Me,Boo and the Girl

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



He started to walk towards me and was just a few feet away when out of the darkness a blur of a black dog streaked across the floor and slammed into the monster.growling savagely as it sought to bite into the monster....but just as fast the killer grabbed the large dog and hurled it several feet away.....The dog slid several feet across the's feet digging into the floor trying to regain it's footing to return to the attack.
The killer looked over at me and said...
"Oh well,distractions are so  boring........If you continue this futile hunt for me....there will be another time for me and you....oh yes."
Meanwhile the dog had regained it's balance and was coming back for another attack.
before the dog could reach the killer he turned and with astounding speed raced off in to the darkness.
The dog followed for several feet then stopped and barked several times...seemed content that he had vanquished the bad man......looked over at me and trotted over to me to sit and grin at me.
A big grin on it's face.....proud that he had scared the big bad man away......

I could only stare at this huge dog that was maybe going to attack me. A few minutes of me and the dog staring at each other and I got a big surprise when the dog leaned close and licked my hand woofed then swiped his big wet tongue across my face once or twice then he sat back and woofed again.
I shook my head and said "well fella,I have to thank you for scaring that bad guy away but unless you got a knife hidden on you then I am stuck here till help comes."
The dog looked at me,woofed again and moved around in back of me and surprised the hell out of me by beginning to gnaw,chew and tear at the duct tape wrapped around me.

A few minutes of the dog working at the duct tape holding my hands together and I could feel it begin to loosen. I struggled,straining to free my hands,worried that the man monster may come back to finish me off, I told the dog 'Like I really thought the dog would understand my words' "Dog, hey chew on the tape up around my elbows,get that and I can free my hands."
To my surprise the dog stopped working on the tape around my hands/wrists and moved up to start chewing,pulling and tearing at the wraps of duct tape around my elbows.
Minutes later I felt the wraps around my elbows pull free and I strained at working my hands loose.
Surprising myself ,I freed my hands and had enough freedom of movement to struggle with the rest of the wraps of duct tape securing me to the chair and within a few more minutes I was free of the tape and and standing,looking around for any signs of danger.
I walked over to the female victim and checked for any signs of life,knowing she was dead but I had to be sure.
The dog followed beside me every step I took playing guard duty as I checked the dead woman for any thing that could id her and maybe a clue to who the man was that had killed her. The dog paced a circle around him as he searched the dead women for some sort of ID,somehow keeping one eye on him and one on the surrounding darkness. Finding no identifacation on the dead woman he turned and spoke to the pacing dog.
"hey Buddy,come here,ok?"

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