Me,Boo and the Girl

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Chapter Three

He leaned closer to my face stopping about six inches from me and stared into my eyes.
The redness around his corneas deepened to a blood red.
He grinned at me and then the impossible happened......He opened his mouth opened it wider than humanly possible...His rank rotten breath washed over me..the foulness forgotten as I stared into his freakishly wide mouth and was shocked and watched in horror as his two canines lengthened and out they grew extending maybe two inches...both of them with needle sharp points......He let his mouth shrink back to it's normal size and as he closed his mouth I could see the canines fold back into his mouth.....
He grinned and spoke...
"Now watch and learn at what could happen to you if you do not back off and stay away from me."

He turned and walked over to the woman,watching her struggle to avoid him....he stepped behind her...left hand on her shoulder the right hand moving to sweep her hair from back from her neck.He looked back at me grinned as he said....
" Now pay attention and learn what could happen to you......."
He opened his mouth and I could see the needle sharp fangs drop into place...He bent over and placed his mouth onto her neck....the fangs piercing into her jugular and he closed his mouth around the wound and began to drink in her blood.
The woman struggled for a few moments.....muffled screams behind the tape ...eyes wide and bulging in terror.
The entire time as he drank in her blood the killer...the nightmare creature stared at me watching my reactions to the nightmare happening before me.
A few minutes of struggle and for some reason she relaxed,her eyes rolling back ..her head tilting back.
From where I sat I could see her skin turning pale as the blood drained from her.
The monster pulled away from her neck...a long thin tongue licking out to catch a drop of blood on her neck.  He wiped a few fingers across his mouth and then sucked the blood from them.
He looked over at me and spoke....
"And now for the fun part...."
He bent over her neck once more...opened his mouth to again sink his fangs into her neck then quickly ripped his mouth back from her neck pulling a gory bloody chunk of flesh from her throat and he grinned watching the blood pour across her body as she went through her death throws...her body shaking for a moment and then relaxing in the chair as life left her body.
He ran two fingers threw the blood on her shoulder and greedily sucked the fingers clean.
He stopped running his fingers through the blood on her body and looked over at me.
"Do you understand what has happened? Can your feeble human mind comprehend what I am capable of? You can know me as a Vampyra,a member of a clan of bloodsucker's. We prey on humans to feed nourish us..and there is nothing any of you humans can do to stop us!"
He looked down at the dead woman and then back at me.....
"Hmmmm,she was good but I still have a thirst to full fill........I think what is needed here is to give you a example of what can happen if you do not stop your useless quest to stop me.....I think just a small taste of your blood,not enough to hurt you...but enough for you to feel the hurt......yes a small taste would be nice."

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