Notoriously Deadly

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Callie Benson has been trained to kill. Fathered by the deadly business man, Flint Dalton, Callie has earned herself a few enemies growing up. Each strive to find Callie's weakness, only to find she has none. But Callie has a secret, one she's been running from for two years.

His name is Kade Stark.

Kade is the rebellious son of Flint's business rival, Lincoln Stark. He knows just how to get Callie to fall to her knees, and this time, he's looking for bloodshed.

And both are known for being notoriously deadly.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Notoriously Deadly

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013




Chapter One:


The man known as Flint was swiveling around in his chair, twiddling his knife through his fingers. He was aged, with gray streaks running through his black hair and wrinkles below his eyes. He looked as if he was deep in thought, his deep green eyes unfocused. His office walls were covered with framed magazine and newspaper clippings. The sleek, leather furniture screamed money, and on top of the mahogany desk stood three large computers.

Flint suddenly turned his attention to the door opposite of him. The clicking of boots could be heard right before the door opened. In walked a beautiful girl around the age of nineteen. A heartwarming smile spread across Flint’s face. The girl’s confidence seeped through the room and Flint couldn’t help but feel proud. He had raised her, trained her personally, and he couldn’t have been happier with his results. She shook her wavy chocolate brown hair and gave him her signature smirk.

Flint stood up and greeted her with a fatherly hug.

“Callie, I’ve missed you. How was Italy?”

Her bright blue eyes sparkled mischievously, “I’ve missed you as well Flint. And Italy was the same as always.”

“Callie, I told you to take a few days off. You’ve deserved it.” He shook his head at her, knowing that she could never take a break.

“Italy will forever remain a place of business, Flint. You of all people should know to never mix business with pleasure.”

Flint sighed. He should be happy with her answer. If a boy even took more than a glance at Callie… well, they’d be dead within the next hour. Besides, he trained her to be strictly business. Which is why he had called her here. He motioned for Callie to take a seat, which she did happily.

“I’ve got another job for you Callie. And I don’t think you’ll like this one.”

Flint had been dreading talking to her about this task ever since he had acquired a plan. Getting her to agree would be quite the task. Callie gave him a quizzical look, so he continued to explain.

“Lincoln’s son has been located. It seems he’s been living here in New York for quite a while now…”

Callie rolled her eyes, “So what’s the problem then? I know you hate Lincoln and all, but you really want me to kidnap his youngest son? He’s not even a threat in the business!”

Flint gave her a grim expression. Callie’s one weakness was Lincoln’s youngest son, Kade. Callie and Kade had gone rogue together about two years back, both claiming that the family business was something they no longer wanted to be apart of. Though Callie had never actually been family, she was still considered apart of Flint’s and soon came crawling back, missing the adrenaline and the thrill. He hadn’t actually asked her why she came back; he preferred to assume she missed her job. Kade wasn’t a boy he particularly liked, especially after Callie returned. She had turned cold, angry at everyone and was a little too willing to kill. Only now was Callie slowly returning back to the Callie he knew and treasured.

“Callie, he’s back working with Lincoln. And I’ve been told that he’s out for bloodshed and revenge. They say he’s aiming at you.”

She shut her eyes, looking as if she was remembering a painful event. “So you’re saying you want me to kidnap him before he kills me?”


She sighed and Flint knew there was no easy way to tell her what had to be done.

“Callie, I need you to tell me what happened two years ago with Kade. I know Lincoln and I have our issues, but there has to be a reason why Kade came out of retirement. To work with his father of all people.”

“I’m sorry Flint. That’s not something I can tell you. I’ll handle Kade personally.”

“Callie…” He felt bad for raising his voice, but she needed to see where the true priorities were.

“No Flint. I can handle Kade.”

Before Flint knew it, he was standing up and slamming his fists on his table.

“Dammit Callie, I’m not going to risk loosing you again!”

Callie flinched at his sudden anger. Flint ran his fingers through his hair out of guilt. He hated yelling at her. He hated treating her like she was just another worker. She was like a daughter to him, the child he never had, and he planned on handing everything to her in several years.

“You won’t loose me again.” Her voice was quiet, and Flint knew that meant she doubted herself; never a good sign.

“Please Callie. Do this for me. I don’t like what this boy is up to. Lincoln hasn’t given a damn about you before, so his sudden urge to want you dead is making me nervous.”

Callie sighed, “What do I need to do Flint? Without telling you anything. Nothing happened two years ago that would make them want me dead. If there was, they would’ve tried it when I first came back.”

Now it was Flint’s turn to sigh. She had a decent point, but he also knew Callie wasn’t going to budge. He could see the pain in her eyes, something that told Flint that she was lying. He turned one of the three computers toward her and began explaining his laid out plan.



Callie felt extremely self-conscious as she sat in the back of Flint’s town car. She hated dresses and skirts, and unfortunately, she was in the most figure fitting dress possible. It was nowhere near sleazy, Flint would have never allowed that, but it was also no where near her personal style: Comfortable.

No, instead, she was in an elegant, pale pink, lace dress that hugged her chest, slimmed her waist and actually made it look like Callie had curves. She hated every inch of it.

She silently cursed Flint for making her wear this dress. If she had it her way, Callie would be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Something she could actually fight in. Regardless, her knife was lying carefully inside her bra, and her gun strapped to the inside of her thigh, right where the dress poofed out. To anyone normal, they would never know what she was hiding. To everyone trained, it would be the first place they looked.

Callie played with the mask in her hand. It was intricately designed with a silver base and gold and bronze swirls. Flint said it complimented her dress well. Callie couldn’t have cared less about it.

She was on her way to a masquerade ball for a charity event that both Flint and Lincoln supported. It had something to do with endangered animals. Or at least, that’s what Callie thought. She hadn’t been completely listening to his plan when Flint was explaining. However, Kade would be here and Callie knew Kade couldn’t resist talking to her; especially if he wanted her dead.

“Dammit Callie! Why won’t you listen?”

Kade’s thunderous voice shook Callie’s body whole. He was terrifying when he got like this, when he got like his father. He held on to her arms with a tight grasp, “Babe, please. It’s the best for us. Going back to my father, together. We’d be a great team Cal.”

“For the love of God Kade, I left with you to escape our families. Especially yours! I don’t want a team, I want freedom, and I want a marriage and kids. I don’t want your father and brothers hunting me down all the time, waiting for the right moment to kill!”

Callie had never told Flint that Kade’s brothers were constantly following her. To and from school, to hanging out with her friends. They followed her anywhere as long as Callie remained on the neutral border. If she even stepped one toe into Lincoln’s border…

“But Callie, don’t you see? With you on my father’s side, you can have all that! We’d rid of Flint for good! My brothers would treat you like family, and we could get married and have our own beautiful children.”

Callie’s heart fluttered when he said ‘our beautiful children’ but she shook it off.

“Kade, Flint is like a father to me. I could never kill him.”

Kade’s eyes turned cold, his voice now emotionless, “Rejection means death Callie. And I don’t think you’re in the right position to say no right now.”

Callie shuddered at the memory. She had tried to block them out, but it was moments like this that they always came back. It was always when Flint had assigned her a job, or done something fatherly. The guilt she felt was consuming her life.

The sound of the car door opening pulled Callie out of her thoughts. Her drivers hand shot out for her own, as he helped her get out of the car gracefully. She slid her mask on, though it was practically pointless. Kade would know her from twenty feet away. Half the people here knew who she was, either out to kill her, or here to ensure that Kade was kidnapped. Callie still wasn’t sure what would happen once she saw Kade. He had a way with words, a way that generally made her heart melt.

The charity event was in Chelsea, at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Chelsea was technically considered neutral ground, but Callie knew that Lincoln’s men were all over. It was dangerous for Callie to come here tonight, but Flint assumed Lincoln would act behaved at a charity event.

Kade, however would not.

Kade was the rebel of Lincoln’s family, his three older brothers mirror images of Lincoln, in personality and looks. Kade had always claimed he hated his family, but it seemed that now it was all an act. Callie wanted to rip Kade’s heart out personally.

After tonight, Callie’s life wouldn’t be the same. Lincoln would do anything to get Kade back, and his number one target would be her. Lincoln won’t give a rat’s ass as to whose border she is on. Flint claimed he would have it under control, but Callie always had a nagging voice in the back of her head that said otherwise.

Walking in, Callie felt like she was in the middle of some high-class prom. High school girls were running around in dresses much to short on them, giggling and looking for boys. The parents were sitting at the tables, not even giving a second glance to their children dancing and making out with each other. Callie sighed, realizing she’d never have a normal life for a girl. Dancing and flirting with boys were never a priority. Flint had made sure of that.

Callie’s parents died at the hands of Lincoln’s men when she was ten. Flint’s illegal workings often caused a death here and there, and Callie’s parents were working for Flint the night they died. That was when Flint had taken her in under his wing. After never marrying or having children, Flint had grown a soft spot for her. It was no secret that Flint planned on handing his business to her, underground work and all. Callie didn’t mind, she enjoyed his business and she seemed to have a knack for it.

A good-looking boy around her age came up to her. He grabbed her hand and placed a gentle kiss on her hand. Callie refrained herself for rolling her eyes.

“What is a beautiful young lady doing here all by herself tonight?”

Callie wanted to barf, and a lie slid easily off her tongue, “I’m not alone tonight. Sorry.”

With that, she walked away before he could pester her more. A deep chuckle that sent shivers up her body was heard behind her. She whirled around to see Lincoln giving here a knowing smile.

“You always did know how to attract boys Callie.”

Callie gave him a cold glare, “Lincoln.”

“Have you seen Kade yet? I know he is just dying to see you.”

Callie gave him her best-surprised face, “Oh Kade’s here? I’m not going to be here for long. I just have to deliver Flint’s donation.”

“Oh Callie, I’m sure after you see Kade, you’ll never want to leave.”

“On the contrary Lincoln. Once Kade sees me, he’ll never leave my side.”

Callie gave him her signature smirk and walked away before he could crush her confidence. Lincoln was aged like Flint, but he had grey eyes that seemed to pierce through your soul. He slicked his gray hair back and always seemed to carry a smile that sent shivers up your body. Lincoln and Kade seemed to be the only ones that could make Callie uncomfortable.

Callie knew Lincoln wouldn’t make a scene, so she kept darting her eyes back and forth to keep watch for any sudden, sly attacks. They wouldn’t kill her here; they would drag her back to their territory, where Kade would do it slowly and painfully.

If they ever got that far.

Callie was quick on her feet and improvisation was her specialty. If Kade got to her before she got to him, she wouldn’t go down easily.

Making her way up toward the front, Callie handed Flint’s generous check to an elderly man standing by a podium. Callie did a skim of the room, not finding any sign of Kade.

Assuming he was one of those boys on the dance floor trying to find a girl for the night, Callie made her way into the mess of sweating teenagers. She could feel the boys stare at her as she made her way through the crowd, but she paid no attention to them.

Callie was on the verge on giving up on finding him in this mess, when warm comforting hands set themselves on her hips. She could feel Kade’s warm, minty breath on her neck.

“You look beautiful tonight, Callie.”

He spun her around and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. The tingles that she used to feel at his touch were no longer there. Instead, she felt disturbed. Memories flashed of when they were together, and Callie’s heart ached to relive those days.

She snaked her arms around his neck and began to move to the music with him. It was easy to pretend that she was enjoying herself, mainly because she almost was. Every time she felt herself want to run back to him, she had to remind herself of the pain he caused, the damage he had done.

The only looks he inherited from his father were his grey eyes. They contrasted greatly with his black hair that fell just above them. He dressed well, wearing an Armani suit and a tie that surprisingly matched her dress. His mask was a deep red, making his eyes pop. She had always loved how he looked, the reckless, carefree style. Now, he looked stiff in his suit, unlike the Kade she knew.

She stood on her tiptoes and whispered into his ear, “Why don’t we go somewhere quieter Kade? I know you’re itching to get this suit off.”

He smirked at her, then grabbed her hand and led them out off the dance floor. He led her upstairs, where people were non-existent. They were both setting each other up perfectly for each other’s plans. Now it was only a matter of who played the game better.

He shoved her up against the wall and was quick to roam his hands up and down her body. His mouth met with hers and the battle of dominance was at play.

He switched to planting kisses down her neck as he said, “Cal, I’ve missed you.”

She suddenly got lost in his touch, forgetting everything she was supposed to do.

“Kade…” his hand was now grabbing her butt, making its way toward her thigh. Reality set in and Callie suddenly remembered her gun. She reached her own hand down Kade’s back and found the handle of his. They both pulled out each other’s guns at the same time, both aiming for the heart.

“Remember what I told you two years ago Cal?” Kade growled, “I gave you two years, Callie. And Flint isn’t dead yet. Your time is up.”

Callie flinched. She had told Kade two years ago that she would take care of Flint. If telling him that meant getting away from him alive. Yet here she was today, and Flint wasn’t dead. That meant Callie had to pay for it.

“It’s harder than you think Kade. You try killing Flint instead. Then we could live happily together. Have that wedding and children we always dreamed about.”

“Easily. He’ll be dead by tonight. I’ve already got the wedding preparations on the way. We’ll be married in a month, but we can begin working on those children right now.”

Kade wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Callie gasped. This was only a distraction; Kade had never planned on killing her.

“I hate you, Kade.”

She fired the gun before she could even blink. Kade fell to the floor with the look of shock written on his face. She had missed his heart by an inch, but unless he was found soon, he’d die. He wasn’t expecting her to shoot him, nor was he expecting Callie to profess her hate for him. Callie wasn’t expecting her to say it herself. She threw his gun down on the floor and ran down the stairs. She had to get to Flint quick. Flint’s men would clean up the mess before anyone found a trace of Callie at the scene.

For the first time in seven years, Callie felt the tears stream down her eyes. She whipped out her cell phone from her clutch and dialed Flint’s number. It only rang once before his comforting voice could be heard.


She choked out a sob, “Flint, I think I killed him.”

“Ssh, it’s okay. I’m okay. I’m already out of the country. I’ve already got a plane lined up for you. Just take deep breaths. I think it’s time you have your break.”

Callie nodded, even though Flint couldn’t see her. He knew exactly what to say.

A break was exactly she needed. 

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