Me,Boo and the Girl

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A man,a Dog and a Girl come together in a journey into darkness.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Me,Boo and the Girl

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Me n Boo had been on the road for several days,on the trail of a killer,a monster really,one of the Undead,a Vampyra.

I looked across the truck seat to where Boo sat,tongue hanging out,head out window,tongue and ears flapping in the wind. As far as Boo was concerned the world was good,nothing he enjoyed more than to be in a vehicle with the window down and his head out,loving the blast of wind in his face,sniffing all the aromas as they traveled around. Boo looked around at me and I swear the dog grinned,I had to laugh causing Boo to step across the seat and proceed to wash my face with his big wet tongue. He tried to ease onto my lap,all100 pounds of him and I laughed as I pushed him back onto the seat next to me.
"Come on Boo we can't both drive at the same time,besides if you wanna drive you gotta get a license first.....Then maybe I'll let you try."

He talked to Boo just like he was a human and it seemed as if the dog understood every word he said. In actuality,Boo,understood more than the man could ever imagine. At times when he would be talking to Boo to help pass the time,the dog would sit there looking at him with one ear cocked towards him and at times the dog would nod his head in understanding.... sometimes grunting in agreement or making growling sounds in reply. He had decided that Boo was a highly intelligent Labrador. Boo made a excellent traveling companion,a good friend a protector and the dog just plain made him laugh.

Boo and I had been together about six months. Boo had saved my life and in doing so we bonded and became partners in survival.

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