greenfeild lane

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this is an idea I have been playing around with for a while now three young adults find them selves in a town that is just too good to be true, or is it true. i want some feed back before i move on with it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - greenfeild lane

Submitted: February 20, 2014

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Submitted: February 20, 2014



The brakes screeched to a halt the passengers all leaned forward as the bus made a full stop.

As the door opened and all of the people shuffled off, one Noah white stepped off of the dirty old bus and took a long breath of fresh air expelling all of the dust he had picked up on the bus.

Noah stood a towering 6 foot 5 his wavy blonde hair cut short and semi spiked up barely moved as the autumn wind rolled through the small dusty outpost the locals called a town.

After scanning the area his eyes ran across a neon sign that seemed to really peak his interest, as he took a long leaning stride towards the not so clean looking building he caught the gaze of  a woman, shrugging it off he continued on his way into the bar and after a quick scan of the room he approached the counter.

Upon reaching the counter a red headed beauty with a set of legs that just didn't quit stomped her way across the floor,

"what can i get for you?" she asked softly almost whispering but just loud enough to hear her over the music ringing out of the dusty old speakers in the corners of the room.

"what's popular?" Noah asked not really knowing what he wanted 

"well if that's what you wanna know you have two choices, johnny walker red label, or Jim beam." where his options

"ill take the walker on the rocks please," he replied.

she turned away and grabbed the bottle from the counter behind the bar and poured him the drink and she handed it to him.

taking his drink Noah turned around to once again scan the bar area, in this one room sat most of the town and here he was right in the mix.

Noah took a sip of his drink and cringed a little at the strength of the drink as he leaned against the bar he was approached by none other than the woman from outside the bar the one that had been gazing at him as he walked in. 



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