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A collection of stories to read in the night.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - NightFrights

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Monday, September 06, 2010

The Way of the Wyrewolve



Chapter One


He was out enjoying the night. Moving through the area in wolf form. It was such a pleasure to enjoy the grace and agility of being a Wyrewolf. It felt good to burst into a full run,feeling his muscles work to power his large canine body effortlessly through woods easily dodging trees and leaping over large boulders with no effort at all.

He had been covering the area in a roundabout route when he was brought to a standstill with a faint scent picked out by his powerfully sense of smell. A scent he had never in his life come across. He turned his head back and forth working to pull a direction the scent came from. It took him just a moment to realize the scent came from the direction of several homes located on the other side of the meadow.


Chapter Two


He followed the scent trail through the woods and across the meadow. Tasting the scent on his tongue,trying to make sense of the oddity of it, he became more and more curious to find the meaning of the odor that confused his senses and gave him a small shiver of fear at what he might discover.

He approached the small group of homes and was drawn to one that sat further from the others and had many trees growing around it to partially conceal it from the other homes.

He circled the house sensing for any humans or animals that could see him. He determined there was no one in or around the house and decided to go to a window at the rear of the house.

he sidled up to the rear of the house,sat for a moment below the window and one more time looked and sensed that no one could observe him.

He morphed into his human form and stood to peer through the window into the house.

A benefit of being a Wyrewolf was even in human form he was stronger than any normal human and it was easy to force the window open with little effort or noise.

He glanced around one more time then easily hoisted himself up and into the house.


Chapter Three


As soon as he boosted over the window sill and dropped to the floor he immediately morphed into wolf form and and began sensing for any movement of human or animal within the house. He decided to stay as wolf in case he had to make a quick escape out of the house,and the fact that in wolf form he was much more intimidating if some one discovered him. Most humans would not be all that threatened by a nude man and he would be unable to morph to wolf while in the presence of humans. So, wolf it was he stayed.

A few minutes of sensing out into the house and tasting the much stronger scent he was sure the house was empty and he was drawn to discover the origin of this odd,unnerving scent and be able to inform other Wyrewolves about this new aroma in the world.

He padded through the house,sticking his head in each room to detect where the scent grew stronger. He went through the house and finished near the front door. He discovered a set of stairs side by side,one set of stairs went up to a second level and the other set went down,probably into a basement.

He padded over to the stairs leading down into the darkness and sniffed the trail of scent and could tell that down there was where the scent was strongest. He inhaled deeply,the scent smelled of earth,dark,rich loamy earth. The scent had the taste of ages and blood and death. Feeling uncomfortable about being down where there might not be a escape route,he decided to check the upper level first for any clues to the strangeness in the house.

He stepped to the stairs going up and slowly climbed the steps going up.


Chapter Four


He climbed the steps and stopped at the top to get a lay of the land. The steps ended at a hallway running both directions to his right and left. He turned left down the hall to check the one room on that side. Sticking his head into the room and sniffing he found the scent to be hardly palpable in the room. He turned and padded back down the hall and was almost to the room on that end when he was brought up by the faint sound of car doors thunking shut.

He whirled and moved to the wall corner ending by the stairs. His ears swiveled,searching for faint sounds,he heard what sounded like several voices murmuring ,getting louder as they neared the front door.


he thought Curiosity kills the cat and sometimes the Wyrewolf. He looked around for a escape route and noticed a attic access door in the ceiling between him and the far room.

He heard the sound of a key in the door and made his decision.

He ran down the hall and just below the attic door he morphed to human form,reached up and pulled on the rope hanging from one end of the door panel. The door pulled down and he grabbed the retractable ladder and pulled it down. He scrambled up the attic ladder turned and reached down to pool the ladder up with the attic door.

Once the door was shut he was in total darkness. He morphed to wolf to use the better eyesight in that form.

He carefully moved to the far end of the attic placing himself behind a stack of boxes. He laid down and willed himself to calm down and listen for any signs of discovery of his presence. Several minutes went by and he calmed down enough to let his curiosity get the better of him again so he moved close to the access door into the attic and strained to hear what ever he could.

He began to pick out the low sound of several people chatting to each other. He heard the sounds of someone walking up the stairs,then a voice from further away "Sabastian,What do you want done with this one?" Then a voice that sent chills down his spine,a voice deep and powerful

"Put the redhead into the room next to mine,the others......are for all of you to enjoy however you want. It will be daylight soon and I need to rest. I will deal with her at the next darkness." The other voice replied " whatever you say,master. I will give her some water with enough drugs to knock her out until you are ready for her.......and thanks from all of us for the others,we are hungry and need to feed,again ,thank you"

Sabastian grunted and ordered "Enjoy and instruct the others to not bother me,I am doing a quick check of messages then will retire to my room."

"As you wish Sire,Good dreams and summon us when you need us."


The man in wolf form heard the person with the scary voice move down the hall and apparently enter

a room and heard the sound of a door chunking shut.

He moved away from the attic access door and could see out a small window high on the attic wall that it was indeed turning to daylight outside. He settled down and set his mind into how was he getting out of the house and away from all the strangeness in it.


Chapter Five


As the night turned into daylight,he could sense that those in the house had settled down and maybe retired for the day. He felt his best chance to escape the house would be in the brightest time of the day, why he was unsure but some survival instinct held him to that.

He felt that there was more danger being caught in the house by those in it was much worse than him having to morph into human form and be out in the public totally nude. He knew if he could make it to the woods he would be okay. He spent the rest of the morning running what he had heard and wondering what it all meant.

He spent the morning resting and planning his escape out of the house. About mid day he decided it was time to make his escape. He moved over to the attic access door and morphed into his human form. He had decided to quietly lower the access door,climb down to the second floor level,close the access door,morph into wolf form and get the hell out the house.

He reached over and gave a light push down on the door opening a crack just wide enough to listen for any movement. He spent a few minutes listening,heard no sounds of movement and decided to open the gap a little more to maybe see down the hall. Seeing or hearing nothing he decided the hell with it and slowly pushed the access door down and extended the ladder to the floor. He paused and listened for a moment the preceded to slowly descend the ladder down to the second floor level. He quietly slid the ladder up and pushed the the access door up to close it.


Chapter Six


He morphed into his wolve form and quietly padded down the hall to stop at the wall at the stairs leading down to the first floor. He peered around the corner and looked down the stairs and the short hall leading to the front door. He ignored looking at the steps leading down into a area he had no desire to enter,survival was paramount to his escape plans. He turned the corner and padded down the steps heading straight for the front door. He actually got to the point of morphing one paw into a human hand to be able to carefully open the front door and make his escape and stopped.

Mentally cursing himself he turned and moved to the stairs going down and peered down into the darkness,knowing he was maybe making a very bad move.

He argued with himself.....'get out while the getting is good!'.......'There could be a innocent down there that needed his help'........'Can you leave ? knowing someone down there may need your help?'.........'It's probably to late to help them'.......'You heard them say it would be night before they did whatever it was they had planned'

Knowing he was probably making the wrong decision he carefully eased down the steps into the darkness.


Chapter Seven


He slowly descended the steps down in to a darkness that seemed to press on to him. Twelve steps down and he was at the bottom. The only light source was from the open entrance to the steps,but none of the light seemed to help illuminate the area he was in. If not for the strength of his werewolf abilities he would have been unable to see at all in the darkness.

He stopped at the bottom of the steps and sat and listened and sniffed (tasted) the air.

His adrenaline was pumping and his instincts were telling him to turn and get the hell out of there but his instinct to protect innocents was stronger than his fear. He inspected the area before him. It was a large room,maybe thirty feet wide and twenty feet deep. The right and left walls had four doors to each side. The back wall opposite of where he sat had only two doors. The sense of doom and gloom and danger was as strong as any he had ever encountered.

'ok,get this over with and get out'

he thought. He slowly crossed the room,ready to bolt out at any sign of danger. He stopped before the two doors and could immediately sense that the left door was the dangerous one. A wave of pure evil and death pushed out at him and that made his decision easy. He turned to the right door and and listened and sniffed and could not pick out any signs of danger but he knew the room was occupied. He morphed a paw to a human hand,reached to grasp the door knob and tested it and was glad to find it unlocked. He quietly turned the knob and opened the door a fraction of a inch. He morphed back into full wolf form to be able to have full uses of his wolf form and slowly nosed the door open. He slipped into the dark room and nosed the door closed but not latched and turned to inspect the room. The room was not large barely big enough to give room for a small bed jammed in the far corner. He noticed that the left wall had a door giving a private entrance for the room where the evil was.

A rustle of sound from the bed grabbed his attention and he moved over to see a person laid out on the bed,no, a female, a young woman maybe late twenties,she had a beautiful body...easy to see as she was naked on the bed and had nothing to cover herself with.

Unconscious on the bed laying on her back he couldn't help but notice she was the red head he had heard the people talk about. A true redhead 'on the roof and the basement' people would say.

He knew that there was no way he could leave the young woman and he sat and thought a way to get her out of the house. He knew he had to move fast and he also had to get the unconscious woman out also. He morphed into his human form and bent over the unconscious woman, he placed two fingers on her throat to check her pulse and found it smooth and steady. He looked for something to wrap her in but the bed was bare.

I guess it'll be both of us running around nude today.

He bent over and scooped her into his arms and turned to leave the room...he was just about to reach out to pull the door open when he heard sounds of movement coming from the room outside in the main room. He paused to shift the woman around a little then leaned close to the door and cracked it open a fraction of a inch and peered into the dark room. Even in human form his vision was better than any human's. Even with his enhanced vision it was difficult to see into the room. He held his breath afraid he and the woman were about to be caught but he was able to relax as he heard footsteps retreat to a room and a door thunk shut.

He waited for just a moment knowing that he could not stay in the house any longer. He crossed the dark room and was almost at the stairs leading up when he felt movement from the woman he was carrying.

He was two steps up when she began to thrash around in his arms and one flailing arm knocked a picture off the wall and it went clattering down the stairs. That noise got attention. He was halfway up the staircase struggling to not drop the woman or even worse let her trip him when he heard doors opening down below and people loudly calling out to each other,quickly focusing on the noise coming down the stairwell. He made it to the top and was turning the corner headed towards the front door when he heard someone yelling for him to stop. He slipped and dropped to one knee almost dropping the woman and heard the sound of feet pounding up the stairs after him.

He knew in his gut that if he and the woman did not make it out of the house then they would never be seen again. He heaved the woman up and onto his shoulder as he forced himself to his feet and stumbled towards the front door. He was maybe ten feet from the front door when he heard someone turn the corner and was approaching him from the back much to fast for any normal person. He had no time to try and juggle the woman and open the door...He could hear pounding feet just steps behind was now or never He strained trying to stay ahead the last few feet. He made a sudden turn towards a large window to the left of the door pulled the woman tighter to his body put his had down and threw both of them crashing through the window just as fingers scraped down his back in a futile attempt to stop them.


Crashing through the window he tucked and rolled them across the front porch,their combined weight blasting through a light wait picket type fence on the edge of the front porch to fall down a few feet and slam into the hard dirt in front. As he rolled off the porch he got one quick glimpse of a shadowy form stopping in the darkness of the house and letting loose with a scream that absolutely convinced him that crashing through a window,dropping off a porch and sliding on his naked butt was much better than being trapped in that house.

Quickly gathering the woman back up in his arms he ran as fast as he could across the field to the woods,never slowing down he pushed deep into the woods to a spot he knew to be safe,at least for a little while it would possibly be safe. Pushing through the thick brush he entered the small area he had chosen and laid the woman down on the soft grass. He growled "stay still,you are safe here,I will be right back."

He turned and ran several feet back the way he came,looked to make sure he was out of sight of the woman and morphed to wolf form. He ran to the edge of the woods and crouched to watch for any sign of pursuit. Several minutes went by and he felt that no one had try to follow them into the woods.

He turned and made his way back to where he had left the woman. He pushed through the thick brush surrounding the small clearing,stuck his head out just enough to see the woman was still there and apparently unconscious. As he pushed on into the clearing he morphed back into human form and heard a shocked gasp,looked and realized she had just had her eyes closed and had opened them to see him as he morphed to human......





























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