Counting Time

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Dawn Chapter 11

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“We need to split up again,” I whispered after he broke the kiss. He nodded and pulled me against him. We held each other and I let a few tears slip.

“I know. Please be careful,” He whispered. I heard sadness in his voice.

“Yeah I will, promise. I’ll see you at dawn,” I smiled and he laughed quietly.

“Yes, see you at dawn, Dawn,” He kissed me again and I kissed him back. My last kiss, might as well make it last.

“Thank you, for pretending,” He said after he broke the kiss. I nodded and smiled.

“Of course, go on, I’ll see you in a bit,” We held each other for a little bit longer then we both ran off in the opposite directions. Well now the romance has officially ended. I guess now the action has begun.

The pain medications kicked in fast because I can hardly feel any pain in my ankle. I have less energy then when I started but I still have some left over. I find myself in the clearing. Zaq’s there and he had Henry by the throat. It’s too late for Henry. I felt a huge pang in my chest and felt like collapsing. Henry is dead. I never got to tell him how thankful I am for what he has done. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but he had given me time. Right now, time is priceless.

He didn’t deserve to die; neither did Brooke or any of his other victims. I charged at Zaq and I kicked his ass, literally. At reaction he flung Henry’s body into the lake and he staggered forward hitting a tree and falling backwards.

I pull out my gun and point it at him. Zaq knows I don’t have the balls to do it, so he smiled and came at me. He knocked the gun out of my hand and it landed in the lake. Zaq smiled and I glared. I started to use my kick boxing/wrestling skills and all those classes had paid off. I start to kick and punch him. He deflects most of them, but the ones that actually go through, stagger him. Especially when I kick him in the balls and in the face.







I punched him really hard in the nose and it begins to gush blood. He doesn’t seem to notice because he keeps attacking. I think of Brooke, how she could never have had this opportunity to fight back and I think of Henry, how his kindness and his protectiveness got him killed by my friend. Friend . . . I slow down a little and think about the laughs and good times at the table. I remember how he would always solute to me in greeting or in thanks for something I did. I remember how he would always do physics homework at lunch and how the table would openly discuss how thin he is and how badly they need to go to White Castle and get him a crave case.

All that disappeared when he punches me in the gut, then all my anger accumulated into one blow. The final blow I though. I kicked him and he went flying. I took that time to run to my gun. When I got it I made sure it was fully loaded and I pointed it at Zaq. When he got up, he had a knife in his hand.

I saw him move his arm and in slow motion I saw the knife flying and I pulled the trigger. I felt a huge pain just under my breasts and I collapsed.





“Dawn! Dawn! Can you hear me?” I heard a voice ask. This wasn’t just some voice. It was Jonathan.

My eyes fluttered open and at first my vision blurred but then I saw him clear as day. With tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Yes,” I said hoarsely. From behind him, I saw the sun begin to rise. Wow I thought I’d never live another day to see the sunrise.

“Oh my god, thank god! I thought you were dead!” He sobbed. He held me and then I felt pain. Excruciating pain. I felt really weak and lightheaded like any minute now I will black out and never wake up again.

“Not yet,” I admitted.

“No! You’re not going to die! I won’t let you!” He sobbed. He held on to my hand and tears were blurring my vision.

“You know, I wasn’t pretending Jonathan,” I said with a smile. It seemed as though smiling took up a lot more energy than anything else. He nodded and placed my head gently on his lap. He leaned against a tree and stroked my hair.

“Neither was I,” He said. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and he started to sob. I felt my heart rate slow down and I felt extremely weak.







“Jonathan?” I asked. I wanted to tell him something. I wanted to tell him that he’s been an amazing friend. I wanted to thank him for giving me extra time. For making time stop.

“Yes?” Both of his hands were clutching on to mine as if he was my lifeline and if he let go, I would die.

“Thank you, for everything you’ve done. For giving me extra time,” I whispered. I was running out of energy and everything began to blur. I began to see black spots and I was having a lot of trouble concentrating on one thing.

“Please, don’t die. Please don’t leave me,” He whispered. I smiled weakly and brushed the hair from his face a gesture that left me completely dizzy and even weaker. I felt my hand begin to tremble and soon my whole body was trembling. I don’t know if it was out of fear, or because of the cold. He put his hand on top of mine and held it there. The black spots became bigger and I felt like I wasn’t in control of my body. Like my soul was being set free and my body is no longer attached to my soul.

“I’m sorry. Thank you,” I whispered again. I’m sorry because I couldn’t save Henry. I’m sorry because I’m leaving him. Most of all? I’m sorry for knowing you. Now it’ll be harder on him than it will be for me. He held me tight. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to care so strongly for the other in such short time. I guess now I believe in love at first sight.

Everything seemed to move slowly. Jonathan’s sobs began to slow and they began to sound so far away. My breathing became weak and short. My eye lids felt suddenly really heavy and I closed my eyes. My head suddenly felt as though it weighed two thousand pounds and I had absolutely no energy left.

I took one more breath and my world went black.

I have been in this world for fourteen years, 223 days and six hours


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