The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Travis meets Josh

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Travis regained consisnos with a rush...booming out of a black pit to sudenly snapping awake to find himself sprawled on the hard concrete floor of a stairwell landing. Travis heard a rustle of movement,his blood turning cold,his first thought was it was one of those things creeping up to him.Travis snapped his head around and was surprised to see a man sitting on the first step up watching him react.

"It's ok son.Your safe here...for now." the man said



Deep in a cave doing some work,never got to see any of it "


Josh cut back in to let me finish.....and Josh paused to reach into his shirt pocket and pull out a pack of smokes and a old beatup zippo.

Travis shook his head and commented Those will kill you one of these days

Josh had no reply as he shook one out,placed it between his lips,flipped the lid on the zippo and lite it,he then glanced at Travis,grinned and said,Sooner these than them outside indicating the outside world with a nod of his he continued I was working up in the penthouse machine shop.....i get a call from the nurse at the front desk.......they said the phone was dead in the morgue.....also said they sent a aid down to get some files..aid does

Why call you?

Travis asked

well they was swamped,and i

Patience wearing thin,Travis demanded Please...get to the point ok ?

Sure,sure.....see,these service elavatores have two doors...the outer door is solid and automaticly opens,but the inner door is a gate......which you gotta pull up by hand to get out.......and let me tell you,son,when that elavator hit bottom and that outer door slid open.......I thought i




Dead-uns,son.the UNDEAD,the living ever seen the movie

Sure i

Son....the movie has done come to life.....we

THAT go back out in those halls and you



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