The Chronicles of the Dead

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Gas Station

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



the Gas Station


Following the winding dirt road that would connect


them to the highway,Travis relized it was getting dark and leaned over to turn on all the lights,including the big bar lamps mounted on the roof of the bronco. Steve settled into his seat andmuttered he was going to cacth a nap and to wake him when it was his turn to drive.


Twenty minutes later they reached the highway and headed home. Another half hour And Travis was getting bored and getting major white line fever . He looked over at his dozing friend,decided the hell with it and spoke...


.Steve!...You awake?

A muttered curse.....


No man....I always carry on a conversation in my sleep !

Then you

Steve never even opened his eyes as they talked.

My guess is that the meteor shower that went off earlier tonight,after a light show like that......any thing else would be a hard act to every one went home...

Yeah,your probably right...AND....if you would

Fuck you.....besides once you seen a falling rock,then you

Travis started to return with a comment about SteveHmmmmm,i do believe I see a sign up ahead that mentions something

Steve sat up and shouted Stop....Stop...or i

Travis grinned at his friends sudden enthusiasam and jerked his strings a little

Steve,if I was a real asshole,I would wish they did

Should we flip to see who pays for the gas?


Steve shot back and just in case nobody has told you lately.. YOUR a asshole!

Travis laughed and shot back Steve,like I

Steve gave Travis a dirty look and started to shoot back a responce ...but was interupted as Travis slowed the bronco down to turn into the station. Travis saw the sudden look of anticipation on his friends face and said OK you win .... but it seems like I paid last it

Well SHIT...

Steve groused as Travis pulled the bronco to a stop beside a pair of pumps....I don



Travis killed the engine and they sat a moment ,listening to the ticking of the motor as it began to cool and they both looked around the deserted front area. Steve grumbled Shit..don t tell me the damn place is would be just my fucking luck for it to be closed !!!


And whose gonna put me up there,huh?

Just me,asshole!

Yeah right! You and what fuckin army BUTTHEAD! Steve shot back over his shoulder as he headed for the door to the gas station office.




Standing by the Bronco,smelling the fumes of the pumping gas,Travis felt a chill run up his spine..."Somebody just walked over my grave.." he muttered to the reflection of himself in the rear glass of the Bronco.He finished pumping the gas,rehung the nozzle on the pump and checked the fluids under the hood.........He was crouched at the rear of the Bronco,checking the tire pressure..leaning against the fender...his mind was a million miles away...Suddenly he was pulled off balance by a hand jerking on his shoulder.Startled he jumped upright,hitting his shoulder against the fender of the Bronco,spun around to face a pale,sweating and obviously scared Steve...

"SHIT,Steveyou trying to give me a fuckin heart attack.....??"

"Sorry gotta check this out.....shit......."

"What the fuck are you blathering about you dip pissed cus they got no bee..."

"GODDAMIT TRAVIS....Shut the fuck up!" Steve screamed

Travis relized that something really had shook his friend and he tried to calm him down..

"It's ok man...i'm whats got you so spooked?"

"Man..I went into the store and got the beer and some ice but no one was inside to take the money...I checked the office and it was empty....but both registers had cash in them..."


"Let me finish Damit"

"ok,ok im sorry.."

"So i thought,well,maybe the guy had the shits and needed the bathroom real i go around the side to the bathroom and its empty....i see a small trailer in back and figured maybe maybe the station guy was in the trailer....i walk over to the trailer and as i get closer i see BLOOD around the the entrance and on the door!'


BLOOD ! Come on Steve your seeing things...must be a flashback from lack of beer......he joked

FUCK you Travis.....I know fuckin blood when I see it...and i m telling you..I SAW FUCKING BLOOD back there....and LOT S of it!!


Allright Steve I believe lets go check it out.Maybe the guy running this place hurt himself and he may need some help

Steve looked at Travis,looked back towards the trailer,muttered something about A fuckin whole lot of fuckin blood visibly shook himself and led Travis around the station towardsthe small trailer at the back of the lot. As Travis neared the trailer he saw that it was just a small travel trailer setting up on blocks.The type you would see some people pulling around the country for short trips,too small to live in but great for overnighters.Travis figured the owner used it as aplace to catch a quick nap or a private spot to have a few beers......As they got closer Travis could see a dark liquid pooled around the steps of the trailer,and dark rusty smears around the door.Stopping by the steps Travis crouched down and put his finger tip into the puddle,hearing a oh yuck

From Steve. Travis rubbed the liquid between finger and thumb and sniffed it

Your right Steve,this IS blood..and its quite a bit for a small cut....I hope that whoever got hurt was able to reach help.

I TOLD you it was blood !

Did you check inside?

SHIT no, Isaw all this and came and got you!

Travis wiped his finger in the dirt,stood and leaned over to rap on the door and waited a moment.

Maybe they ve already gone to see a doctor

ok so...try the door guy

Travis looked around,saw a peice of paper on the ground and used it to grasp the door handle and twist it,heard the latch disengage and pulled the door open to look in.At first gloance it looked like a normal messy interior poor housekeepers he thought,then he relized what he was really seeing......disbeleiving he leaned in closer to get a better look......and he turned and stumbled a few feet away,fell to his knees ...and vomited

Damn Trav you ok?

Still on his knees and gagging,Travis pointed back at the trailer,and was turning to warn his friend only to see him already opening the door and looking inside...Steves's body jerked in reaction to what he saw,he steppedback,slammed shut the trailer door,and fell to his knees gagging and spitting also.

Travis spit a few more times trying in vain to rid his mouth of the taste of bile,and asked his friend if he was ok...


Are we crazy, travis ?......That can


Travis,i don

Steve,there MAY be someone hurt....we have to check...

Steve looked up into the dark


sky,muttered FUCK.....he looked around,muttered another FUCK ,pulled himself to his feet and walked over to Travis and offered his hand to help his friend stand. Still clasping Steve

Steve....we gotta with me?

Steve shook his head,muttered another fuck and Travis knew his friend was with him all the way.

Moving a few feet away steve searched the ground and picked up a short stick and used it to gently push the trailer door open cont......



"Goddamn right!" was all Travis said and they turned and hauled ass for the Bronco. Their fear grabbed them by the ass and it became a all out scramble for the relative safety of the Bronco.Side by side they ran across the yard and along the side of the station. Unerved by what they had seen the devil himself could have apeared before them and they would have flattened him like a tank rolling over a bush. Pounding across the front of the station towards the Bronco,Travis in the lead,did not run around the Bronco to his door.Instead he yanked open the door on Steve s side and scrambled in and acroos to the drivers seat as Steve threw himself in behind him, a few more moments of panic as they sruggled to untangle....and Travis twisted the ignition key,started the Bronco,slapped it into gear,stalled.....relizing he was screaming SHIT,SHIT,SHIT!! Over and over....he could hear Steve cussing and shouting GOGOGO!!...twisted the key again..the engine roared,Travis dumped the clutch again.....and the powerfull Bronco burned rubber across the station blacktop Travis powered the Bronco into a side ways slide out of the station and barreled down the road. About the time Travis hit third gear and sixty,he hears a agonized groan from his friend and looks into his stricken face.......

Steve slaps his hand to his forehead and exclaimed....

Shit,.....MAN,I forgot the fuckin beer!

Both men fell out laughing and giggling......which abruptly stopped as they both relized that laughter was inapropriate after what they had just seen.

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