The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Morgue

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



the Morgue


The ringing of the telephone shattere the silence. Tom,totally absorbed by the spectacle he was watching on the tv,nearly fell off his chair,but managed to only succeed in dumping his hot coffee in his lap.Cussing loudly he stood up and started to wipe himself off with one hand and snatched up the phone with the other.No longer cussing,but still pissed ..he growled into the phone

"Hello,City Morgue,Tom Beckler speaking."

"Hey Tom,this is Mark...from station 21....."

"Hey Mark,my main man,I havent heard from you in a coons age....are you getting a chance to check out the light show from God?"

"SHIT...I tell you what man....first it has to rain and get the streets slick......then it clears...and those damn meteors start falling..and I kid you not...when the rocks started falling ...the wrecks started right up"

"No shit!!!"

"I'm not shittin you one bit dude! Mark shot back These damn idiot drivers out here dont have the fuckin brains to pull over to watch the meteor shower,HELL NO, they rubberneck like crazy and drive right up the ass of the poor sumbitch in front of him ! Tom,your about to be one busy dude!"

"Fuck me!" Tom cursed "I was afraid of that,any idea how many are coming my way ?"

"Can t say for sure just yet. We just got word of big pileup out on the loop,and dispatch told us to send all our pickups to you. So get ready...we are on the way in and all other mobiles will be right behind us."

"Goddammit,that really chaps my ass,I should nt be surprised tho it just caps off my perfectly fucked up least we got plenty of empty drawers......"

"Tom from what I hear on the 2-way,it just might come to stackin em 3 deep......I wish you luck cus I got more calls than I can shake a stick at ! I ll give you a call when things begin to slow down ok ?"

"Yea,thanks for the warning Mark. I ll get ready for the rush...see ya."

Hanging the phone on the hook,Tom reached over and snatched the last of the joint in the ashtray. "One last toke and then it's hi ho hi ho off to work my sorry ass goes" he snickered as he lit the joint and sucked the harsh smoke deep into his lungs. Leaving the security booth he entered the elavator and punched the down button then slumped against the wall of the elavator....

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