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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Baker's Pie

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Baker's Pie

Paul Baker

Miles Davis


Baker operated on principles he called the McGee Method (derived from Author John D. MacDonald and one of his series characters Travis McGee) His methods were a bit different tho.


Baker only took the jobs he felt most needed his help.



Baker knew his day was off to a bad start When he was interupted by a loud pounding on his door at his home at eight oclock in the morning. He was walking from the back of the house to open the front door when his private cell chirped,he answered as he apraoched the door. "What?" a unknown male voice stated calmly "Do not answer the door." and the call was disconected.

Baker went into pure instinct mode, he turned and entered his bedroom,went into the huge walk in closet,moved to the back of the closet slid some clothes aside and reached behind a shelf to press a small concealed button. A concealed panel,just large enough for him to slip thru slid back and he stepped into a room known only by him. He pressed another button and the panel slid back.

He stepped over to a laptop computer pressed a button and watched as the screen came up showing views of his property from several angles,he pressed a button to get a view of the front door area

He could see two men standing at his front door,one continued to pound on his door as the other one kept a close look out of the surounding area.He heard the guy pounding on the door mutter something about 'kicking in the door' before they could make a decision,Baker keyed a switch "gentleman if you kick in the door I will personally make both of you regret it!'

The two men jumped at the sound of his voice and they looked around trying to find its source. One of the men spoke " Baker,is that you?"

which Baker replied to ,his voice heavy with scorn "Your at my house,so I guess it would be me your hearing...."

"Baker,Dammit, We got a message for you.."

"Which is.."

"Dammit Baker,Diegler wants to have a chat with you,as of right as of now"

Baker let them stew for a moment before he replied " Tell Diegler that its late,I'll get around to see him tomorrow sometimes"

"Diegler wants you now,Baker"

"Boys,what Diegler wants and what Diegler gets Does'nt mean jack to me...."

"dammit Baker don't make us come back to get you..."

"Boys, tell Diegler I'll get by tomorrow...oh and guys.....if you even think of coming back.....Bring help...goodbye."


The two men argued for a moment. One saying they really should kick in the door ,whip my ass and do as Diegler ordered,the other countering with yea but if we cause a ruckus then the law might feel the need to get involved...and Diegler damn sure would not want that.


Baker watched the two henchmen mutter and mumble..and left.

Baker fired up a littles security program he had designed one day .

He watched the screen as the program executed and began scrolling data across the screen.

the program ran a trace back on his phone call of a warning.

He grunted in surprise seeing the result of the trace.

A warning from the most unlikley of sources. The number Two guy in the police department....A very,Very powerfull man..and someone who hated Baker's guts.

A man who lived for the day when he could bust Baker .


Baker couldn't resist he thumbed redial and waited....two rings and the phone was the man himself Deputy Chief John Conners


" Do you have a deathwish?"

Baker Had to twist it in......

"DC-JC, I had no idea you cared..."


NOBODY called Deputy Chief John Conners DCJC NOBODY


Conners growled "shut up........and listen ..The first time you ever yanked my chain! Be there in one hour."

and the line went dead.


baker new what and where the other man meant with his cryptic demand


Baker walked into the dark narrow bar and headed straiht to the rear

throwing a bare nod at the bartender as he walked by...and Baker knew just by how the man behind the bar dipped his shoulder reaching for a glass.


Baker walked to a door at the rear of the club and calmly entered the room.




"Baker....I think your scum...i think you walk to much on the shady side...But I know one thing.. As much as I despise you MotherFucker.....Conners gave a huge sigh and said the last thing Baker expected to hear..


"Baker.....I do know...You are a Honest man,a man of his word Connors gave another huge sigh and hung his head for a moment then looked stright into Bakers face...

For a moment Baker believed the other man was going to have a stroke or maybe break down and cry.

"Baker.......I Need Your Help!!"

Baker almost stroked out.............and then surprised himself even more hearing his words in reply...

"You can have whatever you need from me. " WHAT!! his brain screamed..... and he KNEW he was going to stroke out when he again heard words coming from his mouth..."I'll help you in any way I can"


The two men locked eyes and both felt the connection make


A love /hate friendship had just been formed .If they did'nt kill each other first.....

Baker still had to make his dig..he held his hand out and said..."DCJC....HooRaa!"



Conners gripped the other mans hand gave a brief nod but then nailed Baker with a look...

"Call Me DCJC again,Baker, and I will bury you under the jail !"

Baker grinned..had to say it "Ya know,Deputy chief......If I help you in this,and I will,....!






















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