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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Dawn Chapter 7

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Submitted: January 05, 2013





At about seven in the morning, Mom woke me up and hurried me to get ready because breakfast ends in about an hour. So I got dressed in a pair of jeans, a cream colored tank top with ruffles on it and a pair of sandals. I let my hair fall in loose waves down my back and got my purse ready. I grabbed my IPod, my cell phone and the chargers. You never know when your devices are about to die.

Breakfast took place in the dining hall, and it looked just like a ball room. Round tables with about ten chairs per table. White table cloth, one wine glass, and regular glass







cup per plate. The chandelier in the middle of the room and on the far side up against the wall was the buffet.

I swear to God, this buffet had every single food in the whole world. There were like seven types of eggs and different types of sausages and every kind of bacon you can name. There was every type of juice you could name and every single fruit chopped up in little cubes. There was even a chocolate fountain if you wanted to coat your fruit in, apparently non-stick, chocolate.

There were pastries of many kinds and a bunch of muffins and cereals. I’m very picky about food. So I just stayed away from eggs and oat meals and just took some bacon and sausages, along with grape juice and blue berry muffins. I also made about five chocolate covered strawberries.

I got back to the table and started to eat. As I ate I took notice of the people around us. There were two families of four at this table. My family and a family from England. The English are everywhere, I thought as I rolled my eyes. The family had a set of twin boys which were pretty cute. They looked about fifteen- seventeen years old. They had hazel eyes with Harry Style’s hair. I rolled my eyes. You know, they would have Harry Style’s hair. Almost all the English guys have his hair.

“Mum, would you like me to fetch you some tea?” One of the boys said. The mother smiled and nodded her head. I looked at my brother and realized he was having trouble holding in a laugh. So I grabbed him by the arm and we left the room. Once we were out of hearing range, we burst out laughing. We aren’t making fun of them. Just their accents and it just proves that they think they’re better then us. I mean anyone can say that with an accent and be totally posh about it. My brother and I do it all the time at home but seeing it in person, it’s fucking hilarious.

So once our laughing fit is over, we collected ourselves and went back into the room smiling.

“Hija por que te ries? My mother said. She said, “Daughter why are you laughing”

“Danny just showed me something really funny on his IPod and I thought that I would be extremely rude to burst out laughing here,” I gestured to the area around us and the boy who went to fetch the tea came back. That’s when I noticed that they are wearing the exact same outfit. A white shirt with navy blue jeans and a pair of grey Vans. Well I guess in England they have strict rules about twins. Well I’m not going to England any time soon.

My mother looked at me funny and continued to eat her fruit. I took a bite of my chocolate covered strawberry and noticed that the boys are looking at me funny. I cleared







my throat and took a sip of my grape juice. I sat up straight in my chair and began to eat in a very posh manner. Just to prove that Americans can be very aristocratic and a bit snobbish. It’s a lot of fun. I would talk with a British accent, but that would be insulting to our fellow Brits.

As if on queue, all the grown ups got up and left to get more food or go to the bathroom.

So it was just us kids left at the table. It was very awkward at first. Then one of the boys spoke up,

“So you’re from America?” He asked.

I nodded, “Yeah and your from England?” I took a wild guess.

“Indeed. You’re bilingual too?” The other guy asked.

“Yeah,” I smiled and took another bite of strawberry.

“I’m Henry and this is my brother Jonathan, we’re from London,” Henry said. Now that they have both spoken, I can tell them apart easier. Henry has hazel eyes with a bit more green than Jonathan. Also Jonathan is wearing a necklace and Henry isn’t. Jonathan’s voice is a little higher then Henry’s and you can easily tell that Henry is the more popular one of the two. I automatically like Jonathan more.

“I’m Dawn and this is my brother Daniel,” I said gesturing to the both us just incase they don’t know who is who.

“Dawn? As in the time of day?” Henry asked.

I nodded, “Yes,” Usually it bothers me when people criticize my name or whatnot but with his accent . . . I really can’t get mad at anything they have to say.

“Well, that’s a lovely name,” Jonathan said. Henry nodded and took a huge bite of omelet. I shuddered on the inside.

“Thanks,” I smiled and ate the remaining strawberries.

“So what brings you here to Qatar?” Danny asked.

They shrugged, “We come here every year. Mum loves this place. Father has business here. Henry and I just do whatever in the hotel, like we go for swims every now and then, meet new people and just have fun while Mum goes off shopping and Father does his business and yourself?” Jonathan explained. Well that must be pretty boring. Just chilling in the hotel while your mom goes off shopping and your dad does whatever.

“I don’t know, we just decided to get as far away from New Jersey as possible,” I shrugged and finished the last bit of bacon on my plate.

“Yeah, New Jersey sucks ass,” Danny said taking a huge bite of sausage. I shrugged one shoulder and took my last sip of grape juice. Then the adults came back and







everything became silent between the kids.

When my family finished breakfast we left the table but not without a smile and a wave from Henry and Jonathan. I can totally see them being related to Harry Styles. I mean, they have his smile and his hair. I swear, now that I’ve made this connection I can’t not think about them.

We went back to our rooms and we discussed plans on what to do. I’m all out for staying here and hanging out with the British kids but knowing mom, that’s out of the question. So I guess we’re going to look around and be like regular tourists.


* * *


We got back at exactly four in the afternoon. We pretty much traveled the whole capitol of Doha. We drove around having no real destination. All I can say is that this is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. The buildings are so moderns and so clean. The parks are beautiful and this looks like paradise.

When we entered the hotel, I saw Jonathan and Henry opening the gate to enter the pool. I really want to go for a swim now.

I got inside changed into my bathing suit and brought a towel with me down to the pool. They took a seat on one of the lounge chairs and I decided to take the one next to them. They saw me and smiled.

“Hello there,” Henry said.

“Hey,” I greeted them as I sat down.

“How was your day?” Jonathan asked.

“Great, yours?”

“Ours was okay, we were in the arcade for a little while then we took a nap after lunch and now we’re here,” Henry shrugged and Jonathan gave mall laugh.

“Well that doesn’t seem too boring,” We all laughed then they got serious.

“You know, you’re in danger,” Henry said. I looked into his eyes and notice that there’s recognition in them.

“How do you know?” I whispered. I am in danger and this was an escape. I’m in danger of getting killed off by my best friend.

“We’re close with Chase,” Jonathan answered. I heard some pity in his voice and my gaze softened.

“Okay, well yeah, I’m in danger. That’s why I came with my family here. I thought I would be safer here,” I shrugged and sighed. I guess there isn’t such thing as safe place







for a wanted teenager.

“You’ll be safe for a little bit, we’ll cover for you,” Henry said offering me a slight smile. I looked at him suddenly and began to search his gaze. I saw nothing but honesty.

“Thank you,” I said. They nodded and the air began to shift. It was lighter and thinner.

“Hey, it’s what we do. It’s sort of like our job to protect people in danger. We provide them a cover and then they’re safe for a little bit,” Henry explained. I nodded in understanding and then Henry got up and dove into the pool. Now it’s just me and Jonathan. We smile at each other awkwardly for a little.

“How old are you guys?” I asked.


“Nice, how long are you staying here?” I asked. I’m only curious because they’re going to protect me . . . I don’t think they can when they’re in London and when I’m back in New Jersey.

“Until you leave,” He gave a shrug and nudged me with his elbow.

“Okay, I guess that works,” I laughed a little and met his gaze.

“Yeah, so tell me Dawn, why do they want you dead?” He shifted so now he’s facing me directly. His hands folded and his elbows on his knees.

“I don’t know. Zaq said that it’s his job. His boss wants me dead and he has to kill me,” It all sounded so simple. His boss finds someone to kill. Zaq gets assigned to kill this person and then he kills them.

“Oh, well then in that case, we’re going to have to kill his boss,” Jonathan said seriously. I laughed. I couldn’t help it. The idea is so absurd that I couldn’t picture it.

“You can’t be serious?” I said. I got serious too and I actually tried to think this through. If we do kill his boss, that means he won’t be assigned anyone else to kill, but that would make me or us in this case a murderer and I would never be able to live with that.

“Yes, I’m quite serious,” He said. I leaned in closer to him and sighed.

“How will we find them? How would we be able to pull it off Jonathan? We have to think this through,” I got serious and I started to think about the end. About how this will all happen and when.

“That’s the adventure,” He said with a smile. He tapped my nose and winked. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Yes, he’s right, this will be the adventure.


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