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Stories of the Dead

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dead in Dallas

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Chapter One

He had been deathly sick for several days. He finally gave up and drank a half bottle of Nyquil,took a handfull of sleep aids,turned off the TV and unplugged the phone,powered down his cell phone and fell into bed,burrowing into the covers ,hoping for a deep sleep to take him through his cold. He fell into a deep sleep,almost a coma for three days.

Late into the third night he woke up,laying in the bed for a few minutes,his first thought was "Mmmm,I do feel better."

About that time his 'full to the brim' bladder told him "relieve me,Now!" He struggled out of a tangle of blankets and stumbled into the bathroom,leaning against the wall he urinated into the toilet.....thinking 'ah man,a good long piss does feel so good'

He walked back into his bedroom and sat on the side of his bed,looking around for the remote for the TV. He clicked on the tv and muted the volume as he he climbed back in to the bed,ready to get some more sleep before the new day dawned. He was drifting back to sleep when he happened to glance at the tv and was suprised to see a public broadcast warning announcement .

He grumbled and used the remote to switch to another channel and was suprised to see the same PBA flashing on the screen. All of the flashing messages stated for all viewers to tune to the local public broadcasting station for full information and announcements. He switched to the loacal PB channel and saw a flashing message reading "Please stand by for more important messages" and saw that a series of messages were scrolling across the bottom of the screen. He began to read the scrolling messages and was brought wide awake by what he read. He moved to sit on the edge of his bed and study the scrolling message.

This is a emergency alert....The Mayor,under orders from the President of the United States, has issued a Martial law alert! All citizens are urged to stay at home and secure the home from intrusion. If you are at work,stay there and wait for help to come. Lock all doors and board over all windows if possible. The National Guard will be sweeping the city for all survivors. They will transport civilians to the nearest secure vacility......If anyone in your group shows signs of illness,separate them into a secure area away from others......If anyone dies..imediately put the body into a secure area away from the group.........There has been a toxic acident from Baylor research center,a toxin has been released that can cause severe dementia to anyone that comes in contact with the airborne toxin!!!

"What the fuck is going on?" he muttered as he picked his phone ,held it to his ear and muttered another oath because the phone was dial tone.....nothing. he looked around and found his cell phone ,flipped it open and hit a speed dial number to a friend of his......and got a 'all circuts are busy,please try again later'

He dropped the phone on the bed and walked across the room to p[ull back the heavy drapes revealing a french door.he opened the french doors and stepped out on his fourth floor balcony which provided him with a good view across Whiterock Lake and downtown Dallas. The site in front of him almost made him speechless,shocked by the view before him.

It appeared as if down town Dallas was engulfed by a raging fire,He could clearly see the top several floors of 2001 Bryan tower was completly engulfed in flames. All across the city,near and far fires raged . He could hear sirens from several diferent directions,and gunshots........he became aware that he could her shots being fired from many directions.......and then he heard the screams.

In the far distance he could hear the horrifying screams of someone in great tormention. So horrorfying were the screams that he retreated back into his apartment,closed the patio doors and pulled the heavy drapes closed to muffle the sounds he heard.

He staggered over to sit on the edge of the bed and tried to make sense of what was happening.

He tried both phones again and still got the same message that all lines were busy and to please try again later.

The tv was still broadcasting the same warning message and he began to get pissed that he was so uninformed at what was happening. He decided to explore the floor he lived on to see if anyone else was around that could maybe know more about what was happening.

He moved across the room and entered a large walk-in closet. he pulled on a pair of tan kakis and slipped on a shirt followed by a loose fitting jacket. he moved to the back of the closet and moved a few stacked boxes to reveal a small wall safe. He spun the tumbler

and opened the safe to remove a .38 special nestled in a shoulder harness and a box of shells.

He slipped the gun from the holster and checked to make sure it was loaded and working properly. Satisfied he slipped the gun back into the holster and removed his jacket long enough to shrug the holster across his shoulders and slipped the jacket back on. he left the closet and walked thru the apartment to the front door.

He peered thru the wide angle peep hole and saw nothing. He left the chain guard on,unbolted the two deadbolt locks and slowly opened the door to the extent of the chain guard and listened for any sound of any one moving around. After several minutes and not hearing or seeing anyone he closed the door and removed the chain guard and slowly opened the door far enough to stick his head out enough to look both ways down the halls of his floor.

Chapter Two

His apartment was one of four found on each floor of the four story building. The four apartments on each floor were set two to each side of a central corridor.The entrance to each apartment were set off sides of each other to give a small measure of privacy to the tenants. The center corrider had a resident elavator on one end and a service elavator at the other end of the corridor. Next to the service elavator was a door which opened into a stairwell going up to the roof and down to the ground level.

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