The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



the morgue


Tom finished checking all the rooms,walked back to the elavator to return to the main floor.Waiting for the elavator doors to open he grumbled something about his luck....waiting weeks to see the meteor shower....and what happens..rain....fucking rain .

Returning to the main floor he left the elavator ,passing the security booth he glanced over at the security moniters and saw that they were still malfunctioning,but noticed that the tv was working. He passed the security booth and moved towards the front entrance. He pushed thru the inner set of doors and out of the next set and was outside under the covered awning,stopped and stared at the fiercly falling rain.

"SHIT, SHIT and double SHIT !" He exclaimed, "It s raining harder now than it was a half hour ago....FUCK it...I ll stay inside,stay dry and just watch it on the goddamn tv!"

Muttering every foul epitath he could think of as he turned to reenter the building,walking across to the security booth,he entered and threw himself down into a chair. Reaching down into his ditty bag,he dug around inside until he found a much used and favorite ciggarette tin. Pulling it out he flipped the lid open and shook out a pre-rolled joint. One of several that he rolled for each night at work.

"One good thing about working nights," he said out loud,"At least I can have a toke when I want one!" Sticking the joint between his lips,he dug into his jean pocket and pulled out a lighter and used it to lite the joint.Taking his first deep toke of the night,he filled his lungs with the pungent smoke and held his breath,fought the urge to cough,and leaned over to switch on the tv and changed the channel to his favorite station.As the channel cleared he saw the new anchorwoman was on and talking.Exhaling with a loud whoosh,he hollered out..."Hey baby,I do like your looks ! GREAT tits and killer legs.... Honey I'd like to tie you to a bed and really give you something to report about...oh yeah baby !"

Taking a really deep hit on the joint,he reached over and turned up the volume and then settled back into the chair to watch the show.......

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