The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - The Cemetary

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



the Cemetary


Sharon sighed as she tried to get more comfortable in the front seat


of the van. Being a news person on t.v. did have its perks,and people did tend to think it was all fun and glamour.....But for the moment she was experiencing the non-glamorous side involved in remote sets.

The waiting game.......Watching the meteor shower light the nite sky,a pale red ash began to fall from the sky,covering everyone and evrything. When rubbed the ash would smear,as if sort of a oily base,rather than brush off......and then it began to RAIN.....THEN a few people began to


complain of a burning

sensation on their skin.....which quickly became a painful rash on the skin.

Gary called a wrap and the technicians scrambled to pack the gear as the others ran for cover


Watching Gary slog thru the mud towards the van,she noticed the rain had stopped,for the moment at least. Gary opened the driver side door and began to scrape the mud off his boots. He broke her train of thought when he spoke, I told the guys that we would meet them at the cematary,you and I will go ahead so we can choose the best location for the shot......and you can repair the damage to your hair and warpaint !

Right Gary,

she snapped back while i

She and Gary could always joke with each other to help relieve tension during the worst of times.

Sharon was one of the few lucky women that could look good thru hell or high water.It never took her more than a few minutes to become presentable before the camera.usually she would end up waiting on the techs to get their gear setup and ready.....friendly barbs would fly back and forth.

Sighing to herself,she was glad that she did have such a good career in broadcasting, she damn sure did


casual good looking with a great personality. Sure they had had a few problems,what marriage did



" Yeah,I think the best thing to do is try and gain some intrest on the issue right off the bat


No prob dude

she replied as soon as we decide on a location,and you finish getting the guys started..i

You got it Babe

It did

At Gary


tomstone....after a few seconds,Sharon

A cematary.....Quiet and serene in it


As the camera panned across the terrain, Sharon came into view standing beside a fresh grave..the canvas awning still standing to protect any mourners from the weather,and a scattering of floral bouquets already starting to wilt.She continued




" Yes ladies and gentlemen,a cematary....a sad but familiar site for many of us" The question we want to present to you tonight is something we should all be aware of.That question is....are your dead loved ones,treated with the respect and dignity they deserve? a moment we will continue with a story that may well shock you or sicken you....even make you angry.......but it is nececary to make you all aware of what may be happening at several mortuarys around the country...the Leaderman story.....respect or !

Sharon continued to smile at the camera until the red light faded,indicating that Sharon was now off camera.

Great Sharon

Gary said give us a few minutes to reposition a few lights and we

Ok...also, sure and pull in close when I crouch and get a handfull of dirt...


he replied and as you finish we

At Gary

Tonight I have a very unpleasant story to tell you. It is a sad time when we lose a loved one. Out of respect and love we do what is necassary and bury our dead,you buy a plot,you buy a coffin,arrange for a service,you contact a the mortician prepares the body of the deceased for burial.....he cleans the body..repairs any visible damage to the body...dresses the body in it

A few weeks ago,thru a private source,this reporter was informed of a practice of a most vile nature. At this very moment police are waitinfg for court orders.....orders that will allow them to exhume several bodies recently interred at the Leaderman Mortuary and Cemetary. We have reason to believe that employees under the direction of Mr. Leaderman himself are not preparing the bodies other words....they are not using embalming fluid.....a chemical used to preserve the body..also prevent the spread of bacteria that is harmful to us ....the living!

Even more of a atrocity......once final viewing is over...before leaving the chapel the body is passed thru a very secluded and guarded room...before closing the casket for the final time...several employees quickly remove any valuables.. Rings,necklaces,momentoes.....and yes even inspecting the teeth quickly removing any gold filled teeth......!!!!

" The police have requested us to ask the public that if you have recently buried a loved one


at a Leaderman cemetary....Please contact your local police and give them the information,and permission to make sure you have not been robbed by a Man of no Morals or deceny....


The camera followed Sharon as she turned and crouched down beside the fresh grave as she continued....We urge you to contact the authorities and provide them with any information that will help them to stop this revolting practice!.. If you are in the process of intering a loved one please be sure and check the references of who you use.!

As she was saying her last few lines, Sharon dug her hand into the fresh loam covering the grave. As he raised her hand and began sifting the dirt thru her fingers happened ....A hand thrustout of the dirt and grabbed sharon's wrist !!!!

The startled camraman,more by instinct than skill kept the camera rolling and in focus,allowing a clear picture of the nightmare that was just beginning..


Sharon,thinking she had entangled her hand in a wreath looks down and sees the hand from the grave grasping her wrist and screams......

The dirt covering the grave begins to tremble,dirt rolls back and slowly,steadily, a head begins to emerge from under the dirt


Gary, at first to stunned to react,stands with his mouth hanging open watching the impossible happen.......Sharon,still screaming begans jerking her arm back and forth...trying to free herself......but the body...or thing..was actually using her arm as leverage to pull itself from the grave



The cameraman decides the hell with artistic value......fuck the news.... drops the camera and runs screaming for the van.......

Gary snaps out of his frozen shock,runs to Sharon,grabs her arm and begins kicking the body about the head and shoulders...the combined weight of Sharon and Gary is enough to pull her free and they both stumble and fall to the ground in a tangle of limbs.


One of the sound techs pissed his pants and ran screaming into the depths of the cemetary....the other tech fell to his knees and began frozen by shock and fear to do anything else.


Sharon and Gary laid in a tangled heap on the ground and watched in horror as the thing pulled itself free from the dirt of the grave and attempted to stand (later when she had time to think about those first few minutes,she would rember that it seemed she was watching evry thing happen in stop frame action ) The both of them stared in wide eyed horror at the creature before them. The creature stood,weaving slightly as if just learning to balance it

Sharon and Gary both scrabbled backwards a few feet .......the corpse becoming aware of their presence and turns toward them.....the camera lights give them a clear view,for the first time,the face of a living dead......a face that had no expression,just a gleam of something unholy,deep in the eyes of the dead-un....and something else.. A look of raw deep hunger.The corpse tried to take a step towards them and stumbled,falling to its knees......Sharon and Gary looked at each other with mutual expressions of disbelieve and one they scrambled to their feet and ran for the van.......Gary screaming at the tech on his knees to follow them.


Sharon reached the van,yanked open the passenger side door and threw herself in,banging her knee on the door frame and struggled to slam the door closed. Gary threw himself into the drivers seat and frantialy searched for the keys to start the van. Sharon turned to lock her door and glancedback at the gravesite just in time to see the corpse from the grave rip out the throat of the technician that had frozen in fear.... she screamed at Gary to hurry and start the van as he flooded it on the first try. The motor started at the second attempt....and they were frozen in their seats at the sound of a spine tingling scream that increased in pitch and volume and suddenly quit,cut off abruptly.

"DAMN,DAMN,DAMN.......that must have been Ed !!!"


Gary babbled as he stared at Sharon.


She screamed back..shut the fuck up and get us the hell away from here before we


Seconds before Gary slammed the van into gear . Sharon felt/heard a thump at the door behind her.Jerking around she looked directly into the face of another corpse.... one that had been dead for more than just a short time.Sharon fainted with the image of what she saw,forever burned into her mind. Looking into her window was a near rotted skull,pieces of flesh and strands of hair clinging to the dull yellow skull,one eye looking at her with a desparate hunger...the other eye socket filled with wigling worms............


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