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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Dawn chapter 3

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Submitted: January 05, 2013





“Hey, you coming over tonight?” Brooke asked me as I opened my locker.

“Yeah,” I said grabbing some binders and putting them into my bag. I Shut my locker closed and spun the dial. Then I walked with Brooke to her house. We did our homework in the living room and then we talked about our crushes and girl stuff.

“So, I heard that you like someone,” She said nudging me with her elbow. I smiled and my cheeks blushed. At this point I have a boyfriend. His name is Tater Anthony Gallion. He’s from Tennessee. I met him over facebook and we would always talk and we got into skyping. He looks a lot like Peter from Narnia. Except his hair a little wavier and his eyes are a little darker.

“Yeah, I do,” I said sheepishly. I wouldn’t meet her gaze. My eyes always reveal how I’m feeling.

“Who!” She demanded.

I sighed, “I have a crush on my boyfriend,” I admitted. I shrugged and met her gaze.

“Boyfriend?! When did this happen?!” She asked. Her voice rose with excitement and curiosity. I told her about Tater. I just left out the part that I met him over facebook. That would be weird and she would tell me to break up with him because she would say, “What the fuck is wrong with you? He could be a rapist with Herpes! He could have AIDS! You need to break up with him!”

“Tater? That’s his name?” She asked. I nodded and I shrugged. I really don’t care what his name is. I really like him and he cares about me a lot. He would always text me ‘I







love you baby girl’ and that would always make my day.

“He’s a fucking potato! Tater,” She laughed some, “tater-tots. He’s a potato,” She said. I laughed some too, even though it hurt that she was making fun of my boyfriend.

“Hey, you guys want something to drink?” I heard Zaq say. His voice was so unexpected I actually jumped.

“Yes! Coke with ice please,” Brooke said.

I shrugged, “Sure I’ll have a Coke,” Zaq nodded and left to get the drinks.

“Sorry, but he’s a potato,” Brooke shrugged and began to text someone. I took this time to respond to Tater. We’re having a normal conversation about anything and everything. Somewhere along the way one of us will say I love you and then the other will respond I love you too, then that would be the end of the conversation.

“Sure,” We both laughed and then Zaq came back with the drinks. There were two tall glasses. One with a lemon slices on the glass the other with a lime. He handed the lemon to me and the lime to his sister.

“Thanks bro!” She said taking a drink from the Coke. He nodded and smiled back at her. I nodded my thanks and smiled. He smiled and walked away. When I took a drink, something didn’t feel right. The drink tasted funny. It’s like someone just decided to put a pinch of salt into the drink. I shrugged it away and continued to drink.

Then my mouth felt fuzzy and dry. I finished the drink and it didn’t do anything but make my mouth even drier.

“Can I get some water?” I asked her.

“Sure, it’s in the kitchen,” She pointed and I followed her finger into the kitchen. I saw the gallon of water on the kitchen table and poured some into the glass. I drank it all and my throat still felt dry and fuzzy. I went upstairs to the bathroom and checked my mouth. Everything looks normal so I decided to ignore it. I sprinted down the stairs and then suddenly I got the sharpest pain in my head. I had to stop short and grit my teeth. Then, as quickly as it came, it left. That pain left me perplexed; I went back into the living room and continued to talk to Brooke about girl stuff. We talked about bras, Victoria Secret and her obsession with saying STD’s out loud.

Then at around seven, I started to pack up my stuff. Brooke’s upstairs taking a shower and I already said goodbye. I ran up the stairs to grab my charger and I sprinted down the stairs.

I bent down to put it in my bag and then everything went black.


* * *








The musty humid air brought me back to the real world. I felt extremely tired and lightheaded. I felt the rough fibers of rope around my wrists and I felt tape on my mouth.

I’ve been bound and gagged.

The realization of this leaves me flabbergasted and extremely frightened.

I’m in a really small room. It feels like I’m in a closet. I was able to make out the outline of the door. The doorknob had a keyhole underneath it. With all my strength I balanced myself up quietly and kneeled in front of the small hole. I closed one eye and looked through the other.

I saw Brooke sitting on a chair. She’s not gagged, but she’s tied to a chair with her wrists and ankles tied together. Panicked I looked around the room I’m in. My heart dropped as I noticed there was no form of escape. It’s just closet with a door. No light and no window, just spider webs and a lot of dust. I tried to loosen the ropes by moving my arms but it was no use, the rope was too tight. That didn’t stop me though, I kept struggling and moving the more I failed the more flustered and frustrated I got. Out of anger I kept trying to move and I was determined to set myself free. Somehow I was able to loosen the ropes just a tiny bit but by then, I had already given up.

This situation is hopeless. For both Brooke and me. I started to think about the future I’ll never have. There are so many things I want to tell Brooke, Michael and the rest of my friends. There’s so much I want to tell Tater.

My family . . . my mother, my father and even my brother. My annoying obnoxious stupid brother. Deep, deep, deep down inside me I know that I care about that kid. After all, he is my brother.

I started to cry silently as reality hits me. My own death. I’m terrified of death, even though I’m curious as to what lies on the other side . . . I don’t want to find out until I’m one hundred.

A cry snaps me back into reality. I rushed over to the keyhole, and I saw Brooke turn pale white and her eyes almost out of their sockets. Then I saw it. A knife where her heart is. Her blood staining the pure white of her shirt. Her body, along with the chair, fell forward and hit the floor with a huge thud. That caused the knife to completely go through her body. I was able to make out the tip of the blade coming out of her back.

My heart started to race and my vision blurred with tears. I was able to see a figure step in front of her body and he shook his head. He was too short to be Zaq. From the outline I was able to make out curly hair. Chase. Chase has killed Brooke.

Chase, my best friend. The boy with the amazing blue eyes has killed Brooke. Every feeling of kindness I ever felt toward him disappeared and has been replaced with








I hopped back to where I woke up and closed my eyes. The door opened and there he was. In front of me with another blade. His hand came up to my face and to my surprise he ripped of the tape and then covered my mouth.

“Shh! There isn’t much time; Zaq’s going to wake up at six in the morning. It’s three fifteen. I’m going to cut the ropes and then you’re going to run and jump out that window. Then you’re going to run as fast as you can and get away. As far as you can possible manage. Okay?” He whispered quickly. He’s setting me free? He didn’t kill Brooke? I’m confused.

He gently and quickly cut the ropes and I couldn’t help but give him a hug. I guess it was the relief of him saving me. He hugged back reluctantly and I ran. I had to jump over Brooke’s body to get to the window. That was the hardest part of the escape so far. I jumped through the window and I ran away. Just as Chase told me too.

I felt numb. I sprinted but I couldn’t feel it. I felt empty. The previous events haven’t hit me yet. The reality of everything is still a blur. Like a dream, a dream that happened to a stranger and I’m going to wake up at six thirty and wake up in my bed at home with my mother yelling at me in Spanish to wake up.

I stopped running when I reached Malapardis. I decided to walk and clear up my mind a little. I reached into my pocket and I still had my cell phone, my IPod and some cash. He’s such an idiot, I thought as I turned on my phone. I’m not stupid enough to call the cops on this one because one; I don’t know what happened and I don’t know why it happened. Besides if I tell the cops what am I supposed to say? I’m too late to save Brooke . . . Brooke. The mention of her name brings back memories of a couple years ago when we first met in Outdoor Ed. Then to her party last summer and then to now. Her body falling forward with that knife in her heart. I’ll never see her again . . . never hear her voice . . . I just lost my only sister . . .

No, I can’t think about that now. I have to put myself together. I have to thank Chase. I can’t text him now . . . he’s probably asleep and or trying to hide the body. I gave a shudder at the thought.

So, I was right. Zaq’s trying to kill me. Why? I’m like ninety-eight point ninety-nine percent positive that I didn’t do anything bad to that guy. What can he possible have against me? I’ve been nothing but nice to him since I met him! This doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t know for how long I was walking, but I stopped when I reached the high school. The sun was rising, so I decided to sit down behind the school. I looked at my







wrists and saw that they were bruised and red from the rope fibers. I looked at my ankles and found the same thing.

Fuck, that’s going to be hard to hide, I thought as I sighed. I looked at the time on my phone and it was almost six thirty.


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