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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Afterlife Chapter 13

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The afterlife












Inside the white light was a whole other world. The skies were blue without a single could in the sky and the sun was high shining with its soft yellow/white light. The breeze was beautiful and it made the leaves and grass sway as if they were dancing to music. This whole land reminded me of a beautiful meadow I saw once on TV. It reminded me of a fantasy land.

I was able to see a waterfall behind the hills on the mountains far away and a forest all around us. There were flowers dotting the green grass with many shades of red, pink, purple and yellow and many butterflies that flew around landing on flower to flower.

I felt perfectly safe here. There was really no other way to describe how I’m feeling. As I looked around the land, I noticed that there were paths leading to other places throughout the forest. I was able to see a neighborhood like the one where I used to live in, about a mile from here.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” A very familiar voice asked. I’ve heard this same voice for three years. I turned around and there she was. In a beautiful yellow sun dress with white flowers growing from the hem and stopping at the waist. Her hair is the same bleached blond hair and her eyes are the same big brown eyes that I would see all the time at school.

“Brooke!” I called out. I ran to her almost knocking her down and hugged her. I never thought I would see my sister again.

“Yeah, hi, what are you doing here?” She repeated. She looked at me with a puzzled expression and I shrugged.

“Well, I’m dead,” I said simply. I looked behind me to see Jonathan and Henry having a quiet conversation. I smiled over my shoulder and my attention returned to







Brooke. Her eyes widened and she gasped. It seemed a little silly for her not to have realized this. If I wasn’t dead, I wouldn’t be able to see the light and therefore enter it.

“Oh my god! What happened?” said Brooke. I shrugged and walked her to the portal where she was able to see the scene in front of her. I saw it too and I dropped my eyes. I couldn’t see the scene in front of me. My body was in the same position as it was when I last saw it, but it was crowded by my hysterical mother and father and my brother, his back facing my body.

“Oh wow,” She said slowly.

“Yeah, I know,” I smiled half heartedly and shrugged.

“So, who are they?” She asked gesturing to the twin boys still having their quiet conversation.

“Those are my friends. Jonathan and Henry,” I explained our whole story, starting from how we met and to how we died. She listened intently occasionally glancing at the boys who stopped talking and started to listen to the story they are well familiar with.

“Whoa, that’s one hell of a story,” She said laughing a little. I giggled and shrugged.

“Yeah, it is isn’t it?” I smiled and she smiled back. I looked at Jonathan who smiled at me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“So, did Zaq kill you?” She asked. There was a not of sadness and a hint of anger.

I nodded, “Yeah, he threw a knife,” my hand instinctually went to the spot where the knife impaled my body. Brooke looked at where my hand went and she put her hand right over her heart.

“That son of a bitch,” She snapped. I had to laugh out loud. Brooke joined the laughter after a little while then Henry and Jonathan joined in. Soon enough we were all laughing and generally having a good time. Then we all got tired and took deep breaths.

“So do you guys like it here?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s quit lovely,” Henry said smiling at Brooke. Jonathan nodded in agreement looking at me.

“Oh, you’re British,” She said.

“Yes we are, and you’re American,” Henry said crossing his arms across his chest and smirked at her.

“Yes, yes I am,” She said attempting to mimic his smirk. I giggled and rolled my eyes. She is the same Brooke. She may be dead, but her spirit is the same whether she’s dead or alive.

“This place is like a fantasy,” I said taking time to look all around me. I noticed deer and rabbits lurking around and squirrels climbing trees. Birds chirping and the warm







breeze seemed to sing, making the trees and plants dance around.

“Yeah, it’s amazing. Much better than home,” Brooke said nodding and looking around.

“Way better than home,” I agreed.

“I wish I had some tea,” Henry said under his breath. I laughed. The memory of the day I first met him came into my head. I remember when he offered his mother tea and when I took my brother outside so that we could laugh out loud so it won’t be rude. It’s always amazed me how much the British adore tea. I think it’s the most appalling drink I have ever tasted in my short life.

“I wish that I wasn’t dead,” Brooke said. I turned my head sharply to look at her. She was looking at the ground and her arms around herself.

“I know me too. I never got to drive! Are you kidding me? That was like, the only purpose of my life,” I said, that got her to look up at me. She smiled a little and so did I.

She giggled, “Yeah, you don’t want to see me driving. I’ll probably kill a lot of people and destroy many things,” I laughed for real imagining the day she got her license. All hell would break loose. Everywhere there would be broken fire hydrants and fires ravaging the neighborhoods. It’s probably safest that she doesn’t drive at all. So her being dead could be a blessing upon the people of the world.

“Oh yeah, I never want to see that,” I shook my head and smiled. It’s good to see her again. I feel complete again.

“Dawn? Want to walk with me? I feel like exploring this world,” Jonathan said offering me his hand. I looked at Brooke who grinned and I took his hand with a smile. His fingers interlocked with mine and we walked away back into the meadow.

We stopped there and he sat down dragging me down with him. I leaned against him and smiled.

“Doesn’t feel like we’re dead, does it?” Jonathan said breaking the silence.

“No, it doesn’t,” I agreed. I smiled and leaned against him. I guess this is where forever starts. I’ll be forever fourteen and I’ll be forever with Jonathan. I bet that none of us had expected this to happen. I know for a fact that I didn’t. I thought I was going to end up with some guy I met at college or something.

“Well at least we are at peace,” Jonathan said smiling. I beamed at him. He was right. I am at peace. I don’t have to worry about Zaq sneaking up on me at night and killing me. I don’t need to worry about Chase hurting me anymore. I don’t have to worry about any drama. I’m finally at peace. In a place where magic happens. Where souls come to experience a whole new life.







“Yes, we are,” I said as I looked at him. My eyes locked with his and his eyes closed slowly as he leaned down to kiss me. When our lips met a whole new feeling came over me. My heart felt like it exploded and my hand went to his cheek pulling him closer and closer until we are closest we can be. My new life starts now. I no longer need to be counting time

Forever starts now.

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