The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



the Cemetary


Sharon started talking to the camera as soon as she saw the red light on top of the camera blink on.

"Good evening everyone.This is Sharon Chambers reporting live for station KTKS. We are set up several miles away from the city lights so we can try and get a sharper picture of the long awaited meteor shower.Astrologers have been watching the comet for many weeks now.They,the astrologers,have not been able to determine the comets point of origin ...... they do agree that it comes from the other side of the universe... and by plotting it s course,they agree that it will continue thru our galaxy and beyond.The astrologers do agree that it will not collide with the earth... but it will pass very close...close enough to provide us with a excellent meteor shower from the tail of the comet as it passes by the earth.....tonight, possibly within minutes......any person able to view the shower should do promises to be the grandest of all meteor showers...There is no danger of any large meteors striking the earth. All that will enter our atmosphere will be chunks of rock and dust and most all should burn to harmless cinders upon entering the atmosphere."

Pausing a moment as Gary patched some info to her thru her ear mic,she flashed a smile to the audience as to say pardon me just a sec ,Her smile grew even wider and she continued.... "Yes ladies and gentlemen I have just recieved a report that the aproaching Meteor shower is very near...people all over the world are using the coming meteor shower as a reason to have huge outdoor parties to view this thilling once in a lifetime event and some groups are starting betting pools as to what time the first meteor will be seen."

Sharon paused at a signal from Gary and waited as the camera did a slow scan of the sky.Cutting back to Sharon she began again... "Yes...we have just recieved word from our east coast affiliate that meteors are beginning to show over washington D.C. ...yes they are seeing more every second....we should begin to see them within moments.."

Staring into the camera she did not see the first flashes of light. But did hear the first exclamations of suprise,changing to shouts of delight from the people around her. Glancing up, Sharon,for the first time in her career was completly speechless.

Above her the sky was quickly growing lighter as just a few meteors burned across the sky..within seconds a few became hundreds...then thousands.. Millions of flashes of light until it apeared as if a billion candles were streaking across the sky.

Regaining her composure,Sharon looked back at the camera and spoke quickly "I wish you could be here to see this...never has mankind had the oputurnity to see a meteor shower of this magnitude...but for those of you unable to be outside to see this......i ll do my best to describe it to is now almost as bright as day at this moment and should continue for several minutes.............."


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