The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Sharon Chambers


Sharon watched as the camera crew rushed to finish laying all the cables from the transmit van and generator the spot they had decided as the spot for the broadcast Slightly shaking her head she thought to herself This is one hell of a way to build a career in television,..I start at the bottom working my ass off,and here I stand waiting for a bunch of space rocks to appear

Still waiting for the camera techs to finish,she reflected about her short,but rapid rise in the t.v. game. She had left college with a degree in communications clutched in one hand,a stack of resume's in the other and a strong determination to succeed. She was determined to succeed in a field that few women had much luck in,in fact most women never got any further than being the blonde bimbo weather girl,or reporting on some bullshit flower garden party. Her first job,at a small local station in her home town was really nothing more than being a gopher......go for this...go for that....

Because she was smart and a quick learner,she was able to learn all aspects of th t.v. game from top to bottom.She learned how to run every piece of equipment she could get her hands on,and became invaluable to the station manager as a go-between from management and the technicians.

Her first big break came with a little luck and a major flu epidemic running rampant thru the station.Sharon one of the few not struck down with the flu,arrived at work with the feeling that something exciting would happen that day.She spent the morning answering phones and filing reports.She recieved a call that something big was about to bust loose at city hall.Using that tip and calling in some favors from a friend at the da's office,she was first to file a story that created a power structure to crumble within the city government.

With that story she was promoted to reporting and she quickly gained a reputation as one who worked hard for a story,fair in her reports and believed strongly if finding and getting the truth to the public." So what went wrong?" she thought,"I went from an enterprising upward newsperson,at a hole in the road station.....and here i am...chasing space rocks and describing how pretty they are to John Q. Public.....I think I'm due for a change..."

Glancing at her watch and relizing it was almost time for her cue,she walked over to Gary,her producer.As she aproached ,Gary looked up from the schedule he was working on and spoke.".Ah Sharon your right on time as usual.the crew is set up and ready.....we'll go on air in about five minutes.All you need to do on this segment is describe the events leading up to the comet passing the earth and what kind of meteor shower we can expect to see. Thenas the shower begins,just give your best description...I ll have camera two on the shower and we ll do a split screen....sound ok to you ?"

"Sure Gary,sounds great to me....but if we can let s wrap this as soon as possible...maybe we can have time to stop at that cemetary we passed down the road.I bet we can get some really good background shots for the Leaderman story!"

"Great idea babe....let s get this show on the road..grab your mic and hit your spot,that meteor shower should be hitting any minute....and remember,babe,smile real big and let everyone know that the big party is about to begin....."







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