Me,Boo and the Girl

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Six months earlier

I was a cop and I was on the trail of a serial killer. This killer was some kind of a monster,he attacked his victims and transported them to some nearby hide away and proceeded to torture his victims,once tired of the torture games the killer would puncture their jugular vain and let the victim slowly bleed to death at times the killer would drink some of the victims blood as if to nourish himself.

Some how the killer learned of me trying to track him down so he set a trap for me.
I came home late one night,tired from working leads for the last twenty hours. I entered my Apartment,closed the door and walked down the dark hall towards the living room. As I passed a room I used as a office I sensed movement in the darkness. Before I could react a dark shape flowed out of the darkness and struck me across the head with a chunk of pipe,knocking me out.
I was shocked awake by a bucket of cold water being tossed on me.  I realized I was duct taped to a chair. Several wraps around my torso,several around my legs and a strip tightly pressed across my mouth. I shook my head..trying to shake the cobwebs from my mind and focused on clearing my eyes to look around but the way my head was taped I could only look forward. I blinked my eyes to clear my vision and realized that another person was in a chair several feet away and bound just as I was.
We both made grunting muffled noises at each other .....then saw her look past me as her eyes widened with fear.
And a voice spoke from behind me....
"Do you like the present I brought for you,Detective?"
I struggled to turn my head trying to get a glimpse of who had spoke but was unable to turn my head at all.
Suddenly I felt a presence behind me and jumped when the killer spoke just a few inches from my ear.....Startled that he had moved so close without me hearing him. His breath was rank...smelling of rotten meat.
"She is very pretty,don't you agree?"
I struggled trying to get a glimpse at who was speaking but failed.
"Here let my give you a better look at her"
The killer moved around me and all I could see was his back as he walked over to the woman tied to the chair. He stepped behind her and pushed her chair to within about six feet from me.
He bent down close to her ear to speak to her in a volume that I could also hear.
"Here he is,my pretty, the man that is supposed to be able to stop me and rescue you. Hmmm what are the chances of that happening? Hmmmm, I say little of nothing to nothing."
The killer came over to stand in front of me and leaned over,placing a hand on each of the armrest to look me straight in the eyes. We studied each other,he with amusement and me trying to commit every feature of his face to memory so I would know the face if I ever saw it again.
His eyes were  dark..the corneas black with a redness to the outer edges. His hair was almost black very dirty and long almost to his shoulders...hanging in strands around his face. A wolfish face...pockmarked from acne in his past...the pores dirty and and a oily sheen covered his face.
I got a strong whiff of his body odor....rank and foul.
He studied me as I studied him looking deep into my eyes and he laughed.
" Ah,Detective you do have a strong soul...a strong will bad that none of that will help you. Do not worry tho.....I have no intentions of harming least not tonight ."
He looked back at the young woman...snickered...and said to me....
"No you have no worries for tonight...but her...she is my entertainment...she is my warning to you a warning to you to stop your hunt for me....or this could happen to you!"

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