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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Dawn Chapter 9

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When we got to the Oasis, the sun was setting. Perfect timing I guess. Jonathan helped me off the camel and the tour guide gave them a command that got them all to sit.

I looked at the oasis and my heart started to race. There’s no turning back now. I took a deep breath and I just remembered that I’m still holding on to Jonathan’s hand. When I began to loosen it, Jonathan held it tighter.

So I guess we’re all in this together.

The tour guide said it was okay to wonder off, said it was safe. My brother stayed with mom and dad at the camp site or whatever you want to call it and Jonathan, Henry and I set off in to the very small piece of jungle. Henry took out three flashlights from his bag I didn’t even know he was wearing and when we turned them on, everything was even creepier. The shadows of the plants danced around and the spider webs glistened in the light when the wind shifted them.

Now I’m glad Jonathan hasn’t let go of my hand. I would’ve run away screaming. I’m more scared of spiders then serial killers. True story.

“Come on, nothing to be afraid of, it’s only a spider,” Henry walked right through the spider web and I couldn’t help but shudder. They both laughed quietly and we continued to venture through the oasis until we came across a spooky looking pond. The eerie fog spreading out and clearing a path where ever we step. Now I’m expecting something to just pop out of no where and kill us all. Nothing good ever happens when there’s an eerie fog.

I tensed and began to tremble, “Let’s just keep going. I really hate eerie fogs in the middle of the oasis,”

“Yeah, okay,” Henry said surveying the area. We kept moving and we stopped in a clearing far, far away from the pond. There is an open spot in between the trees where you can see the moon. The moon was half full with stars dancing all around it. I smiled and decided to sit for a bit.

“Here, drink this,” Henry threw me a can and I caught it. Of course it would be a Death. Death is a really sugary energy drink. It speeds up your heart rate and literally gets you to jump off the walls.







I accepted the drink and took a sip. It’s fizzy, a little sour and really sweet with the flavor of apple cider. I shuddered and couldn’t help but giggle. I closed the cap and put it off to the side. I want to save that for when I actually need it. I don’t energy now.

I looked around and I noticed that the trees here look just like the tree’s back home. The trees that I practiced climbing on and throwing knives from. I smiled and lay down. I stared at the stars until Henry and Jonathan put their faces in front of mine.

“Okay, now we wait. We don’t know how long it will take before they get here but let’s just move somewhere safe. Like that tree over there. It’s got thick branches and a lot of leaves to cover us up,” Henry said. I nodded and they helped me up. I climbed the tree pretty easily and propped myself on the branches and formed a fork like structure. I figured it was safe enough. It’s almost to the top and we’re extremely concealed by the leaves. Besides, I don’t think the twins can climb any longer. So I got them situated on the branch against the trunk and Henry handed us some rope. We tied ourselves to the tree so that we won’t fall off.

Henry handed us some sandwiches from his bag and they were quite cold. He told us that it had a built in cooler. We ate the food silently and I had small sips of Death. Quite ironic that I’m awaiting my death and I’m drinking Death. I laughed quietly.

“Here, you’re going to need this,” Henry handed me a gun. I held it in the palm of my hands like it would combust if I held on to it. There’s a gun in my hands . . . what does he expect me to do with it? I can’t kill anything with it.

“It’s alright; it’s just a gun,”

I swallowed and put the gun on a wide flat surface of the branch next to me. I couldn’t hold it for much longer anyways.

I relaxed my shoulders and I looked up at the sky. I can’t believe I missed my last sunset.

“Hey, lye down, I don’t bite,” Jonathan said. He patted his thighs. My face flushed crimson and I slowly moved closer to him. I lay down with my head in the hallow of his neck and my body on top of his. Well I have no more time for romance so might as well make the most of it. I relaxed entirely and I concentrated on the beat of his heart. The slow, strong and steady beat of his heart. His arms settled on mine and I felt my stomach do funny flips that only happens when a guy does something sweet. I guess this is something sweet. I haven’t been this close to a guy since Javier.

The thought of Javier makes me want to cry. Javier is an ex boyfriend who I still care about. Even though he’s thousands of miles away across an ocean. We’ve dated for seven months. They were the best seven months of my entire life. Even though four of







those months were long distance, it still felt like he was here with me.

I pushed that thought away and looked down at Jonathan’s arms on top of mine. I smiled and focused on his heart again. I closed my eyes and drifted off to the soothing beat of his heart.


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