The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Morgue

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



the Morgue


Hunger.....we have all experienced it in one form or another.For some it is that stomache twinge and growl,for others it is the pain of starvation,sometimes followed by death.

The microbes carried by the comet and its debre was a parasite....always hungry,never satisfied,never appeased. was about to make its apearance on planet earth.


Tom had just finished digging out several forms he knew he would need for registring the incoming bodies,when he heard the driveway bell bong as the first ambulance backed to the loading dock.Tom grabbed several of the forms and stepped from the small office just as a man came thru the outer door,pausing to remove his rain slicker and shake water from it. Tom recognized the man as a friend of his and greeted him.......

"A little wet out there,huh?"

"Man you don t know the half of it,rain..wrecks..and all kinds of crap going on out there!"

"It s the moon....".Tom joked

'What?? moon..."

"The moon is full" Tom explained "all kinds of crazy and weird things happen under a full moon....."

"Shit Tom..your probably right about that........anyway,where do you want us to start placing the stiffs?"

'Shit....I guess you can put them in prep room s the first one on the right ..leave the paperwork for each one on the table beside it and i ll transfer the info onto the toe tags as I get to each one......."

"Whatever you say.....wish we could stay and grab a cup of joe.....but we have to dump this load and head right back out.....calls are coming in faster than we can handle them.....hell you ll probably see us again before the night is over..and maybe more....."

"O.K. much as I like ya ll.....i hope I don t see ya again tonight!" Tom said over his shoulder as headed back into the file room to grab more forms and tags.


Shortly after the first ambulance left,more began to arrive and each ambulance barely had time to unload before another was waiting in line.It seemed hours went by...but it only took two before the morgue was filled to capacity and Tom had to start diverting traffic to other locations.

Finally tom was alone again,he decided to stop long enough to fire up a doobie before getting started on the part he hated most of all.

"Time to get ready for the shit work.' He muttered as he took a deep hit off the joint,filling his lungs several times with the harsh smoke,he finally felt the first soothing rush he needed to prepare himself for the job at hand. After relaxing for a few more moments,he decided the best way to get the job done was to just go for it and finish as quick as he could. Pinching out the last inch of the joint he figured he better save a bit just in case his stomache started acting up.

Slipping the roach into his pocket,he stood up and grabbed his clipboard


and a handfull of tags. Entering the first prep room,he wished he could turn up the heat a little,but then that would


Walking over to the first table,he avoided looking at the body on the table...he concentrated on picking up the papers beside the body and transfering the info onto the toe tags. A morbid curiosity got the better of him


Looking down at the body his first thought was......."well hell,if this is the worst of the lot,then I got it made.....this one ain


On the table before him laid a black man. The only thing visibly wrong that Tom could see,was the man s head


The forehead,from just below the hairline and down to just above the eyebrows..was caved in.....looked as if someone had hit him across the forehead with a 2 x 4 . The result of the blow made the eyes almost bulge out of their sockets. That and some blood from the nose and ears was all the damage he could see..


A hour passed,in that time Tom was able to tag all the bodies in the first prep room and was halfway thru prep room two. He decided to take a break and finish the rest of the joint he had saved. Pulling up a chair,he sat down and tried to get comfortable..... after a few good hits on the

Fuck it!

He groused as he pinched out the last ember and stood up.


Standing he walked over to the next table,and looked at the body before him... imediatly his stomache began to flip flop and he had to fight down the urge to gag or even throw up.

MOTHERFUCKER !! This has got to be the worst one yet!!!!

Looking at the mutilated body on


the table before him,he had a hard time deciding on how or where to start describing the extent of damage done to the body.... His first thought was that somebody had stuffed a man

DAMN ! Guy, look like you tried to hitch a ride on the bottom side of someone



On the table behind tom lay the corpse he had just finished,the left hand resting on its stomache fell to its side,knocking the papers laying there to the floor.

Tom nearly jumping out of his skin,spun around,and started cussing when he saw the papers scattered about the floor.




Bending down to pick up the scattered papers,he hit his shoulder against the metal table


An hour passed then two,in that time Tom was able to tag all the bodies in the first prep room


Standing he walked over to the next table,and looked at the body before him


the tag on the hamburger dude.Reaching for the tag,he decided that this was his last one for the night.He glanced down at the corpse,then focused on the tag...and frowned...unable to grasp what bothered him........then it hit him.....when he turned to gather the fallen papers......the hamburger dude s head had been facing AWAY from the face was turned toward him,confused he leaned closer towards the corpse..............and the eyes of the corpse opened and focused on him.... shocked unable to believe what he was seeing,HELL, unable to even draw a breathe to scream, he stumbled back a few steps...and bumped into the knees of the corpse behind him that had just sat up and swung its legs over the side of the table......jumping back from that sight Tom turned and saw that the hamburger dude was actually sitting up and was still staring at him ! Instinct finally kicked in and he spun to get the hell out of the room... and stopped in his see aproaching him from all sides were the dead ! The dead were rising from the tables and stumbling towards him.

Tom looked franticly for a path to run,but all avenues of escape were cut off by the aproaching creatures. All Tom could do was stand and watch these things make their way to him....


His very last thought,before his mind was completly the hamburger dude grabbed his hand and began chewing on the one crawling nightmare pulled itself up to Tom s leg and proceeded to bite and rip a huge chunk of flesh from his he felt a finger puncture one other fingers were thrust into his mouth grappling for his tongue.......his very last thought was a resigned .....What a really fucked nite !!

His body literally exploded as several pairs of hands dug into his flesh and ripped his body apart in huge obscene chunks of blood and flesh.........and for a single nanosecond before death mercifully claimed him,thru his remaining eye,Tom saw pieces of his own body being consumed by his former Tenants ....

.......then all that was heard was the chewing and slurping sounds of feeding......


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