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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Alone in A Dead World

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Chapter One


Waking up in full alert status had become the norm for him ever since the war against the walking dead had begun.

Even while asleep,his senses stayed tuned to his immediate surroundings. The smallest change in the area around him could bring him up with weapon in hand before he was truly awake. heavy sleepers died young. To survive in the world of today,a person had to be vigilante 24/7.

He became aware of his surroundings instantly,not moving,not opening his eyes...just reaching out with his senses trying to feel if he was in any danger. he laid motionless in his sleeping bag for several minutes until he decided that it was ok to slowly emerge from his sleeping bag and quietly and carefully ensure he was clear of any danger.

He yawned and told himself to get up and get going before he got to lazy,getting lazy got oneself dead. He climbed out of his sleeping bag,stood and stretched as he continued to look around for any sign of danger. Deciding he was safe for the moment he turned to his backpack and rummaged around for something to eat,not wanting to start a fire just to warm some food. He pulled his last two cans of C-rats and kept one,dropping the other back into the backpack. He opened the can of c-rat and slowly ate it as he continued to the surrounding area again. he finished the can of c-rats ,still hungry he dug the other can of food out,opened it and finished it off in a few bites. He cleaned his campsite,burying the empty cans of c-rats along with the remains of the small fire he had made the night before. He preferred to leave no sign of his passing.

Once his campsite was clean he pulled out a map of the area and studied it,noting the nearest town that he thought he might swing by and do a re con and maybe search for some food supplies. As a rule he avoided any cities or towns simply because of the many dead that would be stumbling around. He needed food and he dearly wanted a roll or two of toilet paper



Chapter Two


The last time he had ventured into a small country town,planning to do a quick in and out,had turned into a run and gun nightmare. It was one of those blink your eyes and you'd miss it small town. He had spent nearly a day doing a perimeter re con spending time at different locations,watching...looking for signs of any walking dead or even possibly living humans,doubtful but possible. Several hours of observing and he had seen just two dead,one standing in the middle of a side street,standing just standing,never moving for nearly an hour,and then it just shuffled forward a few feet and stopped again. The other dead was trapped in a alley bumping into a wall turning a bit and bumping again into the wall......

He decided to take a chance and enter the small town thru a few alleys toward what he determined was a small country store near the small town square. He wanted to use the alleys so he could approach the back of the building and hopefully find a door or window he could quietly jimmy to get inside. He took his time,stopping at the edge of the woods near a entrance to a alley that appeared to run in the direction he needed to go. He spent several minutes crouched by a tree studying the area before him. He was reasonably sure that he could do a quick in and out. He mentally plotted his route towards the store that was his goal. fairly sure of his route ,he used the high tech binoculars he had liberated from a army supply in another town to search what route was exposed to his view. He triggered both modes of heat and cold sensors to try and catch any telltale signs of either living or dead. Not finding any signs of life he went about preparing for his venture into the town.

He checked that the army spec machete strapped across his back was secure in its' scabbard but still in easy reach. He reached to his left thigh to grasp the handle of the Seal special ops jungle knife,pulled it from its sheath and checked that the knife was sharp as he could get it. Strapped to his right thigh in a quick release holster was what he called his Bad was a special forces design super mag pistol,a 12 shot pistol that could be loaded with a .410 shotgun shell or a long shot .45 slug. he made sure the chambers were filled the ammo alternating in the chambers. He also had a 9 mil strapped at his waist in the middle of his back. His final weapon was a Mossburg riot special 12 gauge 20 shot auto mag with the barrel shortened down to 17 inches with a shortened hand stock. He really did like the mossburg because it never failed him and in close quarters it was fucking lethal slipped on his backpack,shook his shoulders to settle everything into place and prepared to cross the small field to the nearest alley.


Chapter Three

he crouched and ran across the small field,entered the alley and slid to a stop against a fence and glanced around to see if he had gained the notice of anything or anyone. He knew he had to follow in this alley for two blocks,go left for three blocks and right for about half the block and that would bring him in behind the small store,then he would need to gain entrance into the store,but that was the least of his worries.

he made the trip to the alley behind the store in record time. He never saw hide or hair of either a living person or a walking dead in the entire journey.




Chapter Four

He moved swiftly through the store,hitting the canned meat isle first,not finding much,but a few cans where scattered around and he stuffed them into the back pack. he moved onto the drug isle and managed to find a few bandages and a honest to god large bottle of aspirin. he had made it over to the candy isle and found a treasure trove of sweetness.

He was happily stuffing a 3 musketeer bar in his mouth when he heard a slight sound from the front of the store. He froze,straining to hear any other sounds......after a few moments of listening,hearing nothing,but now spooked,he slowly moved towards the front of the store. Reaching the end of the isle he tried to look around the end cap towards the front window of the store...and froze as moving shadows crossed over the wall opposite of the storefront windows.

Deciding that caution was a better virtue he decided it was time to retreat to the safety of the woods and he made a hasty retreat to the rear door exited into the alley and came face to face with a good hundred zombies that were quickly filling the alley from both directions....................





He barely had time to swing up the Mossburg and get off three fast shots,right,in front and left before the mass of deaduns surged forward and closed in. He dropped the mossberg to hang from its shoulder strap as he reached

back over his shoulder with his left hand to grab the machete,using his right hand to pull the jungle knife. He swung the machete,decapitating the deadun in front of him and used the jungle knife to slash at the many arms of the enclosing deaduns.

he fell back inside the door and frantically kicked boxes and crates into the doorway to slow the oncoming horde down.

For a moment the mass of deaduns trying to cram thru the door created a dam of tangled arms feet and bodies of deaduns,He seized his chance and spun around and took off in a dead run for the front of the store.entering the main area of the store he stopped just long enough to sheathe the machete and jungle knife and pulled the Mossburg up with his right hand,using the left to grab a few shells from a pocket and feed them into the mossburg. He continued towards the front of the store,listening for sounds of unknown traffic. He paused by the line of registers and tried to see thru the grim covered front windows. He could see a few shadows moving outside but was unable to see how many could be outside. He heard a crashing noise from the rear of the store and knew he was running out of time and options.

He figured that the front doors could be locked and it would take precious seconds to deal with it. Making a decision he ran towards the large panel windows getting near he used two shots of the Mossburg to blow out one large pane of glass he leaped on a pile of stacked bags of dog food and leaped through the window landing and rolling a few feet and came to his feet wildly looking around. Just a dozen feet away a deadun was stumbling towards him,he took that one out with one blast of the Mossburg,neatly decapitating it. He turned and saw that no deadun was dangerously close,but several were turning and coming towards him.

He turned to his left and ran towards the nearest cross street. reaching the intersection he heard a noise to the left,glanced that way and chills ran down his spine as he saw dozens of deaduns spilling out of the alley behind the store.

He quickly ran to his right towards the next alley,ducked into it and spent the next 2 hours slipping from alley to alley avoiding the few deaduns being alerted by all the distant commotion he had left behind.


He finally reached the edge of town and quickly crossed the field to enter the safety of the woods. He stayed on the move and put a few miles between him and the town and scouted out a secure spot to settle in for the night.


Chapter Five

He was creeped out by the close encounter of so many deaduns coming out of the wood work he realized how close he had got to getting killed by the deaduns.






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