The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Hospital

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



the Hospital

travis and steve find a hospital

They were a good five miles down the road before Travis relized he was doing about 95 miles an hour.......without lights!


He leaned over to turn on the lights and glanced over at his friend who had been silent since their burst of laughter



Steve was staring out the window


into the darkness and talking to himself Manohe muttered What a fuckin sight.....was it suicide?..NO FUCK NO,... had to be murder!..yeah thathe looked at Travis..Hey man,look for a phone!!!!!


Travis had begun to have the same thought


,when it sank in that SteveDAMN RIGHT... sign back there said a town is just a few miles ahead .. We athorities.....and then I think it


Steve relaxed a little and shot back,


FUCKIN-AAAY !!! and let?¢@ˆ–—…@¦…@„–•?£@ˆ¥…@£–@‡–@‚ƒ’@£–@£ˆ£@—“ƒ…@†–™@•¨@™…¢–•k–•…@¢‰‡ˆ£@–†@£ˆ£@ˆ–™™–™@‚ƒ’@£ˆ…™…@‰¢@““@É@•……„@†–™@‚–£ˆ@–¤™@“‰†…£‰”…¢@Z

They were both beginning to calm down a little and they relized they were passing more and more homes and businesses as they got closer to the town.They watched for a phone but the few they saw seemed to be too secluded and Travis was spooked by what they had seen at the station and the continued stillness of the night Steve put his feelings of unease into words.....Hey dude,I hate to add shit onto shinola,but where the fuck is everyone? I have

Good question Steve,all I know is I just saw something out of a horror movie and it scared the shit outta me..I just want to turn this over to the man....get home...have a very stiff drink and try real hard to forget that tonight ever happened...!

AMEN to that bro...

Keep an eye out for any police or fire station .....we



As they drove further into the town it became evident that all was not right in the world that night.


No one was out no one was pedestrians ..not even any cats..or dogs could be seen moving about.Travis

THERE,Trav,up ahead!!!

HUH what.....?

That sign we just blew by,mentioned something about a hospital just ahead.....

Great.....A hospital is perfect....we can stop there and leave it in the capable hands of some mucky muck




Travis saw the sign with a arrow pointing towards the entrance of the hospital,and slowed the bronco to make the turn in...


following the long curved drive,they both felt better at the sight of the well lighted entrance to the emergency room. The hospital was glaring white from all the lights and stood out in the darkness surounding it.

Travis pulled the bronco into a parking space near the emergency entrance and heard Steve mutter Fuckin strange.....


Travis asked as he killed the engine

Well,look around....there

They sat for a moment and listened and heard....nothing got me spooked now Steve.

Travis almost wispered.....before we go any further.....let me get something from

Yea,no shit,if you brought anything extra...I

Said Steve


The hole is what Travis called his security box,


when he first purchased the Bronco,he made a few discreet additions to protect valuables while


Steve...catch... Travis tossed the hunting knife to steve.

Thanks said steve as he smoothly caught the knife and unsheathed it in one smooth motion. Travis watched as Steve ran his thumb along the blade edge.........and promptly cut himself. Travis chuckled at Steve s surprise at how sharp the knife was. Almost laughing ,while listening to his friend cuss the sharp knife....Travis looked down at the pistol he held,pulled the special loaded .38 from the holster snapped open the cylinder..checked to ensure all chambers were loaded....snaped the cylinder closed ...slipped the gun back into the holster.....then shrugged the rig onto his shoulders,shrugging them to settle the rig in place. Glancing at his friend sucking on his finger, Travis had to ask...Do you really think I would carry a dull knife ?


SHIT I don


Travis replied as he reached into the back seat to grab a light jacket to put on to conceal the gun. Better the knife than nothing at all.

Damn right

agreed Steve as he slid the knife into his jeans behind his back... and he turned and stepped towards the hospital entrance.....

Hey Steve.....

"Yeah" he said stopping to look back

Steve this whole deal is getting stranger by the minute....and....well...just in case something really is going on....well...anything can know where the extra keys are stashed....use them if you have too....

Steve gave him a whatareyoutalkinabout look ..gave a thumbs up and turned towards the doors.

Travis closed the door to the bronco and followed his friend. Again he noticed that the only sound he could hear was that of the cooling engine in the Bronco ... no other sounds,no sirens,no noise at all.

Steve stepped on the rubber mat before the doors and they snicked open with a sound similar to a favorite sci-fi sound. He looked into the deserted lobby,then back at Travis....

Beam me up Scotty,there ain t no life round these here parts !

Travis grinned at his friend shrugged his shoulders and side by side they entered the hospital







.................They passed thru the double doors and stopped to get a look at the lay of the land.

"And the day just got stranger." whispered Travis as they both survayed the empty and silent room before them. Steve nervously scanned the area around them and muttered, "Uh,Scotty,maybe you could beam down a phaser or two....please."

Not a single person was in rushing nurses or patients waiting in line for their turn to see a crying babies....nothing

So quiet that Travis thought he could hear the hairs on the back of his neck stand up,he could damn sure FEEL them standing.

A low murmered Travis...I don t like this one fuckin bit !!

Amen to that...Travis replied.. Look over at the nurses desk...papers scattered....could have been a think ?

A long FFFUUUUUCCCCKKK from Steve as Travis continued one here.....guess we should look around a little...

Another long fuuuuuuuuuuuck from Steve and Travis held up a finger to caution him then pointed across the lobby......edgy....on cat feet... they crossed the deserted lobby and aproached a set of double swinging doors....that apeared to be the only other entrance into the depths of the hospital....

they both settled into their familiar pattern of teamwork developed during their time in 'nam' ... and they split apart and leaned against the wall,one on each side of the door....pausing a moment,Travis reached under his jacket to ensure his pistol was easy to reach.....glanced across at Steve,who used his fingers to signal what each would do next.Travis returned a nod of agreement and together they stepped thru the doors each stepping to the side to place the walls behind them........and found a empty hall with corridoors going both left and right.....and a elavator directly across from the swinging doors.

Ok great white scout.....which way now?Steve cracked ,and his voice echoed thru the empty corridoors.Travis stepped aver to stand close to his friend and kept his voice low.

Well the sign on the wall indicates business offices thataway....pointing to the right

and patients thisaway..pointing to the left and the morgue is down stairs..... Travis dug into a pocket and pulled out a quarter....

Heads is left....tails is wich direction you want to check.......and we ll both check the morgue together...


Steve snatched the coin from the air and growled...

FUCK IT! Win or lose we gotta do it....SHIT i ll go this way and check the offices.....allright?

Even at the worst of times Travis could nt resist a dig



SHIT I kow!.....but I figure that if I hang in there that some day I will win a toss when I really need it......

We can only hope so,huh?

Butthead!..So we meet back here in ten minutes or so.....right?

Yeah,you check down that hall,i


Steve nodded in agreement and said


you be carefull,holler if you find someone...

You got it!

Travis said as he turned and moved silently towards the first doorway, Travis stepped close to the wall and stopped just short of the door.

He looked back down the hallway and could see his friend shaking his head as he tried each door only to find them all locked. Travis turned his atention back on the dark doorway,took a deep


breath,stealed himself for what he might find and slipped into the room.Finding the room empty he chided himself for expecting the worst


He left the room and crossed the hall


to enter the next room down and found it empty also,but one of the bed was mussed,as if someone had just left.He left that room and continued down the hall,passing other rooms and just glancing in to determine that all the rooms were empty,neither living or dead to be found.

A chill ran up his spine and he really began to get spooked even more.



he stopped and listened,relizing what was spooking him......the paging system was

Travis passed the last door in the hall and approached a set of double doors at the end of the hall,Travis saw a sign indicating that the doors opened into a stairwell. Travis pushed on the grab bar but the door would not open.


As Travis neared the closed doors,he stopped and listened,relizing what was spooking him......the paging system was nt working



Steve watched his friend move away and down the other corrider


FUCK A DUCK he muttered and looked at the directry on the wall....busness offices thataway and morgue one floor down......FUCK the morgue !Steve growled and he turned and walked down the hall tothe first door,gripping the door knob he turned it and felt the resistance of a locked door...Yup,and I bet every one is he muttered....still he walked the length of the corridoor and checked every door...Satisfied all the doors were locked,Steve turned and walked in the direction that Travis had gone.As he passed the wall directory,he glanced at the arrow pointing down towards the morgue Morgue...eeewwwww! he thought,and shuddered Home of the dead and deader


Travis at the far end of the hall called and asked if he had any luck


Recieving a negative,Travis asked him to come give him a hand with a door.Steve passed the elavator and was a few steps down the hall when he heard the elevator bong,signaling a arriving cab.Steve took a few more steps before he jolted to a stop, relizing that whoever was on the elevator could be help.The elevator doors slid open behind him as he started to turn when he heard Travis shout..Steve behind..... and stop......snapping his head around he saw his friend disapear thru the stairwell door and heard it close with a heavy thunk........A rustle and a dragging sound made him snap his head back towards the elevator......he sees a bunch of fucked-up dudes staggering towards him...All Steve saw was blood...lots of blood..and disfigured and mangled features.....

Without a thought,instinct and adrenaline kicked in.....Steve grabbed a nearby chair and tossed it at the nearing figures,tripping the first one,causing the others behind to stumble and fall also. Glancing at the tangle of bodies,Steve wasted no time,he ran thru the emergancy room and hit the exit doors at a full run.....and damn near got run down by some maniac in a van that had bounced up on the sidewalk,and tires were screaming as the van screeched to a stop just inches from him.......



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