’s Grace?” said Philip – when those triplets broke at that door mouth.

  “She fell!” said Lilly.

  “You pushed me!”  Grace had appeared briefly at the door mouth before latching onto that same infant to drag away.  “I’m going to kill you.”

“Grace, let your sister go!”

  “She pushed me!”

  “It wasn’t me!”  She’d freed herself.  “Did I push her?”  She’d scooted into the vet surgery room and the safety of her father.

  “No!” said another of those triplets – Ivy was her name.

  “Then: it was you who pushed me!”  Grace gripped that child by chest!  “One of you is dead.”

  “It wasn’t’ me!”  Ivy looked to Rose.  “Did I push her?”

  “No,” said the last triplet pushed into this world.

  Grace released Ivy go with a shove!“One of you pushed me!”

  Philip looked at the triplet who’d denied that assault on the cub: “Was it you?”

  She was at his feet seeking protection: “It wasn’t me!”

  Grace was coming forward.

  “It’s never you, Lilly.”  Philip waved Grace to retreat.

  “I didn’t do it!”

  “Grace, you’re with me.”

  “But they cheated!”

  “Be grateful of that lesson.  They showed your footing was unstable.  Learn from it.”

  “Daddy!” cried Rose.

  “What do you want?”

  “Grace punched me!”  She began to rub her back!

  “No I didn’t.”

  Philip wasn’t too sure of that: “You flinched.”  At the time: he’d turned to wrap things up.

  “I thought: you were ready to go.”

  “Grace, I’m not playing with you.  Don’t!  You could hurt them, internally.  I mean it.”

  “I didn’t do anything.”

  Philip looked to that girl still in pain: “Rose, are you lying?”

  “No.”  She was pulling at her pressure suit: “Look!”  There was fist imprinted on it.

  “That was earlier when they were fighting in my room.  I was getting dressed.  I told them to get out.  They wouldn’t listen.”

  “Get moving!”  He’d shove Lilly from his feet.  “You lot give me a headache!”


Mother To Mother


Characters: Rebecca and Mrs Wallace


When the front door of the Wallace household opened: Rebecca asked whether or not Nathan was there.

  “I’m sorry, no.  What’s going on?  Is there something wrong?”

  “I was wondering if I could have a quick word with your son.”

  “Why would you want to speak to my son?”

  “He might know where my son could have got to.”

  “Yes if it’ll help.  Has he runaway?”

  “Yes.  He was upset about our idea of keeping them apart.  He says: he still wants him as a friend.”

  “I’ll go get my son.”  And off she went to return with this: “He’s not there!”

  She was inside the hallway when that was said: “Do you think they’re together?”

“He didn’t say anything to me.  I didn’t see even him leave.  He’s meant to be grounded.  He might have snuck out to meet with him.”

  “Where would they go?”

  “I wouldn’t know.  Why would your son want to runaway over a thing like that?  Why has he dragged my son into it?”


Escaping The Scene


Characters: Nathan and Stefan


The two boys had reached a main A-road: they saw no more sleeping policemen since that last.  But just then - while searching for a reason to continue - three more police vehicles greeted the corner they were on before cutting their emergency lights and sirens.

  “She might have gone on the run,” said Stefan when the last of those vehicles made that turn.

  “Should we go back?”

  “There’s nothing you can do to help her.”

  “She might try and resist arrest,” said Nathan – noting a nod from Stefan had highlighted a slow moving ambulance cutting for that same corner.

  The ambulance - no flashing lights or siren wailing - still trundled slowly on straightening that corner: “He must be dead.”  Stefan continued to watch it.  “There is a curse on your family.”

  “Why would you say that?”

  “You great grandfather and grandmother; your father; your godfather; and, now your mother will be taken in a violent fashion.”

  “Will they shoot her?”

  Stefan sighted: “That last car was an armed response vehicle.”

  Nathan was making that face again.  It meant tears might flow next.

  Stefan placed a hand on his shoulder: “Say: he attacked her.”

  “He didn’t.”

  “That’s for the police to dispute.  They might want to talk to you about it.”

  “I don’t want to talk to them.”

  “You’ll have no choice.  What will you say?”

  “I have to tell them the truth.”

  “You can’t tell them the truth!?  Don’t be silly!  You don’t have to tell them anything!  The truth will get your mother in a lot of trouble.  Is that what you want?”

  “Why did she have to shoot him?”

  “Only she can answer that question.  What to go back and try and find her before they do?  You two need to get your story straight.”

  “My nanny saw it.”

  “She lies for you all the time.  She won’t say anything to hurt your family.”

  “I’m scared.”

  “There’s nothing to be scared of.  It’s your mum or your dad?  We don’t have long.”

  Nathan turned from the dual carriageway that would lead them to a mainline train station: “I have to know the truth.”


Black Bird


Characters: Philip; Grace; Lilly; Rose; and, Ivy


Inside a prototype jet plane: Philip was buckled in the pilot’s seat with Grace strapped alongside him in the co-pilot’s seat; “Can you please shut up back there!”  He was talking to the triplets making a racket in a rear compartment.  “Another raised voice; and, none of you will be allowed to play it.”  He was pushing buttons on a consul to prep for takeoff!  “That’s my final warning!”

  “Rose won’t let me play!”

  “Rose, leave Lilly alone.  I saw her with it first.”

  “We’re playing it together.”

  “Then play nicely.”

  “Where we going?” inquired Grace – arms folded like all those blessed this way.

  “I have to find someone.”

  “Find who?”

  “Never mind who?”

  “Where are we going?”

  “I just told you.”

  “No you didn’t.”

  “Sorry I didn’t.  We are going to England.  Everyone: hold on.”

  There was then a rumble as a night sky was unveiled: “Do that again!” yelled Lilly.

  “Daddy, Lilly’s biting me!”

  “Lilly, let your sister go; or, you can swap places with Grace.”

  “I’m not doing anything!”  Yet: she spoke with her mouth full.

  “If: I turn round; and, find you’re lying: I’ll never believe any words that spring from your mouth.”

  “Look then!”  Her voice was unhampered.

  “I’ll just have to trust you.”

  Whoosh went that jet plane!

© Copyright 2017 Devlin Brown. All rights reserved.


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