Chronicles of the dead:The Romero files (book One)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Final Chapter

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Submitted: October 18, 2012



One such scouting party is taking a break in clearing in woods....
Coffee and Cathy are captured before they relize danger..

Gunny was tired...tired of killing.....tired of avoiding the living.....tired of killing the already dead....tired of always being on the edge..(relaxing resulted in accidents which usually meant getting yourself dead)
For days.....Gunny had wandered south..killing any deaduns he found.He let his military instincts and training control him and he became more machine than man......but even a machine needs fuel and maintenance. Gunny had been pushing himself hard and to fast without decent rest. He knew he needed to join with others to survive and was suprised at his eagerness to talk to someone...anyone. Now he was several miles from a city,following a two lane country road.Walking along the edge of the road,deep in thought,senses on automatic,he was off the road into the trees before he relized the noises he was hearing were human.....Adrenalin flowing he moved deeper into the trees and moved towards the voices in in the distance.
Senses alert he slowly neared the sounds of several people and could see a fire burning in a clearing.he moved a little closer and could see several men standing and sitting around a fire on the far side of the clearing from him. On cat feet,he moved to within about fifteen feet of the men and paused to watch and listen..

More mutters of agreement.....and another man spoke
One man lifted a bottle of whiskey and took a long pull from it. The man lowered the bottle and wiped his other hand across his mouth while handing the bottle to the man beside him and spoke.....Hell maybe we should ask our new friend to join us..
A general mutter of assent from the group around him...Damn right! He continued
It s time we got some of the fresh meat,instead of wore out hand me downs!!
Another man muttered Hell..Last one I had was more dead than alive ..a waste of time.....
Gunny,curious,strained to look around the clearing to determine who the group was talking about.........

More mutters of agreement.....and another man spoke What about her friend?
FUCK-IM! Let the black bastard watch while we FUCK his old lady !
Yeahs and Damrights and more threats from the men as they continue to pass the bottle around...
Gunny knew trouble was brewing for someone,he moved back into the shadows and began to circle the clearing,looking for the subjects of their conversation.Noticing a slight movment at the far side of the clearing,he moved closer,keeping a close watch on the group around the fire,and saw two people tied to a tree,moving closer he could see a black man and a white woman huddeled close,whispering to each other......Gunny looked back at the group by the fire and contiued to move closer to the tree.Cont

Coffee moved close enough to the clearing to see that none of the men were inclined to find them at the moment.He looked for sign of the man that had freed them ... seeing none,he turned to move back to Cathy.....felt a hand cover his mouth and felt his feet swept from under him.Thudding to the ground,the hand was removed as he heard a fierce whisper in his ear..  When I say stay put I mean stay put....I damn near snapped your neck!
I....I m sorry....I just wanted to help
No harm done this time...where s the woman? Gunny asked
At the you said......
Ok Gunny grunted...Stay with me and we ll fetch her and blow before those silly fuckers back there regroup.
A chagrinned Coffee followed the man to the pile of boulders...

Yeahs and Damrights and more threats from the men as they continue to pass the bottle around...
Gunny knew trouble was brewing for someone,he moved back into the shadows and began to circle the clearing,looking for the subjects of their conversation.Noticing a slight movment at the far side of the clearing,he moved closer,keeping a close watch on the group around the fire,and saw two people tied to a tree,moving closer he could see a black man and a white woman huddeled close,whispering to each other......Gunny looked back at the group by the fire and contiued to move closer to the tree
Coffee moved close enough to the clearing to see that none of the men were inclined to find them at the moment.He looked for sign of the man that had freed them ... seeing none,he turned to move back to Cathy.....felt a hand cover his mouth and felt his feet swept from under him.Thudding to the ground,the hand was removed as he heard a fierce whisper in his ear..  When I say stay put I mean stay put....I damn near snapped your neck!
I....I’m sorry....I just wanted to help
No harm done this time...where’s the woman? Gunny asked
At the you said......
Ok Gunny grunted...Stay with me and we’ll fetch her and blow before those silly fuckers back there regroup

A chagrinned Coffee followed the man to the pile of boulders...


Coffee and Gunny were barricaded inside a small building...surounded by dozens  of Deaduns..all of them fighting to enter  the building  and reach  the living humans trapped inside.The two men had retreated to the top floor of the building...entering a small room they quickly used what furniture was in the room to block the only door into the room........but they both knew it was only a matter of minutes before the crowd of deaduns would find them and force their way into the room........Gunny crossed the room and used the butt of his rifle to smash the window and look out.....and down only to see several deaduns stumbling around in the narrow alley below...looking across at the building next door he could see there was no way they could cross without a rope.....Gunny looked over to his young friend..busy lodging evry item he could find into any hole around the door entrance....a futile attempt to stop the deaduns sure to locate them at any minute......
Looks like we make a stand way across and a alley full of them.....
 Coffee looked at the grim faced man beside him and said,
" Words Sundance.."
"HUH?" the puzzled marine asked
sorry,gunny,i guess you never saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.....
No,can t say I have,Coffee,....what bout it?
Coffee explained..Butch and Sundance were two western bankrobbers.....they fled the law and went to bolivia........the Bolivian army caught up with them in a small town...they two of them were in a small cantina surrounded by a few hundred soldiers demanding their surender.......and Butch and the Kid...take it to em!
Gunny leaned in close to Coffee and shouted into his face..
Coffee...paled and stepped back..hanging his head he softly mumbled..
Aw Gunny...I just figured that you and me together could handle most anything
.....most anything at all......

Gunny steps closer to a window for a better look..and is elated to see two men in military garb............
What is it Gunny?
The Green Machine ! Is what it is !
The who..?
The fucking calvary,kid ! The fucking fat lady ain t done singing here yet!... you hold those dead fuckers back as best as you can...give me a minute to work something out.
I ll do my best...just don t take to long....

Gunny looked at the nervous young man,nodded and turned toward the window.
Gunny turned from the windowYeah kid....
Can I say it..?
A puzzled expression crossed Gunny s face as he asked...Say what ?
You know.....your Mantra !!
Then Gunny knew what he meant.....he glanced towards the attic entrance and back at the young man........Sure ki....sure mantra is your mantra !
Coffee looked back at the marine....understood what the marine really meant,using his name for the first time and do what you got to do....I ll make sure you get the time !
Coffee turned to face the attic entrance,checked his weapon looked back at the entrance and firmly spoke LET S ROCK
Sure kid, Gunny answered,as he turned back to the window he used his weapon to shatter the window and clear it of any sharp shards of glass.Leaning out the window he shouted across to the men on the oposite roof. Damn glad to see you guys...will save thanks for later
Gordon and tillman were making about their fifth recon of the building perimeter and both jumped at the sound of breaking glass,looking across the alley they saw a,by god, a milatary man,another grunt,lean out the window,and call out to them.moving to a spot directly across from the grunt they conferred and began making plans for getting the grunt and aperantly another man across to the safety of their roof.Gordon ran across the roof to a pile of window washer equipment they had found earlier and began to struggle with a rope they had seen entangled within the mound.Tillman stayed at the roof edge looking for a secure spot to tie the rope when Gordon brought it back.....Hearing gunfire from acroos the alley  Tillman returned to the roof edge and saw the grunt return to the window to speak
"I hope you guys have found something to help us out...we got a few more minutes maybe then theres gonna be more damn dead fuckers than we can handle......"
Tillman glanced over his shoulder to see Gordon win his struggle with the entangled rope and begin running across the roof trying to untangle rope as fast as possible. Tillman called across to Gunny that a rope was on the just hang on for a few more minutes....Gunny responded calmy saying a few more minutes is all they had.....Tillman saw Gunny look back into the room and say something to whoever was in there....looking back at Tillman Gunny shouted "hurry up" and he then disapered from view.Tillman now heard the sound of 2 weaapons being fired as Gordon came to a stop beside him...they quickly secured the rope to some pipes running across the roof and coile the remaing roof for a attempt to throw rope across to the waiting guys now involved in a full scale gun battle Gordon and Tillman anxiously waited for someone to come to the window eral more shots were heard..then a explosion made them jump......a few seonds later Gunny apeared in the window....."any luck?" he asked....then nodded his head seeing the coiled rope in one of the mans hands....Gunny turned his head to address the other man with him..."Coffee we'r getting out of here...hold them for a few more seconds ..when i holler dont waste time..just get over to the window and be ready to leave....."  Gunny turned back to shout across to the other guys that he was ready.....the guy holding the rope fed some out and began swinging it back and release it in a toss across the alley..all the men cursed watching the rope fall short of Gunny's reach...the man with the rope hurredly recoled the rope for another toss as Gunny hollered that the next toss had to be it ..they were fast running out of time...Hearing a break in the gunfire behind him he heard Coffee swaring and telling Gunny to hurry..he was almost out of ammo..and could'nt hold the deaduns back much longer....Gunny looked back across the roof and saw the rope guy was ready for another toss.....Gunny leaned out as far as he could and told the rope guy to give it his best shot...and watced as the man wound it up and released  the coiled rope in a high arc across the open space....Gunny's heart froze,he just knew the rope was going to fall short again...he stretched,nearly losing his grip and concentrated on the rope uncoiling and flying thru the air towards him...Gunny made a desperate lunge and surprised himself by snatching the end of the rope..And not falling out of window to the alley several floors below.
Tillman saw Gunny grab the rope and he hollered over to say that this end of the rope was well secured...just get their butts out of there and join them in safety  on their roof.
Gunny secured the rope around his waist,removed two grenades from his belt and turned to shout at Coffee...."Coffee i'm tied to a rope as soon as i say run...drop your gun, run across the room and jump on me..wrap your arms and legs tight cus we are going out  the window we'll swing across and slam into the wall across the alley..itll be a hard hit so hold on soon as y drop your gun and clear the doorway be quick cus these two grenades are going over your head and into the doorway..."
Coffee glanced around to see how Gunny was positioned at the window...looked back thru the doorway..and shouted...."ok as soon as i empty my  clip ill be ready."
Gunny agreed and looked back across the alley and shouted.."get ready we're coming across.."
Gunny turned to Coffee and screamed..."NOW COFFEE...."
Coffee switched his rifle to full auto and stood firing at full auto into the mass of deaduns outside the room clamering to force their way inside after the two men The last 30 shells in the rifle did a lot of damage...he actually permantly dispached 2 of the deaduns...with lucky head shots...but there were more clambering over the now dead deaduns...they were just knocked about..but they  continued to grab crawl,pull themselves always forward.Coffee's rifle ran out of ammo so he threw the rifle at the feet of the two deaduns trying to get thru the door causing them to stumble and fall back into the hallway....Coffee turned and crouced a little as he moved across the room ..he relized that Gunny had just tossed the two grenades aver his head and threw the doorway,he knew he was seconds away from a large explosion.Coffee threw himself across the room and jumped towards Gunny waiting with one leg hanging out the window.Coffee flew thru the air and slammed into Gunny,the forse of him slamming into Gunny forced them both thru the window and out into the air just as a huge explosion went off in the room behind them.Coffee barely had time to wrap his arms around Gunny when the force of the explosin hit them...throwing them hard across the alley into the wall opisite...Just before they slammed into the wall Coffee felt Gunny wrap his legs around his waist and then they slammed into the wall,knocking the air from both of them..they bounced off the wall as debre bounced and fell all around they again slammed into the wall and hanging there against it.....Coffee coughed and felt himself slip  as Gunny reached with one hand to grab his belt and pull him up so Coffee could also grab onto the rope.They hung there faces inches apart Gunny coughed and cleared his throat..
"Ok Sundance i got you....your not gonna fall.....

Paulie decides to help Cathy ....once she was returned to prison..she was left in a small holding cell gaurded by two men....paulie sneaks in uses a silenced pistol to kill the two gaurds and releases Cathy and leads her out of prison and helps her meet up with Travis s group.
Paulie saw Cooper return to the prison with the female captive,her arrival caused quite a stir within the male ranks  because women were in short supply..espially one as atractive as Cathy was.Paulie had long since relized that he was in the wrong place ,involved with the wrong people....and he now had a better than good reason to leave...he knew deep inside he could not allow to happen what would happen to the captured woman.....He hung around at the fringe of the crowd and heard Cooper tell two men to take her to a room and stay with her until Swan wanted mto see her.
Paulie returned to his cramped room and began to prepare for what he had to do.....he pulled open a drawer and removed a pistol that he checked making sure it was loaded..sticking the gun into his belt on his back..he dug into the drawer and grinned...pulling a lead sap out.......he shrugged on a light jacket and placed the sap in a rear another drawer he found a buck knife that he was profficient at a fast snap open......He looked around the room and sighed,sad that he now had so little (nothing) that he could carry all that he wanted in his pockets.
Paulie knew he had to act quickly....before anyone called for the girl.... he left his room and carefully made his way to the room he knew the female was being held.Looking both ways to make sure the corridor was clear he lightly rapped on the door.A moment later the door cracked open and he told the man that he was here to get the girl ready for Swan.The gaurd opened the door to admit Paulie as Paulie passed he reached into his pocket for the sap quickly he spun and sapped the guy who opened the door that guy hit the ground out cold
...Paulie grabbed for the gun at his back and drew down on the suprised gaurd by the woman..

cooper vows to return paulie and cathy
Cooper stared at the dead guards, the blood spattered room....and the open door at the end of the hall. He turned to the man behind him to give him instructions....Get word to Swan....tell him ..his stoolie..NO...his pigeon has flown the coop and taken our guest with him.....tell Swan NOT to worry......tell him I will take care of our escapees....

paulie and cathy found by gunny,coffee,gordan,and tillman

Paulie paused a moment to lean against a tree and catch his thing he knew a hand was over his mouth a knife at his throat and a voice wispering in his ear..
It s a good thing that girl is not hurt..because of that you may live...for now..

Gordan and Tillman led the group into the woods Gunny hung back at the edge of the woods,he stopped and looked back in the direction they had come from and opened up his senses.....felt the presence of a threat.......shook his head,he moved a few steps into the clearing and spoke in a low but easily heard growl....Get to close...and you may make me DON T want to make me MAD !!
Gunny took a long scan of the clearing,nodded hisa head,turned and melted into the shadows of the forest...

cooper follows
Cooper watched the group from  deep within the dark shadows of the woods He had inspected the group and decided he could easily return to the camp and have several men help him capture the whole grooup........THEN he saw a man unoticed untill now,move into the clearing pause and then spoke...... Hearing the low growling voice .. And the few words...and Cooper knew that this man would be trouble...major trouble.. Cooper glanced back at the man and a chill raced down his spine... The guy was GONE disapeared into the woods... Cooper stared at the spot but could see no movement .. He jerked at the sound of a snapping branch and he fearfully looked around.....

coffee and cathy
Coffee woke with a grunt and sat up to check that they were still safe

father rueben starts fanatical group

Father ruben and his followers set up shop at a local high school.Classrooms were emptied of unesary chairs and desks and converted into dorm rooms.other rooms  were used for storage and prayer rooms. The huge gymnasium was designed and used as a test for the faithful. The gym had been converted into a huge maze,full of intricate corridors that twisted and turned ...dead ends...blind alleys.
Scattered thru-out the maze was a dozen or so deaduns.stumbling endlessly thru the maze.
If one entered and actually survived to find the exit.....then they were considered true believers and one of God s chosen ones.
Few who entered...survived.
Father Ruben also used it as a way to punish any who questioned him. The maze could be viewed from a catwalk high above in the rafters of the gym

Scattered thru-out the maze was a dozen or so deaduns.stumbling endlessly thru the maze
one man about to be forced into the maze uses his knowledge of a missile silo to bargan his way out of the maze

hears rumors of missile silo  wants bomb to be 'hand of god'

Jackson Smith was a walking arsenal.....naked,he was as dangerous as any ten men. Geared for war,he was as lethal as any company of men...the man just looked bad....and now he looked like a nigger with a bad atitude...who had just robbed a gun store.
Jackson was proud of himself....proud to be a man.....proud to be a black man..proud of his abilities....
Call me a badass nigger....he thought cuz I bad ass motherfuckin nigger....and im ready to do some ass stomping.....
Jackson knew his place in the new world and that he had only one purpose in this new world of living and living dead....he would help any of those living that he could....but his main goal was to kill.....kill those already dead.....and make sure they stayed dead.
Armed to the teeth,and then some,he searched for the dead and destroyed them with extreme prejiduce,sometimes almost gleefully,any and all deaduns he could find.
He traveled alone,never staying in one area very long,restless and always on the move he found many survivors...some he helped as well as he could..some he found that were no better than the deaduns ....human scavengers living off the struggling survivors...these he had no remorse in killing also.
He was always on the move,city to city,town to town .....hit and run and searching for more deaduns to destroy.
Jackson began hearing rumors of a city that was controlled by a priest and his followers......rumors of a city that all the inhabitants were controlled by a religous fanatic using his own version of religion.......
Jackson travels to city and learns that a group has already left to find silo..he follows them and trails them to silo staying behind and out of sight..preferring to observe and then decide what best next to do

Jackson was one patient motherfucker......for several days now,he had maintained a fair distance behind the different groups of people ahead of him.He had been following the different groups for long enough that he knew more about some of them than they did themselves.

The first few days he tracked and learned who was what....the small group  ahead of all others was headed for a definite location......the second larger group was following...yet not trying to overtake the first group,,,,,,at least not yet....
.the last....much larger group was the most dangerous(the religous nuts )  ............there were some  living he crossed paths with that he would give help if possible....but those others........the fanatics with the crazy priest....or those following the ex sheriff ....they were rated kust above the deaduns....maybe worse ...because those people preyed on their own kind........and left their victums to the deaduns sure to follow behind before long.
The deaduns he put down with little thought.....with deaduns there was NO right or wrong.......just the souless need for living tissure especially brain tissue..Jackson mostly used his machete...saving on swift swing and headless dead deadun....however with the living scum of the earth...he suprisingly wanted to be more mercifull.....but often was so disgusted with the etrocity of their actions.....he felt it was only justice to show them that retribution was still alive in the world.............and retributions name was Jackson.

At times he even felt sorry for the deaduns.......

Jackson was making his way slowly into the silo....entering the first room Jackson muttered to himself "come out come out wherever you are you dead sombitches,ally ally all in free...come on i can blow your motherfuckin dead brains out....put you down...MAKE you stay Dead !!

striker is insane,begins to booby trap silo...Striker held a court martial. On trial was the world....the charge was ...treason
Striker slouched in his chair and stared blankly at the blinking console before him.He mumbled several words and finaly spoke aloudGuilty.... he straightened in his chair and said louder.... GUILTY I find the world...and every one on it but me.... guilty as charged.......and the sentence will be......will be... He looked at the the console..multi colored lights blinking.....and smiled...then finished.. I sentence you to DEATH....death by fire.....
Striker began to devise a way for one man to do what takes two...launch the missile.

gunny and group meet travis's group and
and paulie

Travis ...Steve....Sharon and josh
they all decide to return to silo with gunny to use silo as shelter and live off several years worth of supplies stored in bunker connected to silo
they decide to join and travel to south texas near the mexican border to search along coast for small island that is rumored it was improved by a billionaire survivalist
if found part of the group would stay to set up on island and a few selct ones would travel to silo to gather supplies weapons and tools needed for use at the island.
They find island..perfect...warm climate small island with rocky shores except for one small harbor. A fast moving chanel separated the island from mainland
small enough to be well gaurded ..big enough to provide space for group..
Across the chanel is a sturdy dock and a decent road leading to a small city a few miles inland that could also provide them with necessities for years to come.

Travis.....Steve....Gunny....Tillman and Paulie
Trav and Sharon discuss feelings
Steve ponders

Travis and Sharon left the house and walked thru the darkness to the beach below,hand in hand they walked over the sand out to the point by the entrance into the cove.side by side they stood and watched the stars twinkle in the heavens above them. Sharon turned toTravis and tapped his arm for attention,then stood on her toes to lightly kiss his cheek as he turned towards her. I love you! She said and held a finger to his lips as she continued...I know what your going to say....but it does’nt matter....I may only have you for a  short time....but as long as you will have me.....I will love you!
Travis looked down at Sharon,shook his head and grinned.Takining her hand he led her over to some rocks and sat,pulling her down beside him.....

Steve stood back in the darkness and watched the two lovers talk and kiss and decided not to interupt them.

He lit a cig and looked at the fence

coop reports back to swan and swan prepares force to move to coast and take over
Swan stood at the window overlooking the compound and fumed. As usual he was pissed,as was the case more often than not.
Fuckin ASSHOLES! He grumbled

Travis,Steve,Gunny,and tillman reach with striker is futile,gunny uses emergancy code and gets them inside and they start slow desent into silo while facing boobie traps

Striker had known they were coming,he had done his best to rig the firing console to run a automatic countdown.he left the command room and disapeared into the silo facility

two hours later Gunny and Travis made it to the command room. Gunny went to work defusing the booby trapped door of the command room.Travis kept watch to ensure Striker did not attempt a reprisal.
several minutes later they entered the command room.Gunny secured the vault doors and began inspecting the firing console.... mumbling and cursing Striker for the damage he had done.

While gunny worked on the console,Travis inspected the rest of the command room.Seeing several moniters he walked over for a closer look.
"Gunny,are these by any chance security moniters?"
Gunny glanced over "hell yes, for both inside and outside...there are cams mounted all over this place....hit the black switch at the lower left to power it on ..the four knobs control the cam.."
Gunny went back to working on the command console as Travis began checking what all he could see.

Striker figured that Gunny would not have time to interupt the firing sequence.....he decided that any interuptions would help slow him down.when he had left the commandroom,Striker had gone directly to a fright elavator at the rear of the compound,he entered and punched a button for level 2,leaving the elavator he walked down a short hallway and stopped at another sealed door...punching in a overide code,the door swung open and he entered a small security room that was responsible for monitering deliveries to the site.
Striker sat before a console and switched on the vid system. he typed in a command and watched the moniter as it blinked on showing the recieving bay one floor above him.
The reciving bay was cleverly conceled within a building that from the outside the building looked like a large hay barn.the security cam was mounted at a position that allowed it to pan back and forth giving a clear view of all the room except immediatly Striker panned the cam he noticed a flicker of movement  outside on of the frosted glass windows....Striker tapped a few keys and the moniter screen divided into four views .
Inside the recieving directly outside the doors of the at the rear of the building and one up high with a wide scan area...
Striker was suprised at what he saw......."what the hell..." he muttered.
all the outside cams where showing scenes of a battle being fought,scattered across the compound...For several minutes Striker used the zoom feature to get a closer look at various struggles being fought close as he could determine that there was roughly 30 men....and a whole lot of deaduns (where in the hell did so many damn dead fuckers get in?) he thought......watching a few moments he relized that actually at the beginning there had been a much larger force of living men....but their numbers where being steadily reducedby the relentless attacking deaduns.....and every man attacked and killed by the deaduns,quickly returned to add to the numbers of deaduns........
Striker watched the now 20 or so men franticly trying to find entrance into the building with little success....
Striker grinned,reached over and keyed in a few commands.He had decided what to do.Several green lights on the panel flashed to yellow as a process was started.
Striker had typed in a override command that would open every ground level door in the complex....allowing entrance into the complex at several different locations....he then typed in a command that would keep the doors open...with no chance of closing them ......
Striker watced as the men outside cheered as the doors began to slowly open and they scrambledto get inside as soon as the doors allowed access..
"enjoy it assholes...this is as far  as you least for now."
Striker bent over the keyboard and typed in his last command..He figured he needed 15 minutes to get to the lowest level of the complex...get to a little known location.... it was called a 'deep strike bunker'  very secure heavily stocked with provisions for a long period of time....designed for top echelon in government...six people could survive a year inside with little effort....
"hell that gives me maybe six years of comfort if i need it...Screw this world...six years and i'll probably rule the planet.."
Striker activated a command with a 15 minute timer.....then every single door in the complex would open,all elevators would cease operation....but all doors...even the maintenance accesses....everything.....wide open.
Striker mumbled.." yeah i think thiss may be the distraction i need...Fuck you Gunny...never liked you anyway.."
and he pressed the enter key.....looked up at the moniter..
"Have fun ,boys"
and he turned and left the room.......  center he had gone directly to a freight elavator at the back of the complex. it took him up five levels to a recieving dock concealed as a hay barn.entering the receiving room he sat at a small computer terminal and turned on the moniter.He tapped a few commands and got a view of outside the compoundand was suprised to view a battle raging outside between several unknown men and a whole lot of deaduns....
Striker watched a few minutes and could see that the group of twenty or so men were beginning to lose ground against the steady onslaught from the deaduns..
Striker grinned reached over and keyed in a few more commands,he had decided what to do.Several green lights flashed to yellow as a process started....He had tapped in a override command that would open the main silo doors and open the wide doors to the fake haybarn...allowing entry into the receiving dock......Striker then typed a long intricate overide command...finished he  mumbled a "this should be  a little bit of a distraction " and he pressed the enter key...........


Gunny was still bent over the command console...cussin and bitchin.. Travis was viewing different cams....suddenly several lights on the control panel switched from green to yellow to red  and a warning buzzer began to growl..
Travis looked at the board "what tha fuc.." Gunny cursed and came to look over Travis's shoulder
"that son of a bitch"
"what..whats hapening?"
Gunny reached over and typed a command with no response...
"what,Gunny, whats goin on?"
"that bastard striker has used a overide...he has given a command that opens  and locks open every damn door in the entire complex"
"damn, uh does that include the doors to aboveground?"
Gunny cursed,typed a command and the view on the four moniters changed to show 2 on the main  entrance,one inside thre recieving dock and one outside the dock...
Both men were shocked speechless at what was revealed....

the rotating cam outside the receiving dock showed the above ground fenced area of the compound was filled with deaduns

Swan group locked out until striker evades gunny and opens silo

Cooper sweated and cringed before the onslaught of his raging leader..... Swan paced back and forth,blasting everyone within the sound of his voice.... a voice full of anger....a voice full of danger..and death..
Cooper wished despratly to melt into the floor and disapear......
Swan turned and focused his attention....and anger... on his cringing second in command
COOPER explain this to me.......YOU told me....NO.....You garanteed me we had the BEST fuckin b and e man to be found.....
Cooper just ducked his head more.
Swan looked out the window of the quonset hut entrance of the silo and told Cooper to cum beside him...Swan pointed out the window towards the outer compoundat the high chain link fence surounding the hut....pointing out the crowd of deaduns that had begun to gather.....searching for a entry to the hut... feeling,knowing there was living flesh inside...
"you see that Coop...more deaduns every hour.......and more seem to stumble up all the time..Now tell me Coop whats gonna happen if those things get inside here...and we are not inside the bunker yet......I'll tell you whats gonna happen....if you dont have me and the rest inside..and the deaduns breakin... i guarentee  you that your fucking ass will be the first one they found.. understand me?"
swan group is about to attack when they are attached by ruben group

Swan was getting concerned when a man ran over to Cooper and shouted into his ear..Cooper grinned and ran to Swan.."We're in..come on now ...."
Swan looked over at the four men gaurding the front entrance and relized he had no concern for them.He turned and gestured for the other men around him to follow he and Cooper to a safer spot..inside the silo.

Swan and his men fought the attack from the rear by Rubens men,outnumbered they slowly retreated into the silo....and fought to a standstill.several hours later one of Reubens men opened the outer bunker door and was imediatly attacked by several dead-uns waiting there...and the dead pour into the silo

thousands of deaduns converge on silo

running battles are fought inside silo by different fractions

dead attack all

Striker is torn to bits by several deaduns. He was sitting at the control panel turning both useless keys in their slots..demanding for the missiles to fire...ignoring all else he tried to launch the missiles with sheer will power. and several deaduns stumbled into the small room and immediatly attacking Striker

jackson smith helps group escapee from doomed silo
Jackson arrived at the silo site slowly drawing near avoiding deaduns when he could
destroying them when he had to
Jackson decides to enter the silo.....entering the first empty room he muttered.."come out come out wherever you are,ally ally alll in free...come out so i can blow your dead brains out...put you down...kill you for SURE"
Jackson disapeared into the silo...letting his pure instincts control his direction.......

As Steve struggles with two deaduns slowly losing the battle a door behind him opened and he heard a voice
Hangin there guy lemme help
a gun barrel apeared and blasted the deadun in front of Steve..knoking it back against the wall Steve turned to fight the other deadun and slipped in the gore scattered on the floor as he fell to a heap the deadun grabbed his hand and bit a chunk out of the fleshy part of his palm. Steve fell back screaming...trying to escape further attack from the deadun and watched a huge man step thru the door glance at him and turned to dispatch both deaduns with blast from a shotgun.....
At that moment Travis and Paulie came running in from the other tunnel scidding to a stop at the site of a huge black man standing over their friend with a smoking shotgun in his hand
here cums the calvery Jackson mumbled and leaned down to help Steve to his feet murmuring
is ok now sonny....Jackson got you now...he got your back......

Travis,steve,paulie and with jackson meet up with gunny and tillman,jackson and gunny confer and decide on best route out of silo
Steve seriously infected goes downhill fast

Each of the small group of survivors send a few minutes alone with Steve...some to wish him God speed,some to thank him for voluntering to stay..some unable to express their grief reached out to touch him..or gently squeeze his hand......Jackson clasped hands with Steve and locked eyes for another moment,and saw forgivness for not being 30 seconds sooner....And Jackson knew he did not have to ask for it either...gave a extra squeeze to the hand shake...turned and left the roommuttering a low......"no need to hurry....but da clock is tickin...time is short for all..." to Travis......
....and all left  till there was two.......
They were on oppisite sides of the room. One near death,was streched on the couch...the other...his best friend...
Travis sat bone loose in the chair and watched his best friend die....tears rolled down his cheeks......Steve opened his eyes and stared at his friend...snorted disgustedly...and winced in pain.
Shit gonna be a baby about this??
Travis looked into his friends eyes....saw how near death his friend was.....
Travis shook his head and answered....I WILL do you... just not yet..
WHEN......Steve demnanded
Travis hung his head for a moment then looked up into his best friends eyes.
I will NOT kill you,I will NOT murder my best friend....BUT I swear to you when you die.....I WILL PUT YOU DOWN FOR GOOD !!!!
Steve grinned painfully,and held his hand out to his friend. Travis quickly crossed the room and knelt by his dying friend to grasp his hand.....
We been down the road a few miles and me..Steve gasped
There and back my friend..........there and back!  Travis said trying to smile thru his tears.........
..Steve closed his eyes for a moment.......when he spoke his voice was weak...
I want to do a toss......if I win then you GUARANTEE me that you’ll do me before I become one of THEM......
Travis could barely choke out a he reached into his pocket to remove a quarter....he flipped it high into the Steve spoke...
Heads I win,Tails I win !!!
Travis sobbed and hugged his friend not watching to see how the coin landed...just hugged him and whispered Damn! Steve, you won win my friend....
Travis felt his friends body slowly go limp in his arms but he continued to hug him.
Travis could feel his body already cooling even before true death.....
Steve opened his his to stare into his friends and said..
You were always my best friend........and then some....
Steve fell silent......his body trembled with a final spasm of the body as life slipped from him.....Travis felt a slight increase of pressure from the hand in his as life left left the body of his friend...the pressure relaxed........and slipped from his hand...
Travis lowered his head and the death of his friend and for his loss of the best friend he had ever known
Several minutes later...Travis used a hand to dry his eyes he looked at his dead friend for a moment then moved to slip his friends body into a full recline on it s back.Then knelt on the floor by his friend to rest a hand on it s forehead. Silently Travis stared at the body of his best friend.....shortly he felt a faint tremor pass thru the corpse.
Travis began to cry again as he used one hand to stroke the forehead of his dead friend ... his other hand moved down to remove the pistol from his hip...Travis placed the barrel of the gun against Steve s temple,lowered his head for a final prayer.... then opened his eyes to stare at Steve s closed ones.......
Travis saw movment behind the closed lids....and said Thanks for being my friend
The eyes of the corpse opened..........dull dead eyes
Travis finished....AND THEN SOME !!!
And pulled the trigger of the gun ................

The echoes of gunfire was heard by those who grieved...knowing a good man was dead...twice....and finally resting in peace.And saddened even more knowing Travis would suffer death by three....death of a small part of his heart,death of his friend....and death of his friends deadun....
Travis leaves the small room that held the remains of his friend and at once Gunny and Paulie were at his side,consoling him with their silence.
A few minutes of silence and Jackson murmered
friends we do be needin to vacate this place......won t be long and all that insanity that followed ya ll in here will find this place........
Travis straightens and walks over to Jackson..saying.....
Steve told me how you helped him...and I apreciate that....and he said I owe you a big one.....and he s right I it anything you want ill try and get for you....
Jackson looked down at the man before him repling
Shucks Sonny...i only did what i d do for ANY living human....all I want is for us to leave this place ......I need room to move and this place is nuthin but a deathtrap...

Group decides silo is a loss and begin journey back to island

Jackson looked thru the one way glass into the room full of milling deaduns.they were all that stood between the living ones and the exit door on the far side of the retreat meant facing even more deaduns......cross that room go thru that door and they were home free out of the complex.
sounded easy.....
Jackson muttered "i'm gonna webb wilder their ass!"
Gunny looked at Jackson a puzzled expression on his face

"A rock dude....Webb Wilder did a song 'Tuff it out' its about making our own decisions and standing behind them."
Gunny grinned "semper fi" it means army of one"
"ok gunny then in your language i'm gonna semper fi their asses."
Jackson spent a few minutes preparing.what he was going to do was dangerous....enter a room with a dozen deaduns and put them down for good....doing it with the weapons at hand..
Jackson used some rope to sling  2 riot guns at his side...his last four shells divided between the two shotguns.He pulled his combat special forces magnum from the shoulder holster....counted his shells....four....he slung his machette to his side...making sure it was easy to grasp and bring out for use..last weapon he put on was to sling a special forces knife over his shoulder and settled it between his shoulder  blades.
He opened the door,was startled to find a deadun standing before him...slumped...head hanging down ..
Jackson pulled the magnum from its holster leveled it at the deadun...softly touching the end of the barrel at the top of its head......sensing living flesh..the deadun raised its head....blankly looking at Jackson.....Jackson aimed at a spot centered between the eyes..level with its eyebrows......Jackson saw the deaduns eyes twitch and focus on him....before the deadun could react/attack.....Jackson fired..blowing the top of the deaduns head away...
as the dead deadun swayed on its feet..Jackson shoved the body aside and stepped fully into the room....he quickly downed another deadun with a shot from the magnum.
Jackson did a quick count  more deaduns to deal with... he used his last two bullets for the magnum to down another deadun......six left and closing......
he slapped his magnum into its holster with his right hand..used his left to swing up a riot gun...made himself slow down...take aim....blew the head off of the nearest deadun..then did the same to th deadun behind it.....his moves automatic...his body on autopilot.....even tho a part of his brain was loudly screaming into his mind........"4n2....four deaduns...two shells...4,2,4,2..oh fuck...."
he took one more down with one shot....3 and 1,3 and 1..his mind screamed.senseing movement behind him...turned and was startled at how close the deadun was...he raised the riot gun placing the barrel against the deaduns throat and pulled the trigger.....a click..a misfire..a dud shell....Jackson shoved hard with the short riot gun..pushing the deadun back a step...using his free hand he pulled the machette free and swung up as hard as he could....screaming'MOTHERFUCKER' missed the throat and sliced up into the skull....trapping the machette.holding on to the machette's handle he used momentum to swing the deadun trapped upon his machette around into the path of the last 2 deaduns slowing them both for a moment.....Jackson used the moment to place his back to a wall...he reached back and pulled out his spec force knife ...watched the last two deaduns stumble past their obstacle and begin to move towrds him.......Jackson grinned...."cmon you fuckers ..time to dance...and im leading.!"
he knew they had to get close...that he had to keep his back to the wall to survive.....Jackson waited...until he felt the fingers of the closet deadun to begin grasping for his arm.....something in Jackson snapped......his mind disconected for a few minutes......
he snapped back into his mind when Gunny slapped him on the back.

 Gunny sets several charges and destroys all ways of escape from silo,catching many of Rubens group as well as hundreds of deaduns

JACKSON decides to stay on mainland to travel looking for survivors and and to also further fuckup any deaduns he can find.He travels with group and once aware of island location he informs them of his plan. He had been out to the island with Gunny to do a sweep and destroy any deaduns found. The rest of the group was loading supplies and gear onto the 2 available boats.

  swan and cooper (infected) escape silo and return to prison

Swan unaware Cooper is infected returns to the prison......Swan is attacked by cooper..killed and prison is emptied as group crumbles with no leader.......

travis's group return to  island

gunny helps group to secure island
after a time gunny becomes antsy decides to leave island for a recon and also lay to rest rumors that swan is still alive and kill him if he has and gunny also hopes to find Jackson and travel with him for awhile

Gunny pulled away gruffly demanding Don t let me come back and discover  the kid  has taken over !
Travis chuckled,and replied, then you can only blame yourself,because of you I have a mini marine for a son !
Gunny smiled gave a small wave and turned away before his resolve crumbled and walked back up the beach searching for Sharon and Steven
(The kid ) her son and the light of Gunny s life. Gunny had helped birth Steven and as he placed the newborn into his mothers arms the baby had grabbed Gunny s thumb with a tiny hand and squeezed.and smiled...from that moment on Gunny became the childs intant companion,gaurd,teacher,friend and nanny..........
Hearing noise from the front of the house he walked around the house and stopped at the front corner....for the first time in his life..Gunny was afraid...
Unsure how to say goodbye to the woman he considered the daughter he never had....and goodbye to her son... his godchild,18 months of life and love for anyone. Gunny heard Sharon s call to her son.
Steven Lewis....come over here and leave Dutch alone!
Gunny smiled,he and everyone else on the island knew that Dutch would calmly suffer anytrial that steven could do towards him......tail pulling..ear grabbing...and love every moment with the boy.....Dutch also had become the boys protecter from first meeting...and would easily give his life in protecting the child.....With Dutch beside him...Steven was safer than anyone else on the island.Gunny stepped around the corner and spoke to Sharon.
Let them play Sis...they don t have much more time together left. Let them say their goodbyes...and we can say ours..
Sharon walked over and hugged Gunny,beginning to cry as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged hard,
I wish I could stay...and you KNOW I can t
Sharon sobbed and hugged harder for a moment..she stepped back and softly punched his chest.
Damn you Gunny !!..I s just not fair....we did the impossible and survived and lived....even brought new life into the world. when all of us are once again safe here on the island...and you leave us......
Sharon looked over at her son ...doing his best to twist a ear off of the ever patient dog.
I don t think he really understands that you may be gone for quiet a while.....
Gunny watched the boy play with the dog and felt his heart breaking,filling with grief and the weight of his loss of leaving the few people he had ever genuinly loved....sadly he agreed...
And I don t have any idea how to explain it to him.....
Sharon hugged Gunny again and told him....
Dammit,you come back to us.....i MEAN that!
She hugged him hard and stepped away...saying
When your done send him down to the beach....I think I need to make sure Trav is ok..........
Gunny looked hard at Sharon imprinting her face to his memory and quietly replied...
Dutch will bring him,Travis..the  kid ...I....I love all of you....your the only family I have ever had.......
Sharon stiffled a sob,replied......i know......and we always will be your family..
Crying openly she turned and hurried around the corner of the house.
Gunny watched her from site....trying to swallow a huge lump in his throat.. Taking a moment to compose himself he turned and walked over to where the boy and dog were playing.....
Seeing Gunny the boy released his grip on Dutch s ear and ran the few steps to Gunny and wrapped his small arms around his lower leg...
Unny....Duts is a funny dog...CONT.

Gunny and Dutch stood on the mainland shore and watched the boat return to the island looking down at the dog he spoke
Well Dutch, its you and me now......time to lock and load..
Gunny shouldered his backpack adjusted his web belt and gave the command
Dutch.....POINT !  Dutch turned and moved inland...nose searching the wind for the scent of any nearby deaduns. Gunny did a mental weapons check...glanced once back at the island then forced himself to turn and follow the dog into the woods...

but thats another story
DEAD2 gunnys's story

cofee and cathy marry and have several kids
pualie comes into his own at the silo battle....eventually becomes group leader when Travis retires


wherever you go.....there you are (clint black)

Travis sat on a rock above the sandy beach and watched Sharon and their young son play on a blanket close to the water.
This is our home now...he thought,as he looked around him at the small cove with a sandy beach,and at the house behind and above him.
Not a bad place to hang a hat at,i guess,just have to learn to stay always on guard and we should be okay.
His attention drifted to his wife sa she scolded steven,for a moment his heart was saddened by a momentary thought of his son s namesake,Travis s best friend,killed by Travis
 God how I miss him....and all the other good people lost at the silo !
Travis pushed his sad memories into the back of his mind,stood and dusted sand from his jeans and walked down the beach to pick up his son and hug him then walked over to sit on the blanket beside his wife.
Thanks she grinned at him he s a handfull ! She took the child from him and stuck a finger into his diaper
Do you think you could deal with two handfulls ?
Meaning ?  She asked
I ve the next group council....i am resigning,retiring, it what you want. Babe...i fought two tours in the green hell called  nam....and fought and killed the deaduns all across america.....i ve seen enough death and horror to last one man a dozen lifetimes.....i m tired... I want to spend my time with you and the handfull here....and maybe another one.
Hell,there are several capable men here on the island to replace me. Besides I will NEVER be seperated from you again.....!
Sharon was silent as she settled her son on the blanket beside her for a nap....turned to Travis and took both his hands in hers....placed them on her stomache and looked into his eyes....
Travis...I was nt sure how to tell you this ..but now I know the time is right....the other handfull you spoke about is already two months on the way.....
Travis chuckled and slid over  to hug her and they sat on the blanket and talked about their love for each other and then they became silent and held onto each other as they watched their son sleeping beside them on the blanket......

Later as the sun sank into the sea, Sharon carried the still sleeping baby across the beach towards their home.Travis shook out the blanket,folded it,and laid it on the diaper bag.Standing he faced the setting sun and enjoyed the golden sunset for a moment... and thought of the lost friends never to see another sunset again...
Steve he thought I would nt be here to enjoy the birth of my son ,if not for you were the glue that held us together.......Thanks my friends....I ll never forget you!..
Travis started to pick up the bag and stopped and faced sthe sunset again,and sent one last message
Gunny you old bastard,i truly believe your still out there ...kickin ass ,I love you,you old marine bastard
Travis stood ramrod straight,snapped a perfect salute held it for a moment..

And said
Travis relaxed,sighed,grabbed the diaper bag and blanket,looked back across the water in time to watch the sun slip below the horizon....and he did not fear the dark,shook his head,turned and trudged thru the sand up the beach to join his wife and son......

And so life......and death.....continued........
and then some

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