Counting Time: Part II Chase

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With Dawn and Brooke both gone, Zaq injured, Chase has a lot to do to help Zaq. We see his adventures through his eyes and his struggles to do the right thing.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Counting Time: Part II Chase

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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 I need to protect Zaq. I know that he’s a messed up guy, but he is my best friend. We’re like brothers. Zaq’s in a fucked up situation. He just murdered his sister and my friend, well our friend. He’s hurt pretty bad but it doesn’t surprise me the way he’s already fucked shit up.

I found Zaq lying on the ground bleeding next to a tree. Oh shit, I thought as I ran to him. I kneeled down and turned him over. He was bleeding very bad but he’s going to live. Luckily, he got shot in the stomach and it’s not as fatal. I wonder who shot him, I thought as I looked around. I didn’t have to look far because there she was. Dawn’s lifeless body perched up against a tree with a white rose in one hand and a gun in the other. Damn, I shook my head and my attention came back to Zaq. I can’t think about Dawn right now. I’ve got shit to do.

“Zaq? Can you here me?” I started to shake Zaq gently. He’s not dead that’s for sure but he’s not going to be alive for a long time if I don’t do something quick. 

His hands began to move a little and then his eyes opened.

“What the fuck did you do?!” I snapped at him. I know it’s not the greatest thing to say to him, but it was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

“What?” He asked vaguely. 

“You fucking killed her!” I gestured to Dawn’s body perched up against the tree.

“Yeah . . .  I did,” He started to move but grunted in pain as he sat up against the tree. I was so fucking pissed at him I would kill that guy but I know I won’t because it’s no use killing him. I don’t have the balls to do it.

“Okay, you’re fucked up but I’m going to help you,” I said bluntly.

“How?” He asked his voice a little clearer.

“I got a buddy in Dubai, more specifically in Barj Khalifa. He’ll keep ya safe for now,”I explained as I helped him into a more comfortable position.

“Okay, you do that,” Zaq said in a stronger voice. I looked down and saw that he’s still bleeding pretty heavily. So I took off his grey sweater and ripped off his shirt. I learned how to treat wounds in Scouts but the wounds we learned to heal were nothing like bullet wounds. I hope that the bullet went straight through his very thin body. I don’t feel like taking it out. I shivered at the thought and focused on the task at hand. I looked around for some moss. Moss is super absorbent and soft. It’ll clean the wound a little better than cloth can. I just wish I had some water to wash it out with.  Then I remembered that pond not too far from here.

“Can you walk?” I asked him. He shrugged and I helped him up. Very, very slowly we walked to the pond and he lay down on the grass next to the edge. I wet the strip of moss and I cleaned the wound. I ignored his winces and his moans. For some reason I was extremely pissed at him.

Once I finished cleaning his wound I went to the nearest dead body and ripped off most of the fabric to create a make-shift bandage.  That should help stop the bleeding for a while.

I helped him up and we walked to the car they came in. The car was parked on the other side of where Dawn’s family was parked along with another family. It was pretty hard to navigate through this oasis because everything looked the same, but somehow we got to the black Hummer.  I put Zaq in the back seat so he could lie down and I started the car up with the space key under the seat. In no time we were driving out of the desert.

I handed Zaq a water bottle and he drank thirstily.  I mourned Dawn and Brooke on the way back to Doha. I thought about all the good times we had and how bad I felt treating Dawn the way I did. I regretted ignoring her, hurting her and most of all, not saving her again. I was too late to help Brooke but I had no real intention of saving her. I know it’s horrible to think that but it’s true. There was no reason to save her. I never thought that she would die. I knew that Zaq was told to murder Dawn ‘cause Boss told him to, it was always my intention to help her out. I just didn’t think that things would go this far.

I came back to my senses when I heard a really loud honk that I’m pretty sure paralyzed my hearing in my left ear.  I stepped on the breaks putting the car in a sudden halt. Zaq fell to the floor and moaned in pain. If he wasn’t so hurt I would burst out laughing.

“Sorry man,” I said. I continued to drive until I saw a plaza close to the city. I parked and told Zaq to stay hidden. I went in and bought some snacks, some pain medications, a real bandage and some cold water. I bought myself a small energy drink to keep me going.

I got back to the car and helped Zaq get on the seat.  I removed the blood stained bandage. I got Zaq to swallow two pills and to drink water. I cleaned the wound again and wrapped it around in a real bandage. It deffinatly looked better now. If only I could get him to a doctor, I thought as I took a good look at him. He’s paler because of the blood loss and I saw a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. He doesn’t look well but I can’t risk the hospital. They’ll ask so many questions and I won’t be able to answer them because 1) I can’t speak their language and 2) no one can know about what had happened. 

I drove back to Doha and got a room at a motel. I helped Zaq into a jacket I saw in the back of the car and helped him walk to the room. The motel wasn’t bad looking. It looked like a cute little house. The rooms weren’t that big but they’re decent. Our room was on the first floor. Room 12. I opened the door and inside I found a king sized bed in the middle of the room with two small night stands with lamps on either side. The floor was a dark green and the walls were an eggshell white with paintings of swans and meadows. There was a TV in the middle in front of the bed. The bathroom was at the far end of the room. To the right of the bed, against the wall was a small couch and an air conditioner was next to it with a large window on top of it.

I sat Zaq down on the bed and he groaned.  I drew the curtains and sat on the couch. I buried my face in my hands and rested my elbows on my knees. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. What am I going to do about Zaq? I bet that bullet is still in his gut and if it doesn’t get removed soon, he’s going to get lead poisoning and die but if I take him to the hospital . . . how am I going to explain the bullet wound? I can’t just tell them the truth! We’ll get our asses thrown in prison!

I gave him some more pain killers and some more water.  Then he fell asleep. Okay I’ve already done everything I can possibly do for him at the moment. Now, what can I do?

I looked around the drab room and went to the mirror. There was a sink under it and I splashed my face with cold water. I patted my face dry and stood at the mirror looking at myself.  I’m a huge mess. I’m caked in dirt, scrapes and scratches. My eyes are red with bags under them.

I took a shower and managed to get all the dirt off. The scratches hurt like a bitch and my right ankle is swollen. Shit, I thought as got changed and dried my hair. Now that I realize it, I’m aching all over. There doesn’t seem to be a part of me that’s not aching from pain.  I took two pain killers and some water.  I checked up on Zaq. His forehead was burning with fever. I got a mini towel from the bathroom and moistened it with cool water and put it on his forehead. I got a blanket from the closet and covered his body with it. He trembled some but I decided that he was alright.

I lay down on the couch and after a while I finally fell asleep. 

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