Chapter 6: Chapter Six

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: KPOP Fanfics

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The next day was filled with schedules and Zelo didn’t get a chance to sit down until noon. Where he thought things would be easier in America with more freedom, he was finding out that he was the same…with a more tiring time zone. Getting up early seemed like getting up in the middle of the night, instead. He hadn’t realized the toll it was taking on his body, until now, when he wasn’t around Darren. When he was around the other boy, he seemed very alive and somehow safer.

Sighing, he glanced at his phone. He had texted Darren, but there still wasn’t a reply. He figured that it must have just been a one time thing, and he wouldn’t actually see him in Washington. Zelo sighed, somewhat disappointed. He thought back to the kiss they had shared the last time they had seen one another. It had been very nice, and he hoped he would get to see Darren again, for another kiss. Thinking back to the American boy, he was confused about the scar. It was the same as the caped man who had rescued him a few weeks before. Could in really be that Darren was his rescuer?

He was jarred out of his thoughts by his phone alerting him that he had a text. Looking at it quickly, he grinned when he saw that it was from Darren.

‘Hey, sexy. I just thought I would let you know that I’m now also in Washington, so if you want to meet, text me. G2g…Have a nice day. Bye.’

Zelo replied immediately. ‘Hey! I honestly wasn’t sure if I would see you again. I’m glad I will. Can you meet me tonight for dinner…without my hyungs? Just us.’ Not expecting a reply, Zelo put his phone away. He was just happy he had heard from Darren. The text had brightened his day. Darren took Zelo out to dinner, and it felt more like a date than any other time had. They seemed closer, and Zelo forgot about his suspicions of the other boy. They were simply having fun and spending time together. After dinner, Darren took Zelo out to a club, where there would be plenty of people and they could dance close to one another. The vigilante found it very important to be close to Zelo, even though he couldn’t pinpoint why. Zelo erased most of his ability to think at all, which had taken him by surprise.

While they were dancing, Zelo kissed Darren on the neck and moved as close to him as possible. Zelo shifted his weight, and Darren jumped when Zelo’s erection brushed against his own. Pulling the tall dancer closer, he ground against him, gaining a low groan from Zelo. Sucking on the nape of Darren’s neck, Zelo held him close and caused all coherent thoughts to erase from his mind. For the first time in his life, Darren’s mind was completely void of any thought, other than the young man that was sucking his neck and making him feel incredible. Feeling light-headed, Darren pulled back and kissed him. “Babe, you’re taking my breath away…It’s so strange. I like it, though.”

Zelo chuckled, his breath hot on Darren’s skin. “Good. I think I do, too…Would you like to take this to the car, where we have more privacy?”

Darren nearly choked from the erotic words coming from Zelo’s lips. “I think that would be nice. Let’s go.” He didn’t feel any danger in the club, so Darren knew it should be safe in the car.

When they got to the car, Zelo pushed Darren back against the back seat, giving him the best blowjob he had ever experience. It was also the only one he had experienced yet. A while later, Zelo woke up in a strange place. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but the strenuous ‘workout’ in the car had worn him out. He noticed a note on the pillow next to him. Junhong; ‘Last night’s dancing, and the surprising blowjob was amazing. You were exhausted and I didn’t feel like taking you to your hotel. I will explain it to your hyungs later, so don’t worry. I’m sorry I had to leave, but I had to take care of some things. Zelo, I want you to really think hard about whether you want this or not, because the truth is, you’re too good for me. You’re so sweet and you’re also going back to Korea soon. I like you, but our lives are so different. I don’t know if it would be safe to continue this. We’ll see. Have a nice day.’

~Darren~ Zelo smiled at the note, but felt a tinge of sadness. He was glad he had been able to give Darren some pleasure. It meant that his inexperience was still enough for the other boy, and that was a relief. He problem with the situation was that he was leaving soon, and Darren may not want to continue this as a relationship. It also sounded unrealistic to Zelo, himself, because they did live in different countries. He would need some time to think about it more.

Getting to his feet and pulling on his jeans and tee-shirt, Zelo texted Jongup to let him know he was okay and asking him if he could pick him up. Jongup agreed, and his bandmates picked him up later. Despite having fun the night before, he felt as if the note was Darren’s way of saying goodbye. He wasn’t certain, but that was how Zelo had interpreted the note.

Zelo was quiet on the way back, but when they showed up and were on their way back to the hotel, Bang gave him the third degree on what he had done. Zelo simply told him they had hung out, danced and made out, which was all true. He also said that he had fallen asleep. Bang believed him, and they went about their day.

Darren texted Zelo later to see if he had gotten home safely and Zelo assured him that his bandmates had picked him up. He also thanked Darren for the nice date. He still wasn’t sure about anything, including if Darren had been using him, so he didn’t talk to him very much. Zelo had a lot to think about, the least of which was that the young American seemed to be hiding something. He had his suspicions, but could it really be true?

While at their schedules, Jongup turned to Zelo. “Hey, are you okay? You seem quiet, which is totally not like you. What’s up? Are you mad at Bang for giving you the third degree?”

Zelo shook his head, smiling at him. “No, I’m not. He was just checking up on me, as usual. I’m just tired.” He didn’t like lying to his hyung, but didn’t want to tell him the truth: that he suspected Darren of being something he wouldn’t admit to, and now the other boy had slipped out of his life. That wasn’t Jongup’s business.

When he got a text from Darren later, Zelo ignored it and acted as if it had never happened. If Darren wanted to push him away, he was going to act like none of this was happening. It had been nice, and now was a painful reminder to not get close to another fan. Darren was a fan-boy. The day went by without anything out of the ordinary, and Zelo was still not happy with Darren. He was now resolved to forget about the entire encounter. It didn’t matter that they had kissed, made out and gotten close. That was clear to the young Korean. He noticed a text from Darren that evening, and finally answered, asking him why thought Zelo wouldn’t want to continue seeing him. Darren didn’t reply, so Zelo turned his phone off. He was around his bandmates, so there wasn’t anyone of importance who would be texting him.

On their way back to the hotel, Zelo and Jongup were busy talking, excited about going back home soon. While they were talking, they heard Daehyun shout out as they saw Bang attacked by two men who had jumped out of the shadows. They all froze as the attackers put a knife to their leader’s throat. They weren’t sure what to do, and Himchan was telling them he would give them the money they had. He was even holding it out. The attackers told him they didn’t want the money. Bang had wronged them, and he was going to pay the price for it. Zelo was becoming more and more nervous, and the attack was similar to the man who had attacked him in California. He could hear Band asking them what he had done to them, and their response was that he already knew. He was told to think back to the past, when he had rejected the one who was now holding a knife to his throat. The man had followed him from Korea, and was now going to take revenge for it.

While the man held Bang, the other one yelled out in surprise as he saw a hooded figure seemingly come out thin air and had him down in an instant. Zelo recognized the same person who had rescued him a few weeks before, and was afraid for the super-hero. He fought against the other one, and finally knocked him out. This was when he moved cautiously over to the one who was still holding Bang.

“You’ll let him go, unless you want to end up like your friend there. Whatever he did to you in the past doesn’t matter now. That’s why it’s the past and not the present.”

The attacker scoffed at him, drawing the knife closer to Bang’s throat. They saw the hooded man’s mouth draw into a thin line, unhappy. He moved with lightning speed and pulled the man away from Bang with precision. The attacker was angry and fought against the hero viciously. They were fighting so quickly that B.A.P couldn’t see much more than a blur. During the fight, they heard a surprised yell from the hero, and he faltered slightly. When he stepped back, they could see that the attacker had stabbed him with the knife, and he was bleeding on his leg.

Bang shouted out as Youngjae jumped on the attacker, pulling him backward. He pulled the knife away from the attacker and the attacker froze.

The rescuer seemed to still be working on adrenaline, and he flew at the assailant, knocking him to the ground. “Leave. They didn’t do anything to you, and I don’t want to see you around here again. Do you understand me? If you do come back, you’ll have me to deal with.”

The attacker chuckled, and was punched in the mouth. “I hope that means that you’re leaving, because I’m not.” The rescuer said, sounding angry. The attacker took out another knife, and this time, stabbed him in the side. The rescuer jerked back in surprise and pain, and they all saw as a large figure swooped down and grabbed the attacker, throwing him to the ground and telling him to leave. The attacker tried to squirm out from under the man, but that was not going to happen. He was told again to leave, and this time, he nodded, so he was released. Rushing over to the other assailant, he shook him away, and they both ran off into the darkness.

The new rescuer, whom they now recognized as Batman, knelt next to his sidekick. Robin was still and unresponsive, so he told B.A.P to get out of there, took Robin in his arms and left quickly. Zelo was a nervous wreck when they were on their way back to Korea. He couldn’t forget what had happened to them in New York, and now he was certain that the young man who had saved his life was Robin. He was also almost certain that Robin was, in deed, Darren. It all made sense now, from the trips to different parts of the country and defending Zelo, to unexplained disappearances and unable to meet him at times. He was most likely Robin. Now Zelo was not only worried about Darren, but also about Robin. Regardless of his true identity, he had saved all of their lives and been injured, in the process.

When they got home, things went back to normal. However, Zelo still worried about Darren every time he had time to even think about anything. The young super-hero was never far from his thoughts. His bandmates could also see from the change in Zelo’s mood and demeanor that he still thought about his friend in America. They also took a while to heal from the encounter with the attacker. Bang was taking it hard, because he felt as if he had brought the situation on them all by ignoring the advances of the young trainee who had tried to sweep him off his feet. Now he just hoped that his band would be able to heal and move past the terrifying ordeal.

When Zelo tried to text Darren, he noticed that the phone number had been changed. This was upsetting to Zelo, because he just wanted to know that his friend was okay. Smiling, he realized that Darren had probably been instructed to change his phone number, since it was dangerous to keep it the same, after what had happened. He thought that there may have been some way that someone could have traced his phone and put him in danger. Zelo thought back to what Darren had told him about it not being safe to be with him. Zelo frowned sadly, realizing that it had been true. He would just remember the good times they had and the sweet kisses. They were good memories.

At the end of dance practice two weeks later, Zelo got a text from an unknown number. It was late, but Zelo checked it anyway. ‘Hi, Zelo. This is your American friend. If you remember me, will you come out to your hotel balcony at midnight? I miss you. I was wrong. I want you, and I realize this is where I belong, right now…if you’ll forgive me for being an inconsiderate ass who wanted to throw it all away. I’m sorry, Junhong.’

Zelo was just happy to hear from Darren, his friend and rescuer. He waited restlessly as the clock ticked to midnight. At 11:58, he slipped out to the balcony. Pacing nervously, he smiled when he heard a rustle and saw the hooded super-hero land in front of him. Darren began to remove his mask, when Zelo pulled him into a deep kiss. He then pulled the mask off and looked into Darren’s blue eyes.

“Thank you,” he whispered against Darren’s lips. “Whatever time we can get now is good for now.”

Darren smiled at him. “Well, would you like to go flying? I’ll bet that’s something you’ve never done before.”

Zelo kissed him again. “I’d love to.” Darren grabbed Zelo around the waist and leapt off of the building. It was thrilling, but not very scary. Zelo knew he could trust Darren…and Robin with his life. He was certain of that now.

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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