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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Dawn Chapter 12

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Suddenly, my eyes opened. The area around me was light and bright. Not at all what I saw before everything went black. I looked down and realized that I was glowing. I looked around and I saw my body propped up against a tree with a single white rose in my hand.

I looked at my body and sighed. I look horrible. I look extremely pale with black and blue marks everywhere. Cuts and scrapes all over my arms, face and legs. My whole shirt covered in blood from the knife and I saw trails of tears on my face.

Jonathan, I thought. Where is he? I hope he escaped alright. I walked around and saw a boy. A boy with long curly hair that would always remind me of Harry Styles. As I looked closer, it wasn’t Jonathan, but Henry. He was standing in front of a body. A body that looked just like his. How could that be possible? His body was flung into the pond.

“Henry?” I called out. He turned around and smiled in my direction. His eyes were red and puffy. He’d been crying. I didn’t know ghosts can cry. I stood beside him and looked down at the body. If my heart would be still beating, it would be crushed. It was Jonathan’s body.

“It’s alright. We’re all dead. We’re all together,” Henry said as he put a hand on my shoulder. Yeah, it’s alright. We’re just ghosts staring down at Jonathan’s body. It’s completely normal. That comment got me mad for some reason. It’s alright? How can he say that? Things are deffinatly not alright, yeah we’re together and all but that doesn’t mean things are okay!

“What about our families? Our friends? We’re dead,” I whispered to myself. I’m dead. I couldn’t believe it; it doesn’t feel like I’m dead. The only thing that proves I’m dead is my body on the other side of the lake and my glowing ghost.







“They will mourn us, but they will have to get on with their lives. We’ll see them again. In a long time I hope,” Henry smiled again and I nodded. I trusted his word. He’s right after all, they will mourn us, but life goes on. Just like when I moved on when Brooke died or got murdered. A new idea sprung into my head. Brooke is dead . . . and I’m dead . . . that means I can see her again!

“Yeah, you’re right. Where’s Jonathan?” I looked around and back at the body. He got it worse than I did. He was stabbed several times in the stomach and there are bruises all over his arms and face. There’s a huge gash on his forehead and his skin is three shades paler because of the blood loss.

“He got it worse then you did,” Henry said practically reading my thoughts. I nodded and I leaned against him. Well apparently ghosts are solid when they’re leaning against other ghosts.

“Yes, he did. I hope he didn’t suffer,” I whispered.

“Well I didn’t die quickly, but I didn’t suffer so much though,” I heard from behind me. I looked behind me and I saw Jonathan. I grinned and literally jumped into his arms. I’m so glad that we’re not just ‘spirit’. We held tightly onto each other.

“I’m so sorry!” I whispered into his chest.

“Don’t apologize you did nothing wrong,” He said.

“Did nothing wrong?! I killed you two! If it weren’t for me, you’d still be alive and you would be going back home to England!” I exclaimed. I gazed into his eyes and saw that it didn’t bother him. Saw that there was no life waiting for him back home, that he didn’t want to go home.

“Hey, Henry and I wanted to be Forever Young, you gave us that now and we will be young forever,” He smiled at me and I laughed.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, and I couldn’t leave you. After all, we weren’t pretending,” He whispered. My face would’ve flushed there was any blood left in me.

“Okay,” I said again and I laughed. From the corner of my eye I saw an extremely bright light. It reminded me of the sun. Its light gentle and warm but at the same time strong and bright.

It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I guess this is the white light people are always talking about. I hope this is the gateway to heaven.

“Whoa,” We all said. I looked at Henry and offered my hand. He smiled and took it. Jonathan took my hand also and we walked hand in hand into the bright light.

Since the day we met, we are in this together.


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