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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Retribution

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011






Chris.......who the story is about


Father jack

mother abby

brother Kyle 17

sister Kristy 15


Some days you bite the dog,some days the dog bites you.


The killing zone was perfect. He knew it was .He still did a mental checklist for the umpteenth time. It was all coming together,now it was just a matter of waiting for all those involved to come to his location he had set up for the meeting.he finally forced himself into that spot he needed to be in...calm cool and ready to open a can of wup-ass.He remained motionless,only his brain active......taking his mind into another area he thought about the events that led to this point.

Him breaking away from all he considered just....using what his country had taught him...but not for the purpose he had in mind...He knew that once he engaged his plan...there would be no going back. The life he had,such a life that it was,but in that life he had a family....his mother his father,Kyle his 17 yr old brother and Kristy his 15 yr old sister. That family,his family had been taken from him,brutally,savagely with no remorse no thought of right or wrong....NO..the death of his family was simply used as a message......a message to all the scum that served under them. See what happens when you mess with us......we mess you up worse !


He thought back to that morning he returned to camp.....someone said he had a urgent message waiting for him. When he entered the message center,the room became quite. He knew what that silence meant. He himself had been in this same room when bad news came in for someone... the room would fall silent allowing the person the quite he needed to accept the news.

He steeled himself and crossed the room to



48 hours later he was back in the states......back in the city he grew up in........downtown....signing in at the morgue.....

Before he finished and entered the morgue a man approached him,flashed a badge,introduced himself as Lieutenant something he asked if he could please speak to him for a few minutes before he went into the morgue to view the remains of his family.

Chris agreed only because he knew the other man was making the request because he wanted to help temper what was about to happen. That the man was truly trying to help in some small way. Chris followed the lieutenant into another room and stood with his back to the closed door.waiting for the other man to speak his piece....

The other man stalled a moment pulled a pack of cigs from his jacket shook one out and placed it between his lips ...he looked at Chris and asked..."do you mind?"

Chris shrugged noncomitingly and slanted his eyes to the right....the other man followed his glance and saw the sign on the wall declaring no smoking in the building.....



As the storey goes...Kyle got in with the wrong crowd..and went down from there

and Kyle was a patsy in a deal gone bad on purpose.......


the gurney was between them,the last one......his sister. The rest had been bad...His Father had been killed by a bullet to the brain....his mother's throat had been slit from ear to ear..almost decapitating her........his brother had been beaten to death....his face pulped almost beyond recognition...oddly every finger had been sliced off at the last joint next to the palm...cigars and cigarettes had been used at many places on his body......his penis ...gone.

Seeing that, Chris had looked up at the lieutenant (the lieutenant hoped that look was never directed to him in anger) and asked "His fingers.....his cock.....where..?"

The lieutenant tried to look everywhere but at Chris......"Look Chris ..We found all his parts..OK...can we leave it at that" Barely seeming to move Chris was suddenly inches from the Lieutenant his right hand open,two fingers resting lightly at the base of the lieutenants throat. The lieutenant looked into the eyes of Chris and forced what years of training screamed from his mind to his body to react...and he knew without a doubt that the slightest wrong move..and he'd be dead....

Chris spoke very calmly,voice in complete control.." listen lieutenant..we've been friends up to here..but this is my family here.....don't fuck with me....all of it..TELL me all of it.......Every Detail...or I'll just give a little squeeze here and here ...a finger lightly touching two spots at his throat.....and you will pass out for about 15 maybe 29 minutes......I will go find somebody who will tell me the full story..

even if i leave a trail of unconscious bodies...sooner or later ..someone WILL tell me...and you will wake up with one helluva migraine headache...all for nothing..So save yourself some grief

Just tell me......"

The lieutenant listened to Chris and thought yup he is right.ease him into it tell him and avoid a really bad mother of a migraine.....not a hard decision....

'Ok Chris..OK just back up a step or two ok?" Chris backed off a step but stayed within arms reach The lieutenant shrugged his shoulders..reached into his jacket,saying fuck it.....

he fired up a cigarette took a few deep drags and expelled it out in one long smoke trail..

he studied his shoes for a moment arranging his thoughts..."lieutenant..."

"Ok Chris " he said looking up and straight into his eyes...."here's how it went down...Two men came in the front door and surprised your father in the living room,two came in the back and jumped your mother in the kitchen. your mother was brought into the living room with your father. Two more men entered the house and four of them went upstairs after your brother and sister.... they never had a chance...all four of them were moved down to the basement den.

As far as we can tell............ they were all bound, your father was stood in front of them and and they were forced to watch as a man calmly shot your father in the head.....then your mother was raped in front of your brother and sister...and the last man to use her ,slit her throat."

Chris closed his eyes for a moment trying not to see it in his mind...failing...a tremor of deep anger coursed thru him..

The lieutenant saw that tremble and for a moment feared he was about to be dead....Chris spoke

"all of it lieutenant....."

"your sister was forced to watch as four of the men slipped on leaded leather gloves and begin to beat your brother.but not for long...they forced him to watch as the men ........" are a officer of the law....this is your us both a favor and do it proper...

just tell me....."

The lieutenant sighed and muttered damn.. "ok Chris ....four men raped your sister your brother was beaten repeatedly....and when they got bored they began cutting off your brothers fingers....and once realized he would bleed to death before they were done they quickly finished your brother off....cutting off his penis and slicing both wrists so he would quickly bleed out...." another long sigh....." your sister.....they strangled your sister by forcing your brothers penis down her throat...and finished by inserting all his fingers in her vagina...mmmmmaaaaaahhhhhmmmmm "

'All of it Lieutenant" "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhell of those motherfuckers skinned the left breast of your sister..." the lieutenant finished...

Chris stared at the lieutenant for a moment ..eyes blank...then it dawned on him..."YOU mean they took it as a souvenir ? a scalp...???"The lieutenant said need to...he could see the storm about to blow....

Chris suddenly screamed in rage....."Mother FUCKERS" he spun and punched one of the metal storage doors....actually denting it.....punched with his other fist and again and three hard punches later stopped only when the door broke and clanged to the floor. Chris stood ...looked down at the battered door then looked at the blood on his knuckles.....Chris looked up at the lieutenant..

"Blood for blood lieutenant... That's how it's going to be. any person that is able to do what those men did,do not belong on this planet.....I'm going to save the 'law' some time and trouble. Just forget you met with me today...that's all I ask... but whatever..the deed will be done

forget you met me or stop me now and to stop me you will have to shoot me..shoot me NOW!


'Understand me here ,Chris...I'll help you any way i can to find the men who did this...and bring them to trial. BUT if you take the law into your own hands...Then I WILL also arrest you and bring you to trial also !"


" stop me from what i intend to do...then you better place me under arrest right now..AND lieutenant.." Chris stared dead on at the other man..." Do you really want to try and stop me ...right you .Maybe you should save all of us a lot of trouble either shoot me now...or get out of my way!".

The lieutenant shook his head...he knew it would take several men or more to detain Chris

'No..Chris I have no real reason to hold you can leave at any time you want .."

Chris walked over to the gurney that held his sister's body,he looked down ,gently placed a open palm upon her covered forehead and looked back at the lieutenant..tears running down his face....

lieutenant..if we run into each other again,it'll be because your after me. Don't try and capture me...I will not come easy...and I'd rather not hurt good use your best sniper..

The lieutenant caught the not so subtle message .he watched Chris cross room to door and open it.. "Chris" he said.....the other man looked back..." Chris ....if I can help.......unofficially I will

listen..just call the precinct....tell the desk Sargent that you want to talk to the 'grumpy old bastard' " he will pass you thru no questions asked...."

Chris actually grinned.." Grumpy old fits.." and he walked out the door..


Once Chris was gone,the lieutenant called one of his men and instructed him and his partner to keep a eye on Chris for a few days.

Late the next day ,one of the detectives made a urgent call to the lieutenant to inform him that Chris had disappeared.....




Chris checked his watch one more time...ready for the show to get started...he reviewed his plan of attack. It had taken him over a week to find the perfect place for his point of attack. finally he had found a warehouse that was in a remote area by itself..the warehouse had to large en




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