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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Life is Funny

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



2/8/04 2:19:09 AM


Life was strange...a path traveled


was it possible to have a high school sweetheart never forgotten...but left behind.

Travel the path live lives love and learn

many loves later the 'one' and he is left behind

life at stagnation

he returns home...........


He had been home for nearly six days now. he was restless....he grabbed a jacket and left the house...climbed into the truck and drove into town...he headed to the nearest bar


a few hours later he was now at the last bar in town....and about seven beers gone....and felt right at home....even tho he had been gone for 33 years....the moment he stepped off the plane he knew he was home......things had changed ....oh hell yes.....but he ran into friends known years past...and it was like he never left...


he was hoping to see her again.....and he got a strange tug in his gut.......put there a day ago....he had been driving into town and as a car apraoched he glanced over and then he snapped his head around trying to get a better was her......33 yrs later....but it was her and she just happened to for a moment lock eyes with him and nailed him with a look that plainly expressed what had been,what could have been,what could still be

he finished the drive in a daze,stopping at the post office for mail....sitting in the car a moment trying to relive the moment....had it been a true look ?

he had to find out.....


She sat on the other side of the picnic table he felt a hesitant urgency in the air.....

he looked at her and saw the 18 year old he left behind matured and marvelous 33 years later and doing fine... Somehow he had known that he would be amazed ....



"are the stories true?"

"Stories? what stories....?"

"I have heard some rumors floating around of some things you were mmmm involved in over the years."



He was drowning in her eyes........somewhere in the back of his mind he heard a bang right between the eyes...damn he so sucked at this russian roulette game of love....


at that moment he relized that his entire life had been a learning expeirience for just this moment.That all his life led to this moment......all that he had learned....and believed


he llooked into her eyes and held her hand and started...." I want to tell you about a few times in my life ...lessons hopefully learned....and how short the path can be.....


the last person I want to tell you about was my wife lost to cancer......


I think I just got the God Message

I thought I had found then lost the 'love' of my life

I was being shown that even even the strongest of love can be bettered.....


when she died...a part of me I relize that was to make room for what is happening here.


what IS happening here ?

she asked


he grinned, looked into her eyes....and knew she was nailed by his 'look' he held his hand out and placed her hand on his ,palm to palm,

He grinned and said.."Tell me you don't feel this..." he pushed out with his self..he looked deep into her eyes...opening himself to her...laying his soul bare to it to her....that part of him that true....and felt the connect made and a blending of aura was instant

and saw it in her eyes......he whisperd.." You know what I'm talking about either turn and run like hell or stay and learn with me if what all we are is the sum total of the two of us..That two can make one."



he had dropped her off her place and was headed out to his place..passing the city park he slowed and turned in..driving to the outer road along the seawall..he stopped and got out of car and walked over to sit at the seawall and try to relive the last few hours in his mind.

he knew he was there to say a farewell...

and give a heartfelt Thank You for the lesson on life and love so enjoyed and missed...that she would always be with him heart and mind.....

He relized what he though the impossible was possibly about to become possible.




he ,finally,was at peace.











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